Picture History of Garabandal Apparitions

Introduction to Garabandal

San Sebastian de Garabandal situated in northern Spain.
The Pines – the site of many important ecstasies and of … future great events – standing at the very center of the photo.
Garabandal as it looks today.
Garabandal at time of apparitions.
Typical street in Garabandal at time of apparitions.
A typical scene in Garabandal at the time.
The village church.
Interior of the church where the girls often came, in ecstasy, until August 23, 1961.
From left to right: Mari-Loli, Jacinta and Conchita.
Conchita Gonzalez, Mari-Loli and Mari-Cruz work in the fields.
Left: Conchita’s house and Right: Jacinta’s home.
Loi’s home: At the time of the apparitions, her father, Ceferino, operated a small grocery store and a bar. On the ground floor, Loli did the cooking, served meals and greeted customers. This was the social and commercial center of the village.
Village locations at time of apparitions.


Pictures of Ecstasies and Apparitions from June, 1961 #2; #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9

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