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Books on Garabandal

Books - The Message of Garabandal (in English)

B01 The Apparitions of Garabandal by F. Sanchez Ventura y Pascual. Excellent account by an eyewitness of the events. Very good as a first book on the subject.

B02 Star on the Mountain by Fr. M. Laffineur. Account of the events from 1961 to 1967, by a witness. Much valuable information.
B03 O Children Listen to Me by Robert Francois. Shows how the teachings of the Church came alive and were acted out at Garabandal. Many marvelous episodes from the events.
B05 Our Lady Comes to Garabandal by Fr. Joseph Pelletier. Conchita's entire Diary and related documents with valuable commentary by Fr. Pelletier. The whole story up to August, 1971.
B07 Miracle at Garabandal by Harry Daley. Includes detailed accounts of the apparitions by Conchita herself, prophecy of the crisis in the Church, the great prophecies and the Padre Pio "connection" (real, not fable). The book received excellent reviews by Fr. Robert Fox and Malachi Martin.
These and other books and materials also available from:

  1. The National Garabandal Centre, P.O. Box 202, Fenny Hills, 4055 Australia: Email:


  1. Our Lady of Mount Carmel “THE PINES” P.O. Box 11062, Dublin 18, IRELAND. E-mail:

Books are no longer available from The Workers of Our Lady – Canada. Please order from one of the above Garabandal Centres.

Directions to Garabandal


Garabandal is located in the north west of Spain about three hours drive from the French border town of Irun. It is an hour and fifteen minutes drive south of Santander (80.6 km), a substantial coastal city where the Bishop of the diocese resides. (See Michelin map 572 Regional Espana).Garabandal is located 15 miles inland from the Cantabrian coast some 35 miles (50 miles by car because of the winding roads) west by southwest of Santander. Santander is an important port and because of its beautiful, expansive beaches and temperate summer climate, a vacation favourite for Spaniards. It is 250 miles straight north of Madrid and 140 miles west of the nearest port of entry from France, Hendaye-Irun.


From Madrid it is a day drive. The shorter route to Garabandal is via Burgos, Corconte, Reinosa, Cabuerniga, Puentenansa and Cosio. The longer but better route is via Burgos, Vargas, Torrelavega, Cabezon de la Sal, Cabuerniga, Puentenansa and Cosio. Both routes are good. The road from Puentenansa to Cosio is undergoing major upgrading.

From Santander it is about an hour drive to Cosio. The freeway south is excellent. You take the turnoff at Pesues to Puentenansa and on to Garabandal, or you can turn off earlier to Cabezon de la Sal and travel the mountain route.

UPDATE: There is four-lane freeway now from the French border to just east of Cabezon. The road from Cabueriga to Puentenansa is now wider and better for a safer, easier and faster trip.

TAXIS: Available in all cities and even in the smaller villages. Ask anyone.


From Madrid, catch the RENFE train at Chamartin station to Santander (about five hours). Book first class for more comfortable seating. Hotel Chamartin (good accommodation) is next to the train station.

From Santander catch the FEVE train to Cabezon de la Sal. This train departs every hour from 6.15 am to 20.15 pm and takes about one hour at a cost of 2.50 Euros. Take a taxi to Garabandal, about a half hour drive at a cost of 40 Euros. If none available at the station, telephone Jose on 609 442210.


The airport, located 5 kilometres to the east of Santander city centre, has domestic flights connecting Santander with Barcelona and Madrid and Ryanair International flights from London Stansted, Rome-Ciampino and Frankfurt-Hahn.

NB As Ryanair is a low cost budget airline, it is important to be aware of their strict baggage regulations. Each passenger is allowed free of charge, one piece of cabin baggage weighing no more than 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. If your total baggage does not meet these guidelines, then refer to www.ryanair. com to check on their strict terms and conditions of travel for carrying your baggage in the aircraft hold.

Additionally, Bilbao Airport, situated about 110 kms from Santander, operates international flights to and from the main European capitals. There are buses and trains to and from Bilbao Airport to the city centre, where there is a coach service to Santander.


There is a permanent bus service which connects Santander airport with the city centre bus station every 30 minutes. The bus ticket costs approximately 1.6 Euros.

Buses stop at Irun to Galicia, Bilbao, Santander and San Vicente de la Barquera (near Pesues). Buses also leave from Madrid going to Santander. Buses leave from Cabezon connecting with trains from Santander and stops at Cosio just three miles from Garabandal. Check with bus company: Madrid - 91 745 63 00 , Santander: 942 22 53 18 or


Brittany Ferries, a French line, has the Plymouth, England, to Santander run. A 700 passenger, 170 car boat with cabins leaves Plymouth on certain days. Check with your travel agent or web site


Check out the FAQ Section on Hotel Accommodation in Garabandal. Sari's Hotel offers very good accommodation, great food, wine and bar facilities. Phone number is 34 (country code) 9 4272 7145. Miguel Angel Gonzales (the Village Mayor), also offers home style accommodation and meals. Phone number is 34 (country code) 9 4272 7113.

To call from outside Spain, for Telephone & Fax, you must dial: +34+(number)
Para llamar desde fuera de España, Teléfono y Fax, debe marcar: +34+(número)

Garabandal Centres


Services and Membership

Garabandal Centres Worldwide exist exclusively to disseminate and promote the Message of Garabandal. The National Directors of each country are, therefore, prepared to show documentary films and videos of the Garabandal events upon request. We also hold prayer meetings and supply Garabandal materials (Click Here to Go to Garabandal Materials).For detailed information, contact your National Centre listed below:


Santiago Lanus
calle Avellaneda 648, 1642 San Isidro
Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal
P.O. Office Box 202
Ferny Hills, Qld. 4055
Contact: Tony Kissane


The Workers of Our Lady - Canada
P.O. Box 76607, 1661 Denison Street
Markham, ON. L3R 0N5, Canada
Contact: Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk
NEW: Main: 647-799-7715.   Toronto Tel: 416-238-6375


Ministerio de Oracion La Poderosa Intercesion de Maria
Dos Cercas, Distrito de Damas Desamparados
San Jose, Costa Rica
Contact: Lic. Ronald Suarez G.


Garandal Centre England
2/16 Manchester Rd.
Southport PR9 9HG
Contact: Tony McDonald
E-mail: tonanthony@aolcom


Hong Kong Garabandal Center
G.P.O. Box 9606
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Contact: Nene Rivera


The National Garabandal Centre
11 "Prasanna" Nesbit Road Mazagon
Bombay 40010, India
Contact: Phoebe Doyle (Director)


Indonesian Garabandal Center
J1. Gajahmungkur Seltan 7
Semarang - 50237
Contact: Augustinus Darmawan


Lebanon Garabandal Centre
Contact: Antoine Said Awad
Cite moussa 8th floor - Zalka
Beirut, Lebanon


Penang Garabandal Centre
14 Halaman Free School
11600 Penang, Malaysia
Contact: Tony Lee
Phone/Fax: (604) 282 5379


Centru Garabandal Centre "Maiolica"
22-24 Triq Louis Scicluna
Fgura, Pla 13, Malta
Contact: Carmel Agius


Garabandal Centrum Nederland
Postbus 271, 2280 AG Rijswijk, Nederland
Contact: Marianne Windmeijer (Director)


New Zealand Garabandal Center
P.O. Box 385, Owera 1461, New Zealand
Contact: Peter Segedin
Phone: (64) 9-426-5551


St. Michael's Garabandal Centre,
Middletown Co. Armagh BT60 4JF
Northern Ireland
Contact: Desmond Monahan


Panama Garabandal Center
P.O. Box 6-6504, El Dorado, Panama
Rep. of Panama
Contact: Gonzalo Ibanez


P.N.G Garabandal Center
P.O. Box 6082, Boroko, PNG
Contact: Joanofarc Fernandez


Philippine Garabandal Movement, Inc.
56 Matahimik Street, Teachers Village
Quezon City, Philippines
Contact: Peter I. Galace / Luz G. Lopez
Tel. (63-2) 9215864 / (63-2) 952-2265 / Fax: (63-2) 952-2265


Contact: Inna and Bill Gould


Contact: Bobby White
18 Oakwood Park Deans, Livingston, West Lothian
Scotland EH54 8AW


Contact: Rafael Jardon Mendez
El Espin s/n, Navia 33710, Asturias
Espana (Spain)


Sweden Garabandal Centre
"Little Carmel", Kored Alboga
524 96 Ljung, Sweden.
Contact: Samuel Cavallin


Tonga Garabandal Centre
P.O. Box 1039
Nukualoga, Tonga
Contact: Ana Malia Kaitapu


St. Michael’s Garabandal Center
889 Palo Verde Ave., Pasadena CA 91104, U.S.A.
Contact: Maria Saraco
Tel: 626-798-3033
E-mail: / Website:

Garabandal International Magazine

Let us stand together

We received a letter from Joey Lomangino dated 2 February 2002 informing us as follows, and I quote:


Joey obviously has to curtail his activities and the activities of the New York Centre. (ED: The New York Center is still active and will continue to be so. Please continue to contact them as before for materials.)

As you know, we have been publishing a newsletter as well as reprinting Joey’s magazine for our members and subscribers, and for some time now we have been contemplating combining the two publications into one. We have now decided to implement this plan immediately by publishing our own magazine.

We have named this magazine GARABANDAL INTERNATIONAL since we shall be inviting Garabandal Centres around the world to contribute articles. Furthermore, we shall advertise it through our website in order to achieve worldwide circulation. This inaugural issue consists of 32 pages, eight more than usual. Furthermore, by subscribing you automatically become a member of the movement.

This magazine is being especially dedicated to the four Seers of Garabandal: Conchita, Mari-Loli, Jacinta, and Mari Cruz. It is also dedicated to Joey Lomangino in recognition and appreciation of his devotion to Garabandal and to the movement, which he, by and large, initiated under most difficult circumstances.

For all we know, these developments, sanctioned from up above, may be the prelude to significant developments within the movement and in accordance with the Garabandal prophecies since the very next prophecy will be the Warning.

We need your support more than ever. Let us stand together.

In union of prayer, 
John Leriou
Garabandal International

Garabandal Journal

Garabandal Journal

The Message of Our Lady in Garabandal

GARABANDAL JOURNAL. NOTE: As of JULY 2002 a new publication with Barry Hanratty as the Editor-in-Chief. A new bimonthly magazine devoted to the events of Garabandal by the former managing editor of Garabandal Magazine (which was discontinued) for 20 years.

Subscription rates: US: one year, $18; two years, $34; Three years, $50. CANADA AND MEXICO: one year, $20; two years, $38; three years, $56. ALL OTHER COUNTRIES (airmail): one year $30; two years, $58; three years, $86. Individual copies: $3. ($5 foreign).

NOTE: Some limited copies available of the INAUGURAL ISSUE for $2 postage and handling in the US and Canada, and $4 (US) for all other countries.

Order your magazines from:
U.S. and International:
PO Box 1796
ST. CLOUD, MN 56302-1796

Healing/Prayer Service


Everyone is invited to take part in Divine Liturgy (Holy Mass) and Monthly Healing Service on Saturday June 24, 2017 After the Holy Liturgy, Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk will make available their medals of Our Lady of Garabandal for veneration and prayers.


Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church
1490 Markham Road in Scarborough, Ontario (just north of Hwy 401)
(enter from Milner Ave). North-East Toronto area. Wheelchair accessible.


6:00-6:45 pm: Confessions (Father is fluent in Ukrainian, English, French and Russian)
6:30 pm: Rosary
7:00 pm: Holy Liturgy (to be celebrated in both English and Ukrainian) followed by veneration of the medals and prayers for the sick. 

The church is accessible by local Toronto bus service and by car. See map below.
For further information call Fr. Petro Dvirnik at 416-293-4656.

Prayer Service Every Sunday at 5pm at Marian Shrine of Gratitude 3100 Weston Rd. Toronto, Ontario

Kissed Medal

Kissed Medal is no longer available

Lodgings in Garabandal

Lodging in Garabandal
Alojamientos en Garabandal

Posada Amalia.
Tel. & Fax: 942 72 70 65

Hotel Garabandal
Tel.: 942 72 71 40 or 942 72 70 04
Fax.: 942 72 71 45

* Posada La Luz. 
Tel. & Fax: 942 72 71 48

Posada Nuestra Señora Del Carmen. Casa Lucía.
Tel. & Fax: 942 72 71 60

Posada San Miguel.
Tel.: 942 72 71 13 Fax: 942 72 71 68

Hotel Serafín.
Tel.: 942 72 70 95 or 924 72 71 71

To call from outside Spain, for Telephone & Fax, you must dial: +34+(number)
Para llamar desde fuera de España, Teléfono y Fax, debe marcar: +34+(número)

Map of Village


  1. Calleja, where St. Michael first appeared on June 18, 1961.
  2. Site of the apple tree.
  3. Meson Serafin, the inn run by Conchita's brother, Serafin, and his wife, Paquita.
  4. Conchita's house.
  5. Site of the Miracle of the Visible Host, July 18, 1962.
  6. Mari Loli's house during the time of the events.
  7. Jacinta's house during the time of the events.
  8. Plaza.
  9. Mari Cruz's house during the time of the events.
  10. Church of San Sebastian.
  11. Site of the school the visionaries attended (presently Los Pinos bar).
  12. Cemetery.

Map compliments of Beville Outlaw and Vic Macha. 

Meeting Request

Meeting or Conference

Can I arrange a meeting or conference about Garabandal?

Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk will be glad to present a Garabandal documentary video and speak before your group or parish. Please send your request by e-mail to:, or send a letter to the address below. The Rozeluks will then get in touch with you to arrange scheduling of your event.

Workers of Our Lady - Canada
P.O. Box 76607,
1661 Denison St.,
Markham, Ontario,
L3R 0N5
Miracle Date

Miracle Date

Date of the Miracle in Garabandal

Only Conchita knows the date of the Miracle in Garabandal. People have been speculating about the date for many years. There have been several times when thousands of pilgrims have come to Garabandal on a certain date, believing that the Miracle was on that day. But that is NOT what Our Lady wants from us. She specifically told Conchita to reveal the date only 8 days in advance. She did this for a reason. That is because it is more important to follow Her messages and live the lives Our Lord wants us to live: prayer, penance, frequent confession, daily Mass and Holy Communion, daily rosary, visiting the Blessed Sacrament, prayer for priests, wearing the scapular, etc. Whether the Warning and Miracle happen today or tomorrow should not be a concern. If Our Lord wants you to be in Garabandal for the Miracle, you will be there. In the meantime, it's best to concentrate on doing what He wants us to do and trying to be what He wants us to be.

The Morning Offering

Morning Offering

The Morning Offering Prayer to be recited every day.

Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, (here kiss your brown scapular) and in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered throughout the world, I offer You all my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for my sins and the sins of the whole world.

Every day, together with the Morning Offering of Reparation, be sure to:
1. Say at least 5 decades of the Rosary.
2. Wear your brown scapular of Mt. Carmel as a sign of your consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
3. Invoke the Archangel St. Michael daily to protect you from the wiles and wickedness of the devil.


The jewels of the Church are those who suffer; those who carry their crosses and endure their penances while being united to God. Father Pio, the famed stigmatist, once said: "If you knew the value of suffering you would never give it up." Whether an individual believes in God or not, a certain amount of suffering must enter every life. A person who offers his trials to God finds peace and purpose, even in his trials. One who does not unite himself to God becomes bitter and despairs.

Graces to endure our daily trials, can be obtained so easily by reciting this daily prayer, "The Morning Offering of Reparation." Imagine the countless graces being lost in hospitals and homes for the aged by neglecting this prayer. Graces which could be used to free souls from purgatory, convert sinners and strengthen the Church.

In 1945 Jesus told Lucia, the seer of Fatima, "The sacrifice and penance I now seek and require is the fulfillment of your state in life and the observance of my laws." Whatever your state in life may be you can sanctify all your daily actions if upon arising you recite sincerely the morning offering prayer. Through the "Morning Offering of Reparation" every act you do becomes a sacrifice. The word "sacrifice" means to make "holy." Once you have made your morning offering you make "holy" every act you do throughout the day. Whatever trial God permits to pass your way during the day becomes a penance — whether it be work, bad weather, rebellious children, sickness in the family, tight economic conditions or misunderstandings by relatives or friends. All these sacrifices and penances obtain graces the Blessed Virgin needs for the conversion of sinners. At Fatima, when showing the children, a vision of hell, Our Lady told them: "See my children, the souls of poor sinners because there was no one to pray for them or make sacrifices for them." If you do not say your morning offering prayer you have wasted the day as far as many graces are concerned and have lost opportunities to help in the salvation of souls.

One day a person visiting the shrine of Fatima, Portugal, was present during the blessing of the sick and afflicted. She saw before her people in wheel chairs, on crutches, lying on stretchers and cots. Moved with compassion for these afflicted, she closed her eyes to pray for them. While praying she envisioned souls dressed in white leaving purgatory and going to heaven. This incident clearly shows how the suffering of all those afflicted was the instrument God was using to free souls in purgatory.

Be sure to recite the "Morning Offering of Reparation" every day and try to renew it often throughout the day. You can place this prayer by your bedside, on your mirror or on your kitchen wall as a reminder to say it. By being faithful to your morning offering, God will send graces upon you, your family, the souls in purgatory and throughout His Church.

Ukraine 2002 VIDEO or DVD


How and where can I get a VIDEO or DVD of the First trip to Ukraine in 2002 ?

The Kiss of Our Lady Heals

Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk's first mission to Ukraine in September 2002, with Our Lady's Message of Garabandal.

Exciting footage of the Rozeluks' visit to Ukraine in 2002. See live video testimony from adults and children healed in Ukraine, after being prayed over with medals "kissed" by Our Lady in Garabandal. Filmed in Ukrainian with English subtitles. Available in NTSC or PAL or DVD format.

Length of fim: 22 minutes.
Copyright: Workers of Our Lady - Canada.
Cost per video or DVD: $10.00 CDN
Postage and handling: $10.00 CDN
TOTAL per Video: $20.00 CDN

To order your copy (please specify VIDEO tape or DVD) and please send your check or money order to:

Workers of Our Lady - Canada
PO Box 76607
1661 Denison St.
Markham, Ontario L3R 0N5 Canada


Ukraine 2004 - Video (DVD) Order

Workers of Our Lady - Canada

P.O. Box 76607 ! 1661 Denison Street ! Markham, ON ! L3R 0N5 !


Amazing live footage of Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk’s second Garabandal mission to Ukraine in 2004. See miracles as they happen. Heaр live testimonies from those who received miraculous healings through Our Lady of Mt. Carmel de Garabandal. Filmed in Ukrainian with English subtitles. 43 minutes. (produced November 2005)

 Now Available with English subtitles or Russian subtitles or Spanish (Espagnol) or Dutch subtitles. (specify which you wish)



“The Kiss of Our Lady Heals II”

The film can be ordered in three formats as follows:

VHS (NTSC) - Canada & USA PAL – Europe DVD
Video……….. $20.00 PAL Video……....$20.00 Cost……..$20.00
Postage………$10.00 Postage………… $10.00 Postage….. $5.00
Total     ……...$30.00 Total ……..……..$30.00 Total ……$25.00

Items can be ordered, only with prepaid orders. Please send to the above address. Telephone orders are not accepted. Money orders or checks sent to

Workers of Our Lady – Canada.

Quantity Format Cost with Postage Language Total
_______ NTSC @ $30.00 _______ _______
_______ PAL @ $30.00 _______ _______
_______ DVD @ $25.00 _______ _______


International Orders (Europe, Australia etc. please add $5.00 for extra postage costs).
Any additional donation would be most appreciated to help with our work.



Video - The Eyewitnesses

Video: Garabandal - The Eyewitnesses

"For sure I'm happy with this video-it's wonderful ... wonderful!"

Bishop Antonio del Val Gallo - eyewitness and bishop in charge of Garabandal from 1971-1991.

* Original footage of the four girls in ecstasy
* Interview with Bishop del Val Gallo, who states the Church's official view: "Garabandal condemned? No, that word has never been used."
* Available for any video system in the world.
* 72 minutes, in color and black-and-white.
* Available in more than 30 languages, including: Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian (Bahasa), Iranian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Sinhalese, Slovenian, Slavic, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Tongan, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese; also for the hearing impaired.

Video is $25.00 U.S., payable to "Michael Tubberty".

Order through:

St. Michael's Garabandal Center
889 Palo Verde Avenue
Pasadena, California 91104-4020 USA

tel./fax: (626) 798-3033

IMPORTANT: Please specify language and shipping address when ordering.

The Village Church

The Village Church (pictures)

The village church of Garabandal 35 years ago.
In the latter part of 1988, Joey Lomangino, received a request from Garabandal village pastor, Father Juan Gonzalez, for funds to finance the installation of a new floor in the church and to reinforce buttressed at the rear of the structure. The repairs were made possible by the generosity of many people and this is how the church appears today.
Additional buttresses were needed to support the rear wall of the church.
Inside the courtyard one sees the two new doors, a new roof over the portico and new support columns.
One thing did not change -- the tabernacle in the village church of Garabandal with its beautiful symbol of the pelican feeding its young with its own blood symbolizing the Holy Eucharist where Christ feeds His own with His body and blood.
The new floor is made of wood at the center and inlaid stone at the sides. The wood is a special hardwood imported from Africa.
The sanctary has a new altar and new stone floor.
The view from the balcony at the rear of the church.
New stonework graces the portico and the entire courtyard. Concrete planters have also been added.
The new gate serves as a reminder to those passing through it that they are on holy ground. It also keeps young children from playing in the courtyard and disturbing people inside the church who are trying to pray.

View of the Pines seen from the belfry of the village church in Garabandal.

Від Зарваниці до Ґарабандалу Книжки (in Ukrainian)