Picture History of Garabandal Apparitions #4

During the month of July 1961, the visionaries, without any effort, managed to left each other. Two men together could barely lift one of them. See photos below.

On the left, Mari-Loli easily lifts Jacinta to help her reach the Vision.
On the right photo above: Jacinta is lifted up outside the church door.
In the left photo: Mari-Loli lifts up Jacinta who holds out her rosary to be kissed by the Apparition. On the right photo above: Conchita in ecstasy holds Mari-Loli in her arms.

The Angel held up a golden ciborium. On Sunday July 16, 1961, this time, there were consecrated Hosts. During the whole period of the apparitions, the visionaries received Communion, allmost every day, either at the Mass in the village, or from the hands of the Angel when there was no priest at Garanbandal.

Mari-Loli is seen above receiving Holy Communion at the village, in the presence of witnesses. The movements of the cheeks and neck made the phenomenon of swallowing it visible.
Conchita’s Drawing (LEFT): “When the Baby doesn’t come, where is He? In heaven? …or in a cradle ? …” She will ask the Blessed Virgin on December 9, 1962.
On Sunday, July 23, 1961, Our Lady, who had come with the Child Jesus, permitted the children for the first time to take Him in their arms. They felt His weight, noting, however, that they had the impression of not being really in contact with His little body. UPPER RIGHT: Artists’ Holy Card.

LEFT: The church of the Consolacion. RIGHT: The Cathedral of Santander, adjoining to the Bishop’s Residence (on the right). On July 27, 1961, Conchita was taken to Santander to be questioned further by the church authorities. On the day of her arrival, Conchita fell into an ecstasy right in the middle of the street in front of the church of the Consolacion. At the same time, at the Pines, the three other visionaries also had an apparition of the Blessed Virgin. While in Santander, members of the “Special Commission” questioned Conchita every day. Verbally jostled about, even threatened to be sent to “a house for the mentally ill.” She was forbidden to receive Communion, to go to confession and to attend Mass. Instead she was taken to the beach and the movies.

Doctor Piñal tried to hypnotize Conchita to “find out the magic fluid from which she held her power of suggestion over her little playmates”, concluding that this was coming…. from her braids! Conchita’s braids were later cut off but the ecstasies continued!

UPPER RIGHT PHOTO: Conchita with her suspected braids. She drew the Archangel St. Michael in her own school exercise book.

Aniceeta, Conchita’s Mother, a widow for many years, watched over her children carefully. She asked for several signs to confirm the authenticity of the phenomenon. She obtained them and had no longer any doubts. She died in 1990.
Fright and stupefaction on Friday July 28, and Saturday July 29, 1961. Our Lady showed them “the Cup filling up with the wine of the Wrath of God.” Mary also revealed to them later, the inescapable event of the future Warning, a stupendous phenomenon and experience called “AVISO” that would affect the whole of mankind. The terrified girls were frightened, terrified and crying.

The brothers Luis María and Ramón Maria Andreu were among the four hundred or so spectators who attended the second ecstasy of tears, on July 29, 1961. Both are Jesuits and doctors in Theology.

Father Ramón Maria Andreu, took down a substantial amount of notes. First, he thought that this was a case of hypnotism, until a very disturbing “sign” was given to him: the instantaneous realization of a thought he had just formulated… “Let one of these children come to herself and the others remain in ecstasy.” Mari-Loli immediately recovered her normal state and turned towards Fr. Ramón to look at him before falling again into ecstasy…! Next the involvement of the Andreu family at Garabandal took an absolutely extraordinary turn. Read on. ….


The “calls”, “llamas” in Spanish, began as early as July 2, 1961. The children would experience, in three successive yet very distinct “a kind of interior voice”, a kind of intimate summons, or “mystical calls.” (Read more in articles or documents in Apparitions Page.)

The girls would feel a sort of happy restlessness at the first call. Here Jacinta and Mari-Cruz are running as they are responding to the third “llamada.”
LEFT PHOTO: Mari-Loli and Mari-Cruz waiting for the ecstasy… The girls tired to hide the mysterious effects produced in them by the calls from those around them.
RIGHT PHOTO: Conchita is resting while awaiting for the last call… Even if the visionary was led to question her apparitions, never did she doubt the “llamadas.” The ecstasies never occurred to the little girls when at school, or during liturgical ceremonies.
Instantly arousing themselves from their torpor when the third call came, the visionaries, guided by the Blessed Virgin, would set out in the middle of the night.


The swaying moments began on the 31st of July. There were to be the prelude of yet more striking manifestations: the ecstatic falls, a kind of slow and graceful collapse of the children until they were stretched out on the ground.
The girls drew attention by their beauty, their grace and the modesty of their attitudes and expressions.

Here Mari-Loli and Jacinta would remain stretched out some ten minutes in this astonishing position. Brigadier Seco heard Mari-Loli ask her vision: “If you don’t help me, I could not get up.” Then she was seen extending her arm and as if raised by a mysterious force, “she slowly rose to a sitting position.”
Mari-Loli’s transfigured gaze.
Sequences of one of Conchita’s ecstatic falls where the body is rigid. It was impossible for Don Valentin to bring down her arms, something that Loli, the other girl in ecstasy, on the other hand, was able to do without any difficulty.

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