Picture History of Garabandal Apparitions #5

August 5, 1961 “THE ECSTATIC WALKS”

The “calls” and the “falls”, the “ecstatic walks” are typical events of San Sebastian de Garabandal. These walks were absolutely extraordinary: they consisted in the girls moving from place to place, sometimes at a very high speed and without seeing anything of their itinerary. They did not stumble on the rocky roads while their eyes being fixed on the apparition guiding them.

Here Mari-Loli and Jacinta are walking backwards. They would proceed in this way up to the Pines. On the steep slope of this same calleja, the children walked on their knees, without ever bruising themselves or experiencing the slightest pain as they came in contact with the rocky surface of the land.

During these walks, the children appeared to be moved by an interior force that made the witnesses unable to hold them back.

A few moment later, eyes fixed on heaven, arms outstretched, the upper body leaning forward, the pace of the visionary becomes more intense. It seems the she hardly touches the ground, as if she had “wings on her feet.” The other three girls are not in ecstasy, they follow with difficulty at this time.

The rapid pace of the visionaries could become a race ….. Young men present tired to keep up with the girls but were left far behind and breathless.

A word about their “range of vision”: in their ecstasies, the girls saw nothing but the Apparition herself. The photograph on the left, shows the girls coming down the stairs without any difficulty at all.

She suddenly falls on her knees making a sharp noise.
The Pine tree in Garabandal where Our Lady appeared to the visionaries.


Fr. Luis Andreu sees: The Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel , the Future Great Miracle and then becoming himself a protagonist of Garabandal.

The Andreu family was made up of six brothers, of which four were all Jesuit priests, Fr. Luis being one of them. Ordained to the priesthood in 1955, Fr. Luis celebrates here his first Mass, assisted by his two brothers, Rafael and Alejandro.

On August 8, 1961, his third visit to Garabandal, Fr. Luis came to observe once more the ecstasies. On that day, the Pastor, Don Valentin, entrusted him with the keys of the Garabandal church. The Jesuit Father, Fr. Luis, celebrated his last Mass at that time.

In the evening of this Tuesday, and for the third time, the visionaries fell into ecstasy in the village church. When they came out of the church, they began a long ecstastic walk that Fr. Luis followed, from the beginning to the end, up to the Pines, were himself falling into ecstasy, the priest suddenly pronounced loudly the word “MIRACLE! MIRACLE! MIRACLE! MIRACLE!” four times.

His eye fixed on heaven, he was granted to see the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel, and also, the future great Miracle which is to take place at San Sebastian de Garabandal. This was a unique event, and we know that the Jesuit Father had penetrated into the visionaries’ “range of vision.” They would later describe him in these few words: “He was there, on his knees, beads of perspiration on his forehead, the Blessed Virgin looking at him.

Fr. Luis Andreu at time of his vision.

The ecstasy over, Padre Luis came down from the Pines, with some friends in a car to Cosio and Don Valentin, Pastor of Garabandal, about one in the morning, spoke the following words: “Don Valentin, what the children are saying is true!” …

At about four in the morning, still in the car on the road to Reinosa, Fr. Luis spoke saying: “I am filled with joy! What a favour the Blessed Virgin has granted me! How lucky we are to have such a Mother in heaven! We must not be afraid of the supernatural! The children have taught us how to speak to the Blessed Virgin. For me, there can be no doubt! Why did the Blessed Virgin choose us, yes, us? Today is the happiest day of my life!”

Then he became silent. There was a sigh. Fr. Luis ‘ head fell forward. He was dead!

Father Ramón Maria Andreu, surrounded by the Jesuit Fathers of Oña, celebrates the funeral Mass of his brother. Fr. Luis, who died in the early morning of August 9, 1961, at the age of thirty-six.

Father Luis was buried at Ona in the section of the cemetery reserved for the Jesuit Fathers. In 1975, his remains, dry bones, were transferred too Loyola…

Father Luis’ involvement with Garabandal was far from over. In fact, Fr. Luis , after his death, taught the visionaries to say the Hail Mary pray in Greek, and revealed certain unknown facts for his brother, Ramon, so that he would also believe. It was revealed to Conchita, that “on the day following the future great Miracle, his body will be found just as he was, when. he died [incorrupt]!”

We seemed to be moving in the air, as if we were upside down. We would have thought we were in another world! It was as if we were in broad daylight and sunshine”, said the visionaries.

At 2:45 a.m., on August 15, 1961, the Blessed Virgin brought Conchita, Loli and Jacinta to Mari-Cruz’ house. At that time, Mari-Cruz was prevented by her parents to follow the other visionaries. The other visionaries then started a improvised song, a sacred serenade. They travelled through the dark lanes of the village, overjoyed in their ecstasy finally going to the church. The Vigil came to an end at 5:00 a.m. They sang the following song:

(Wake up, Mari-Cruz

Do you not smell lilies

The Virgin Mary brings you

To help you be very good?

Wake up, Mari-Cruz,

She is coming, the kind Virgin

With a basket of flowers

For the little girl.

Pick up the lilies

That Mary brings you

To help you be good.

Good and holy little girl,

You are very loving

But you do not get up.)


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