Picture History of Garabandal Apparitions #3

The “cuadro“, made of tree trunks and stakes, was set up by men of the village to protect the visionaries from the crowd. The only ones authorized to go in were the parents of the children, their brothers, the priests and physicians who came to examine the girls while in ecstasy.

Mari-Loli at the exact spot of the calleja where the four girls saw St. Michael for the first time, and where Our Lord stood on “June 29, 1961.”

And on Saturday, 1 st of July, St. Michael, for the first time, broke the silence and spoke saying: “To tell you that tomorrow, Sunday, the Virgin Mary will appear to you under the title of ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel.'”

Photograph below: An artist’s tentative representation of Christ appearing to Jacinta on June 29, 1961. Jacinta is the only one of the four visionaries to have seen Christ. Christ, as He revealed Himself to Jacinta, was wearing a white tunic, and a wide, bright red “sash of dignity” was falling from His right shoulder (cf. Is 9:4).

The Sacred Heart of Jesus as seen and described by Jacinta.
Sunday July 2, 1961: The first apparition of “Our Lady of Mount Carmel.”
On the Feast day of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, two angels, who appeared one on each side of Our Lady were St. Michael and St. Gabriel. Gabriel appeared but once at St. Sebastian de Garabandal.
The visionaries also see the Child Jesus in Her arms.

July 3, 1961:

To amuse the Child Jesus, the girls, inn a spontaneous gesture, offered Him some little pebbles off the road. He did not take them but He really smiled. The Blessed Virgin kissed these pebbles and asked the visionaries to distribute them around. Soon the Blessed Virgin would designate precisely the persons to whom they should be given … The children, their hands full of rosaries, and medals, not knowing whose they were, with their eyes fixed on. the Vision, always handed them back correctly to the owners. On September 14, 1965, Conchita explained the value of the kissed objects:

“The Blessed Virgin said that Jesus would perform miracles through these kissed objects.”

Never did the Blessed Virgin at San Sebastian de Garabandal bless any object or person.

The little seers presenting their rosaries (already blessed) to be kissed by their Vision.

Jacinta rises on her tiptoes to offer a note to be kissed by the Blessed Virgin.

Mari Loli slips a wedding band on the owner’s finger. It happened sometimes that the visionaries would say the name of the spouse, something which, humanly speaking, they could not guess.

After tangled rosaries were presented to Our Lady to be kissed, they completely untangled and were returned to each owner without error.

Many priests came from the villages of the area to attend the ecstasies. From the very beginning, there were as many as fifty present at the phenomena. Their presence was the one the visionaries wanted most. On July 4, about ten of them entered the cuadro with the girls.
Doctor Piñal (dark glasses) and Dr. Luis Morales exercising their profession. All kinds of tests were performed on the children in ecstasy. Pinching, burns, pricks, intense light: so many sensory stimulants producing no effect on them.
Behind the physician taking Mari-Loli’s pulse, we see Don Juan Antonio del Val Gallo who was to become the bishop of Santander in January 1972.


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