Asthma Healed in Garabandal

Jeannette Sandoval Gutiérrez Published Tuesday, October 1, 2019, This [asthma healing] happened exactly five years ago [in Garabandal] , ...
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St. Michael in Garabandal

(Original title: St. Michael the Archangel in Spain) Written by Deacon Guadalupe Rodriguez Reprinted with kind permission by GARABANDAL AUSTRALIA / ...
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Testimony of Fr. Luis Ortega

Information released by Father Ortega after his visit to Garabandal, August 22 and 23, 1962. Reprinted with kind permission from ...
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“I was Present during the Ecstasies of Garabandal.”

Marie-Therese Le Pelletier was an associate of Fr. Mastern Laffineur and with him, co-authored the book Star on the Mountain. ...
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