United in Holy Matrimony

Diego (Argentina), June 27, 2020

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The Blessed Virgin Mary of Garabandal moved Diego to repentance and to the desire of conversion. This has led him to balance his life and to marry Ester, mother of his three children, whom he can now call “my spouse.” How many hearts would turn to God if only Our Blessed Mother could speak to them from Garabandal!

The events of Our Lady in Garabandal unsettled my heart, making me feel an urgency, a need to stabilize my life, to be a good son. I was living with Ester, who is now my wife, and with our three children: Mariano, Guillermina and Josefina. While we always had the desire to unite ourselves in Holy Matrimony, we never did anything about it. Even more, I was thinking of abandoning the relationship.

With the quarantine of COVID-19 we were able to have a better intimacy in the family: we spoke about what happened in San Sebastian de Garabandal, prayed the Holy Rosary, made the spiritual communion listening to the Mass, listened attentively to Fr. Justo Lofeudo’s talks… and so on the vespers of the feast of the Divine Mercy we united ourselves in Holy Matrimony.

Thank you for making us aware of how close we are to God and His Divine Mother, of the urgency of proclaiming the Gospel, of having a serious commitment and to cooperate with the Kingdom of God.

Diego (Argentina)

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