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Throughout the entire 2000 year long history of Christianity, the Lord, reveals His Fatherly mercy in a way that is comprehensible to man, in order to protect the world, to preserve life in it, to multiply Love and Trust between nations. Therefore, everyone who is born from above does not doubt the veracity of the Good News from the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and accepts it as the incontrovertible Truth of the all-encompassing Love of the Heavenly Father for humanity and for the world.

Having revealed Himself through His Son, Jesus, the Creator of the Universe speaks to each of us, “I have done this for your sake and for the sake of your salvation. Wake up! Enlighten your souls with the light of Eternal Life. Only then will you attain true happiness. For My blessing is the reward to the righteous.”

A significant and visible role in God’s plan for the salvation of the world is played by the Mother of God, the earthly Mother of Jesus Christ –Mary. It is She, with Her numerous appearances throughout the world, who is attempting to gain entrance to the hardened hearts of sinners, in order that their eyes may be opened and that each one, while still living on this earth, may understand and accept this undeniable truth of God’s salvation.

In 1961, in the small Spanish village of San Sebastian de Garabandal, an unusual apparition of the Mother of God took place, which lasted almost 5 years. The four little girls, to whom the Blessed Virgin appeared, were typical children of this village. They lived happily in their surroundings: 12-yr-old Conchita Gonzalez, 11-yr-old Mari Cruz Gonzalez, 12-yr-old Jacinta Gonzalez and Mari-Loli Mazon. For almost two weeks, beginning with June 18, 1961, the girls were visited by St. Michael the Archangel. And on July 1, 1961, he spoke, “Do you know why I have come? To announce to you that tomorrow the Blessed Virgin Mary will appear to you, as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.”

And indeed, the following day, July 2, 1961, the Blessed Virgin appeared to the children for the first time. From that time on, She appeared to them almost daily. The number of apparitions total almost 2000.

The Messages of Mary became known throughout the world. On Oct. 18, 1961 She said:

We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently, but first we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.

During the first apparitions, the Blessed Virgin kissed religious objects, which the children lifted up to Her. She promised one of them, Conchita: “Through the Kiss I have bestowed on these objects, My Son will perform miracles. Distribute them to others.” Thus, through God’s Will, one of these miraculous blessed objects, a medal from Garabandal, eventually ended up in the hands of Dr. Michael Rozeluk from Toronto, Canada. Since then, he, along with his wife, Helen, works tirelessly in God’s vineyard. Through their missionary work, they help people in need of God’s grace to regain physical health, through the manifestation of their Faith.

One fact is evident –- that it was God who chose him as His earthly apostle, his missionary, a tireless sower of Goodness and Love. And this absolutely gratuitous and voluntary work is the manifestation of his gratitude to our Creator for the great gift of his own physical healing which occurred in Garabandal on Easter Sunday, 1994.

The Rozeluks’ Second Visit to Ukraine – May 2004

For God is merciful to those who receive His teaching and carefully fulfill His decrees. In 2004 the Rozeluks received an official invitation from the Bishop of Ivano-Frankivsk Eparchy, Sofronius Mudry, to visit Ukraine.


“I am very grateful to the Rozeluk family when they arrived here and went to our churches and gave testimony to their own miracle that they experienced. He himself was miraculously cured in Garabandal through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and the miraculous medal, through which real miracles of God occur. He was badly injured, with no hope of recovery and there he gained that miraculous cure. Since then he has become a missionary, proclaiming that through Mary, one can be healed and, when he wished to visit our Ivano-Frankivsk, our eparchy, I very gladly agreed to it because our people are thirsty for a closeness with God. They thirst for an acquaintance with Mary. And they have already made two wonderful trips here to our churches, and here also – many miraculous events occurred through the intercession of Mary. Paralyzed children began to walk, children who did not speak, began to talk.”

There was certainly no shortage of people, joyful yet thirsting for Faith, during this missionary trip of the Rozeluks to Ukraine. All churches, without exception, that the guests from Canada visited, were filled beyond capacity by the faithful. The sick came, young and old, while the immobile and crippled were brought in the arms of their loved ones. During the general prayers, which, by the way, did not stop even for a moment, people would fall to the floor from the touch of the Garabandal medal. For most, this phenomenon, otherwise known as “resting in the Spirit” was unfamiliar and therefore strange, since in Ukraine such things had never before happened to anyone.


“What has been happening these last days in our village, in this chapel, in this place, is difficult to explain. It cannot be submitted to logic. I can only repeat the words of Elizabeth, who said to the Blessed Virgin Mary: ‘Whence is it that the Mother of my Lord has come to me?’ Wonderful things are being revealed to us by the Blessed Virgin and wonderful things are happening here among us through Her intercession. I am holding in my hands this medal from Garabandal – the kiss of the Blessed Virgin for sinful people, a kiss that with great, boundless power performs miracles.”

Our Lord God has sent His Mother to humanity, obviously in order to help our world, emaciated from a lack of faith, to believe in the eternal God, to stop sinning and to repent of committed sins. In all Her apparitions, without exception, the Blessed Mother constantly begs us to be converted and to stop offending the Lord, for only in this way will we finally be able to understand that the world exists only because God Himself wishes it.

Helen: “The Queen of Heaven and Earth … each time She comes down to Earth… it is to teach Her children. We are Her children … “

Fr. Kasko: “May this co-communion and Her Love become for you a declaration of your own perfection. So, first of all, absolute obedience, peace and silence. If anyone speaks in this church, it is only in prayer. I ask you to remember that the medals are all the same, so please approach only one of us.”

This boy, half-paralyzed, was strapped to his wheelchair. After he was prayed over, someone unstrapped him and lifted him to his feet. At first he could not hold his balance, since the paralyzed parts of his body were completely lifeless. But he stands! Stands by himself and sweetly smiles at the people. ;

The joy on the face of this young child speaks for itself. Just a moment ago, his right arm was lifeless, and now, before the eyes of everyone, it self-assuredly raises a small crucifix as high as he only can. Great and unfathomable are Your deeds, o Lord!

Due to severe deformity of his legs at birth, the 2-year-old son of these parents, Serhiy, could not walk. Now, 2 years later, as Michael holds the healed lad, whose legs are now perfectly straight, the father speaks: “We must all remember that the first illnesses are our own sins. The more we are going to sin, the more Our Lord will turn away from us. But when we understand the meaning of our life, when we understand that we are helpless in this world before God, when we understand to what extent sin wages a battle for our lives, when we understand this, when we pause, experience repentance in our lives, when we begin to feel a great love for God in our hearts, then our merciful Lord will forgive us our sins. Then Our Merciful Lord will perform a MIRACLE in every heart.”

The parents give testimony to the cure of their son, Serhiy, that took place during the Rozeluks’ first visit to Ukraine in 2002:

FATHER: “I was thrilled when I found out we had a son, but, when I saw that he was crippled, an invalid, I understood that this was a trial from God.”

MOTHER: “Yes, our son’s name is Serhiy. He is one year and four months old. Up to now he used to drag himself about on the floor. When we arrived here, we happened to be in the line-up for Dr. Michael, since he was closest to the door. When we came up to him, he took our son by the hands and our son, without any fear, went those couple of steps. And Dr. Michael said that, within a week, he would begin to walk by himself. We came home. The next day the child began to take one or two steps by himself. And then yesterday he began to take off by himself completely fearlessly and walk just as you see. We thank them very much, Dr. Michael and Helen, for coming here, that we were able to come to them that through God’s Will, they were able to heal our little boy through the medals that healed them too.”

Many people came up to the missionaries and gave testimony that they had no more back pain or pains in their legs. There can be no doubt that many of them received healing.

SEMINARIAN: “We have had a beautiful opportunity to see all this. In Radcha we had the opportunity to see the grace of God in healing that no one even expected but it happened. And it happened because of God, because of His grace, that we all receive. In every instance, we thank Him for this”.

The mother twenty-year-old Nazar, having found out about the missionaries from Canada, brought him in his wheelchair. His hands and legs have been twisted and paralyzed from birth, his face distorted. During prayer, his hand began to straighten. A small holy picture of Jesus was placed in his palm … the fingers of his hand opened up.

MOTHER: “When we were in Kolomya the first time, in the church, his left hand, which was very paralyzed, loosened up. Then in Nadvirna, the whole arm was completely freed up and on the way home, the paralysis began to disappear. Yesterday he so much wanted to come again but we simply couldn’t. And today be begged me, “Mom, please, even if it is by helicopter, but please take me there.” When we were on the train here, the paralysis started to ease up completely – the spastics completely left him.”

Continuing to pray over Nazar, the faithful who were present, watched as he raised both his arms and legs. (Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with You….)

The paralyzed Nazar, on Mother’s Day, with the help of his parents, again arrived at Hoshiv. His face has markedly straightened out. For the first time in his life, Nazar stretched out his arms and embraced his mother. He had revived to such a degree, that all the way home, he kept singing song after song to his mother.

FR.KASKO: “The phenomenon of the medal is incomprehensible to all. For me, it is very simple and easy. That kiss of Mother Mary on the medal has, of course, left its specific imprint on the image on the little icon of Our Lady. To explain it, I cannot, and probably no one can explain it, this fact of the presence of the kiss and its action on this medal. But there is something else here which I, as a priest, can permit myself to say. Every person that goes to this medal and has some kind of hope through the kiss, to receive something for him or herself, whether for the body or for the soul, every person, without exception, has a certain doubt. This doubt, to a greater or lesser degree, makes more or less real the influence of this kiss of the Mother of God for the person who touches this medal. The person who is praying, who is holding the medal in his hand, in this case whether it be Helen or Michael or even I, each one is, to the person who needs this prayer, a certain guarantor of the truth of it to the person who approaches the medal. Through our prayers, through the prayer of the one who is holding the medal, he somehow obtains more strength, more courage and so the state of his soul now increases the presence of the blessing of Mother Mary’s kiss. It suffices for that person, simply to believe that through this touch, he/she will receive the graces he hopes for and it happens instantly. It happens so instantly that people often fall into a very wondrous state of beatitude. One cannot explain this in any way. I have experienced it and I like it very much.”


Since my message of October 18, 1961 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I tell you that this is the last one. Before the chalice was filling up. Now it is overflowing. Many Cardinals, many Bishops, and many Priests are on the path to perdition and they take many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn away the wrath of God from yourselves by your good efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.

Hail Mary …

LADY IN KERCHIEF: “Today I came to this Yasna Hora in Hoshiv to thank the Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary and Dr. and Mrs. Rozeluk who came from Canada for the graces received in Friday in the church of Christ the King. Since 1990 I have been ill with dermatomyositis. I had terrible pain in my legs. I could not walk. The last several years it became very bad. I could not walk more than 100 meters. I could not go up even one stair. It was very difficult. I constantly begged the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary for Her help. And now I found out that this couple arrived from Canada. I thought, how am I to go there? It’s so hard for me; I cannot climb into a bus by myself. I cannot get down from the bus. I need help. But I took the bus myself. I met people on the way who helped me. I stood through the entire Mass there. I stood through the Moleben. When I came home, I began to tell my family that I felt better. I said that, after experiencing a day like that, amid so much noise and on my feet, I felt no pain. I felt relief. I told my daughter, “Oksana, I feel no pain! My legs don’t hurt. My hands don’t hurt.” They all started to cry. They said, “Mother, maybe these graces will come down on you!” I realized that I felt no pain. Before, it was hard to get down from bed. I had to hold on to something. Now I just get up and go. It was 5:30 when I woke up. I knelt down in front of Mother Mary and began to pray the rosary. Mother Mary, thank you for Your graces. Today, I came here to Yasna Hora to thank the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pray! Believe! And God will send down His graces on you. Trust in this.

Dr. ROZELUK to BOY: “Serhiko, Yes! Go! Go to your mother! Go! Yes! Go! Oh, he walks now! Thank the Lord God. You have received your miracle. This is a miracle of love from Mother Mary.”

Dr. ROZELUK to Girl: “Hold my finger. Yes!

I praise the Lord at all times; his praise shall be always in my mouth. In the Lord shall my soul be praised; let the meek hear and rejoice. O magnify the Lord with me; and let us extol His Name together. I sought the Lord, and He heard me; and He delivered me from all my troubles. Come ye to Him and be enlightened; and your faces shall not be confounded. This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him: and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the Lord shall encamp round about them that fear Him and shall deliver them. O taste and that the Lord is good! [Psalm 33]

The faithful of other denominations approached Michael and Helen. They came by the busload and invited them to their churches. In spite of their very limited schedule, they were still able to visit the Orthodox Church in the village of Sydorivka.

In the city of Zolochiv, so many people came that even the local inhabitants were very surprised because in all their lives, they had not seen so many people there.

Have mercy on me, o God, according to Thy great mercy. And according to the multitude of Thy tender mercies, blot out my iniquity. Wash me yet more of my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin. [Psalm 50(51)]

Fr. Kasko: “Well, this is an example of a good Christian family. One can say a great deal about them. First of all, they are, in my opinion, a very good Christian family. They are a wonderful Christian marriage. Both of them are highly intellectual and cultivated people. Next, they have faith. And one can use many epithets. They have accomplished and gained very much in their lives and all this they use for the good of others, which is very important. Everything they have, they are ready to share, to give away. There is something in them that attracts: the sincerity, the love towards others. That is the greatest gift a person can have, among others. Because everything begins with that.”

Luba: “My name is Luba. I would like to tell a story that happened in the church in Kalush, when I came up to Helen and asked her to pray over me for the son of a good friend of mine, who was in an accident and was in a coma. The bones of his leg were crushed. They could not operate on him because his hemoglobin levels were low. Helen said she would pray over me for that young man. That was around 10:50 pm. She prayed over me for the boy and a great miracle happened. Today, a week later, I was told that the operation is no longer necessary because the bones are healing normally and the boy is in good condition.”

Helen: “…And another thing that Mother Mary taught the girls, this was obedience…”

Michael: “…and this changed my life…”

Those who fear the Lord will not disobey His words, and those who
love Him will keep His ways.
Those who fear the Lord will seek His approval, and those who love
Him will be filled with the Law.
Those who fear the Lord will prepare their hearts, and will humble
themselves before Him.
Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, but not into the hands of men;
for as His majesty is, so also is His mercy. [Ecclesiasticus 2:15-18]

Fr. Zinovy: “I heard about Michael and Helen from my friend, the composer, Bohdan Shyptur. He is a person of a special nature, of such spirit. He spoke of them so sincerely and with enthusiasm. Then I read the book, “From Zarvanytsia to Garabandal” by Petro Hrynchyshyn and in that book I understood something more. I admire this author’s refined and deep sense of spirituality, his sense of Jesus Christ, his sense of the Blessed Mother. His first idea was to simply compile a certain chronology, from his own understanding of the various apparitions of Mother Mary. But in doing so, he created something much greater. He somehow unveiled the great depth of our Ukrainian relationship to the Mother of God, of that Ukrainian heart that, from its very birth, has an immense love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. And likewise, something similar is in their hearts. Having later met with Michael and Helen, I understood that they are very similar and their relationship to Mother Mary is so very sincere and straightforward, so childlike, almost to the point of naïveté, in these educated, serious, intellectual people. This compelled me to approach them with greater trust and confidence. Later, having gotten to know them better, having understood their views and opinions about many things, I understood that they are genuine apostles of the Love of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I believe in what 10 they are doing. Each time I get to know more about them, about their life, their way of life, I can say, in my opinion, they are making a great sacrifice. And this desire for self-sacrifice, of itself, already says a great deal.”

At the end of this second missionary visit to Ukraine, the Rozeluks wrote the following words in their journal: “What a priceless gift You have given to us, Mother Mary! Who could have imagined that all those miracles that we witnessed, were the result of Your Kiss? Yes, dear Mother Mary, Your Kiss travels throughout the world!”


We must always remember one thing: Some people call us healers. This is incorrect. Neither Michael nor I are healers. We only have a gift, a grace from God, that God has permitted us to have in our possession these medals with the kiss of the Mother of God. It is Her kiss that acts. She promised that, through Her kiss on these blessed objects, Her Son would perform miracles. And the Son, Jesus Christ, being absolutely obedient to His Mother, fulfills these promises. It is He who acts through these medals, not Michael, not I, not anyone else.

Every person, who holds a blessed object like this in his hands and prays with it, can obtain the same graces, because it is the kiss from Heaven that acts upon a given person, and not the person who is holding the object.

So we ask that people please not consider us in any way extraordinary. Michael and I are both exactly the same kind of people as everyone else; the same kind of sinners as everyone else; and we also need God’s assistance as much as everyone else and we need to go to frequent confession just like everyone else. It is simply God’s grace that works through these medals, that heals, that renews, that converts, that gives each person what he most needs. THAT’s what it’s all about. Thank you.


Glory be to Jesus Christ!

What you saw in this film was a complete surprise to us all. It was God’s will that this film was made, that a man came who filmed it because we did not plan this. Our Lord God arranged it.

We did not know that such miracles would happen in Ukraine. And why did they happen? Because those people completely opened their hearts to Our Lord and to His Blessed Mother. If we also open our hearts in this way, the same will happen here. But why did the people there suffer so much? Yet look at them now. Their churches are filled with people. If only churches here in Canada and U.S.A. were so full, as they are in Ukraine.

The love for Our Lord should always occupy our time. If we open our hearts, then the same will happen as in other countries, in other places: people of other faiths and denominations approach and are converted to the Catholic Faith. In Ukraine, paralyzed people, children, stood up and began to walk. Those who could not speak began to talk. Those who were deaf began to hear. And you have seen but a small portion of it.

I believe, that through this film, the merciful Heart of Our Lord will open up for you and you will say, “I also believe. And I will go to church. I will go to

Do as the Blessed Mother of God said. Then you will see how the merciful Heart of Our Lord God will open for you, as it did for us. To Him, to Jesus, we give all praise, all glory and we will pray to Him always and forever.

Poem By Petro Hrynchyshyn:

What miracle do you still await, O World?
What proof do you await, O naked one?
In the throes of death, you can still return the Faith
Of which you robbed the people!

You, still imprisoned by the Law of Darkness,
Forgetting, in your rush, Original Sin,
Are struggling in the agonies of dying,
To the mighty universe’s merriment.

You dare to be a law unto yourself,
Without Heaven, without the Covenant, without your Creator;
Like the prodigal son, torn asunder,
In shameful tortures, you WILL acknowledge the Father.


Yakoho chooda shche chekayesh, Svite?
Yakoho dokazou ty zhdesh, nahyi?
V smertelnyx moukax ty shche mozhesh vspity
Vernouty virou vkradenou v liudey.

Ty, shche v poloni temnoho zakonou,
Zabouvshy naspix Pervorodnyi Hrix,
Prouchayeshsia v agoniax do skonou,
Mohoutniomou vsemirovi na smix.

Ty samovolysh pravyty soboyou
Bez Neba, Zapovitou, Bez Tvortsa;
Yak Bloudnyi Syn, rozterzannyi na dvoye,
V hanebnyx moukax, vyznayesh Otsa!

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