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A Real Miracle from Mother Mary in Kalush, Ukraine!

“VIKNA” 2004-05-17


Young woman from Kalush speaks after nearly 6 months silence.

Last Tuesday, the faithful of Kalush and neighbouring regions gathered at Archangel Michael’s Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Kalush for an unusual event: Our city was visited by the Rozeluks, a married couple who own a miraculous medal through which many hundreds of people have been healed throughout the world. The Mother of God also performed a miracle in Kalush: after a six-month silence, the daughter of Father Mykhailo Danyltsio began to speak!

A brief background history of the Rozeluks, both of whose parents are emigrants from Ukraine: As reported in the “Nova Zoria” newspaper, Michael Rozeluk was in an automobile accident in 1986. For the next eight years he lived in constant excruciating pain. The prognosis of his doctors was that within about five years he would become a total cripple. Following the death of his mother, in order to keep a promise made to her, Michael and his wife, Helen, went on a pilgrimage to Garabandal during Holy Week 1994. Garabandal is a small village in the Cantabrian Mountains of northern Spain. While there, Michael was prayed over by Joseph Lomangino, a man of prayer who dedicated his life to Our Lady’s service and spreading the message of Garabandal. While praying over Michael, Joseph touched all Michael’s areas of pain with his medal kissed by Our Lady during Her apparitions in Garabandal between 1961-1965. That very night, which was Easter Sunday, Michael found himself completely pain-free. His healing was later confirmed by the doctors.

After this miraculous healing, Michael and Helen Rozeluk also received medals touched by the lips of the Mother of God. Joseph Lomangino asked them to become the Garabandal center in Canada. He also predicted that their primary mission would be the spreading of the Garabandal messages in Ukraine. Gradually, as the news of Michael’s healing spread, the couple found themselves with a growing apostalate, as more and more people began to invite them to speak about Michael’s healing in public.

Michael and Helen Rozeluk first came to our sub-Carpathian area at the invitation of Bohdan Shyptur, a composer who, while visiting Toronto, Canada, in 2002, had also a personal miraculous experience with the blessed medal. It was during this first visit that the dean of Kalush, Father Mykhailo Bihun of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, first made their acquaintance. In his words, the arrival of the Rozeluks in Kalush was a real event. Father Mykhailo says that according to several estimates, between 7 to 9 thousand faithful came that day to the Church of St. Michael that day to meet with the Rozeluks, who brought the good news of Garabandal and the miracles of the Blessed Mother. Confession and Holy Communion beforehand were an obligatory prerequisite. Besides residents of Kalush, there were people from nearby villages as well as neighbouring counties (regions) who arrived in our church.

A real miracle happened with the 16-year-old Mariana, daughter of Father Mykhailo Danyltsip, pastor of the church in Zahirtsi. Mariana, a student at school No. 1, last November, for no apparent reason, lost her voice. Doctors were unable to give a definite diagnosis, each one giving a different reason for the loss of her voice: heat stroke, hypothermia, nervous stress, allergies, infection…

“We approached various doctors in Kalush and Drohobych”, says Father Mykhailo, “but at the same time, I was continuously celebrating Molebens for the health of my daughter, both as a father and a priest. At home, we also prayed as a family. Medications provided no change but we never lost hope. And then during Lent, Mariana refused to take any kind of medicine, which means that prior to her miraculous healing, she had been totally off all medication for a month and a half. When we went as a family to St. Michael’s Church last Tuesday, Mariana went to confession and received Holy Communion. Afterwards Michael Rozeluk and Father Zenovy Kasko began to pray over my daughter while the whole church was continuously reciting the “Hail Mary.” They touched Mariana with the medal and a crucifix belonging to the Rozeluks, which contains a piece of the True Cross on which Jesus was crucified. My daughter seemed to be in a kind of trance. However, she felt no change in her condition that evening. But the following morning my daughter first began to slowly speak. (I could hear her voice, which I had not heard for 5 months and 12 days!) and then she says: “Dad, I’m going to sing. And she sang!”

Last Sunday the Danyltsio family went to Hoshiv to thank the Blessed Mother for the miracle She granted. “Maybe this was a trial? Or maybe Mother Mary wanted to strengthen our faith?” says Father Mykhailo. On that day at St. Michael’s Church, the priest saw yet another miracle: a young boy, about 8-10 years old was brought in by his father because the young man could not walk by himself. After prayer and being touched with the medal, he walked by himself to his father, who had been pushed back about five meters by the crowd.

According to the Dean, Father Mykhailo Bihun, also some priests of the Kalush Deanery experienced the power of the Mother of God, especially Fr. Stepan Shibitsky and Fr. Ihor Pryshliak as well as the Dean himself. “When Michael touched the medal to my chest” says Fr. Mykhailo, “I thought to myself: what should I ask for from Mother Mary? Money? Riches? Health? No! I asked Mother Mary for (the gift of) piety and that feeling I had for Her before I entered the seminary. At the very moment I had that thought, something very powerful entered my body and I ….fell.”

This visit to Sub-Carpathia took the Rozeluks to the village of Mariampil in the Halych Region; the village of Radcha in the Tysmenytsia Region; Kolomyia, Nadvirna, the Monastery of Christ and the Cathedral of Ivano-Frankivsk, as well as the Basilian Monastery-Shrine in Hoshiv.

As the faithful say, the Mother of God reminds us that we are all Her children and Her Mantle is big enough for all. One only needs to believe.

Translated from original Ukrainian by Helen Rozeluk

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