Nose Cancer (Philippe Vellard)

Cancer of Nose

Used with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL/ May-June 2010

Translated by Dr. Edward Serrano

I Philippe Vellanrd, born May 24, 1938, in Constantine (Algeria) resident of Nice, France and with the profession of Notary Public, swear on the Holy Gospels, and before God and the Church, that what I am going to say is true.

One of my friends, Mr. Ferdinand Meudic, resident of Dinard, Nice, France, had a lesion on his nose that in spite of many treatments remained and continued to drain pus. After a long time, in the spring of 1967 it was diagnosed as being a cancer.

I sent my friend a medal kissed by Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal, and recommended that he pray to her for his healing. Later he left for his native Brittany and there he started to get worse. (October-November 1967). He was getting hemorrhages and his nose condition was not improving. Our prayers to Our Lady intensified while he was in Brittany, and we were assured that he had improved, and now it was the beginning of January, 1968. In fact, by the time he returned to Nice in the spring of 1968, his nose lesion had disappeared, leaving only a small scar and he was in excellent health and had driven all the way from Brittany.

This cure gains importance when we consider that the cancer in his nose was near his eye and had stopped one millimeter from a nerve that, if reached, would have caused his death.

His healing began after he got the Garabandal medal and began to pray to Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal. By this time he had already given up hope.

Signed: Philippe Vellard
Nice, France,
April 13, 1969

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