Knee Healing (Michael Leahy)

Knee Healing

Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL International April-June 2006
by Michael Leahy, Owner of Harvey World Travel, Essendon, Australia

From left to right, Kevin, Miguel Angel Gonzales, (Mayor), Tony Kissane, Mary Sanchez and Michael (author) in Garabandal.

In late September, myself and wife Suzanne, travelled to London and Garabandal with Tony Kissane and Kevin Sharpe from the National Garabandal Centre (Australia) and Mother and Son tour leaders, Mary and Matthew Sanchez, of Pax Travel in London.

It was my second trip to Garabandal and Kevin’s first (Kevin’s first trip out of Australia!). Prior to our departure I had been suffering severe pain in my right knee and found it difficult walking around on the plane and, in particular, up and down stairs. Whilst in London, Kevin prayed over my knee with Our Lady’s medal to which a piece of the missal kissed by Our Lady, was attached. We traveled on to Garabandal the next day and completed our five day stay which involved my walking around the village and up to the Pines, cemetery and various other points of interest. The poor old knee wasn’t any better and, back in London before Sue and I flew home, Kevin once again prayed over my knee.

We arrived back in Melbourne (Australia) 2 days later, still hobbling around, and then a few days later, my knee improved out of sight to the stage that I could walk around 18 holes of golf and up and down stairs without any trouble at all. I had an appointment with a specialist to have arthroscopic surgery on the knee a few days later, however the surgeon said not to worry about the operation as all was fine.

I was to have a game of golf with both Tony and Kevin (all three of us are golf nuts) on my recent trip to the Gold Coast on holidays with our daughter and family, but unfortunately due to the passing of Kevin, only Tony and I had played together. Well almost together! We won our game on the day, thanks to the assistance from our mate who was with us in spirit. We dedicated our win to Kevin!

It was a pleasure to have known Kevin, only be it for such a short time.

God Bless and Peace be with you.* Written with a tear and wonderful memories of one of Our Lady’s best workers. ( Kevin John Sharpe, born 11th August, 1941 in Sydney and born to Eternal Life 11th December 2005)

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