Kiss of the Mother of God (Radcha, Ukraine)

The Kiss of the Mother of God

Ukraine 2005.

For over three years now, in the village of Radcha, not far from Ivano-Ffrankivsk, a copy of a miraculous medal, the original of which was allegedly kissed by the Virgin Mary, has found itself in the possession of the local priest. And this holy relic is being used to heal those whom modern medicine is unable to help.

The history of the medal begins in the 1960’s in the small Spanish village of Garabandal. It was here that the Blessed Virgin appeared to four little girls – Mari Loli, Conchita, Jacinta and Mari Cruz. The apparitions continued for four years, during which the Blessed Virgin sanctified certain religious objects with Her kiss, among which was this medal. Since then, from all corners of the world, wherever these objects happened to be, come stories of their miraculous power.

A copy of one such medal (of which there are only a few) arrived in Radcha thanks to a Canadian Ukrainian, Michael Rozeluk. Michael was himself healed through the Garabandal medal after almost losing all hope of being able to recover after a serious automobile accident.

Why Mr. Rozeluk left this relic in Radcha, even the local pastor, Father Zenovy, cannot explain. However, after meeting Fr. Zenovy, Michael Rozeluk presented him with a Garabandal medal.

Since that time, every Friday in the church of Radcha, there are prayers for healing for everyone, who needs it and whom modern medicine cannot help. During the healing (prayers) people often fall into a wondrous state, something between sleep, loss of consciousness and euphoria: supported by the cantor, the person falls helplessly to the floor and returns to consciousness only a minute or two after the end of the prayer. Most individuals describe this state as complete loss of strength combined with a wonderous feeling of peace and joy which comes over you during prayer. Maybe this is the kiss of Our Lady? In any case, there were times when sick people, who had been unable to move on their own before the prayers, afterwards walked out of the church on their own two feet.

Witnesses also report that there have been instances of exorcism in Radcha, with the help of this medal.

As of today, the fame of this medal has spread far beyond the region (county) and oblast (province) and hundreds of people continue to come to Radcha, seeking the blessing of the Mother of God.

Centre “Harmonia” Ukraine
Translated from original Ukrainian by Helen Rozeluk

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