Eyes Healing (Maria Puente)

A Healing of the Eyes

Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL November-December 2005
Excerpted from LOS MILAGROS O FAVORES DE NUESTRA MADRE DE GARABANDAL by Maria Josefa Villa de Gallego Translated from Spanish by Dr. Edward Serrano

I thank Our Lady of Garabandal for the great favor she granted my son. From birth he suffered from a very marked strabismus (A disorder of vision due to a deviation from normal orientation of one or both eyes so that both cannot be directed at the same object at the same time; cross eyes — RANDOM HOUSE WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY). We took him to a specialist who told us he was too young to be operated on for this problem and that we should wait until he got older. My son was six years old.

My mother learned that a woman in Santander had a pair of sunglasses with a miraculous history (see Rainbow Left on Glasses). The owner had been in Garabandal at the Pines where our Lady appeared so many times, when a strong but brief storm occurred. After the storm a rainbow appeared over Garabandal, and at the same instant an image of a rainbow became part of the sunglasses. Those lenses don’t have any correction and they have been washed and cleaned with many solutions but the rainbow remains. We decided that the Virgin wanted to perform miracles with them.

The boy’s grandmother knew the owner of the glasses and told me that the woman would like to put them on my son and ask our Lady of Garabandal with faith to cure the strabismus. We did this, and after a few moments his right eye. the one with the strabismus, began to move in an abnormal way, making circles. During the day, the eye would again get in and out of the correct position, until during one of these strange episodes, it went into place and stayed. It has been normal ever since.

This happened when he was seven years old. Today he is 26 and his vision is perfect without a trace of strabismus. He didn’t need any surgical intervention, and since that day has not needed corrective lenses in spite of all the time that has passed. I want to make this testimony public, for the greater glory of God and his most Holy Mother.

Signed: Maria Jesus Puente
Santander, Spain, February 25, 2000

Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL July-August 2005

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