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Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL May-June 2004
Translated from Spanish by Dr. Edward Serrano

Don Antonio Dalmiro Atienza Moya, lawyer and notary public living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, obtained a medal kissed by Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal during her apparitions. Actually the medal itself in question was not kissed by the Virgin but rather contained on the reverse side of a medal bearing Our Lady’s image, a tiny piece of Mari Loli’s missal that had been kissed by the Blessed Virgin. Thousands of relics have been made from this missal, and are now all over the world and at times through them great favors are obtained. Our Lady told the seers at that time that Our Lady told the seers at that time that through these kissed objects her Son would perform prodigies if asked with through these kissed objects her Son would perform prodigies if asked with faith and devotion. faith and devotion. (To order this medal)

Don Antonio sent me the following story for publication, omitting the last names of the subjects involved. The day after receiving the medal, he was in the living room of his house with his good friend Patricio, 33 years old and a non-Catholic, when a strong fragrance of roses emanated from the medal. Here is Don Antonio’s testimony:

“I had told Patricio everything related to Garabandal and when he perceived this fragrance of roses (which has also occurred with other blessed objects) he began to cry like a child. He was very emotional and repeated over and over, ‘Dalmiro, I want to make my First Communion. I want to love the Virgin Mary as you love her.’

“A few weeks later, after a thorough preparation and two confessions with a Dominican priest reputed to be wise and holy, he made his First Communion. After a solemn Tridentine Mass celebrated at a Franciscan Sisters convent by a pious priest of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy, my friend made his First Communion. It was a precious, very memorable, and emotional day.

“Patricio belongs to a family of German origin who were neighbors of mine for many years. Only his Lutheran mother had any religious beliefs. The father of the family, now deceased, was an atheist to the end; he used to blaspheme as the older brother of my friend still does.”


Twelve years ago the wife of a German professor at the University of Buenos Aires came crying to me at my office, telling me that her only brother was dying of terminal cancer in the German Hospital in Buenos Aires. This lady came to borrow the above mentioned medal to take it to the hospital.

Her dying brother was blaspheming diabolically while in the hospital and had spit at a priest who had come to help him in his last hours (which were very numbered) to prepare himself to face Our Lord and give an account of his life.

Everything was in chaos. This frantic man, with no beliefs, 55 years old, was acting like a rabid dog and wanted to die like an animal without any help from the Catholic Church or her representatives.

I lent this lady the medal. Five days later she returned. This is what she and her husband told me.

As Mrs. Ideria (that was her name) approached the bed of her brother with the medal in her hand, the room suddenly became filled with a fragrance of roses. Instantly, the dying man called for the priest he had formerly thrown out of his room several times. He made his confession and asked forgiveness for all the previous insults to the priest, received Communion under both species, and asked the priest for the last rites. This sick man wept like a remorseful child. The next morning they thought he was sleeping, but he died during the night without any struggle, in the peace of the Lord Whom he had so often treated despicably during his life.

Signed: Antonio Dalmiro Atienza Moya, Argentina.

(Both miracles are notarized. And this gentleman added: “We desire that these miracles be publicized to promote the wishes of our Lord and Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal.”)

Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL May-June 2004
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