Breast Cure of Maria Teresa Piera

Breast Cancer Cure

Cure of Maria Teresa Mira Piera

Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL March-April 2005
Excerpted from LOS PINOS DE GARABANDAL ILUMINARAN AL MUNDO and LOS MILAGROS O FAVORES DE NUESTRA MADRE DE GARABANDAL by Maria Josefa Villa de Gallego. Translated from Spanish by Dr. Edward Serrano.

Tomas Bernabe Baeza from Alicante testifies that his wife Maria Teresa Mira Piera, was operated on for breast cancer and because of metastases was treated with cobalt therapy and radiation as is shown in the photocopy of the medical records of Professor Dr. Vicente Belloch Zimmermann, Director of the Department of Radiotherapy and Physiotherapy in the University of Valencia Clinical Hospital.

As the medical records show, my wife was operated on in March, 1977, by Doctor Rafael Martinez San Pedro from Alicante, a surgeon and gynecologist, who oversaw her fairly normal post-op recovery.

When it was time to take out the stitches, the incision was healing normally, but about a year later a spot appeared that began to drain. Initially it was thought to be a small infection, but as time went by it grew, and the minor irritation turned into severe stabbing pain. The pus would form a scab, fall off, and the process would begin again.

We didn’t t worry about this at first, as our doctor kept saying it was probably just a reaction caused by one of the underlying stitches. But seeing that she wasn’t getting better and that the pain was getting worse, we decided to go to the doctor that was assigned to us by Social Security, Dr. Anastasio Martin Munoz. He determined that it was a metastasis that should be treated with nuclear medicine. And while he didn’t say it in so many words, he considered it life threatening. We were sent to the Faculty of Medicine of Valencia.

My wife’s attending physician was Professor Belloch who, after a very thorough examination, agreed with Dr. Martin Munoz and recommended immediate treatment. We thought we would get more reassurance from this doctor of more experience, but he wanted to run more tests before he would get our hopes up.

One day, while I was waiting for my wife to get her radiation treatment, he stopped by and said to me: “An infiltration in the lung has been found; I have an obligation to tell you this.” I could see by the serious look on his face and the speed with which he disappeared from my sight that the case was hopeless.

As a result of the radiation treatments, two burn areas formed that caused my wife tremendous pain. As time went by, she began to waste away.

We went back home to start our Calvary — she having terrible pains, and me a helpless bystander.

Seeing that medicine couldn’t do anything for her, I looked for help in alternative medicine. Some treatments helped for awhile, but finally we were up against the wall.

I remembered then that I was a Catholic and that in this case God had not pronounced the last word. So I decided to rekindle my beliefs, which had grown cold, to obtain help from God.

I prostrated myself before the Holy Face pleading for help, and began to go to Mass, Communion and confession frequently. I also assisted at the penitential rosary in my parish. When our parish priest, Father Agustin Perez Segura, heard about my dilemma, he suggested that rosaries be offered for the recovery of my wife.

One of those nights, after the rosary, somebody spoke about Garabandal. I was interested and a friend, Jaime Rico Frau, showed us some slides of the children in ecstasy. My interest increased, especially when I discovered the multitude of prodigies occurring and promises for the day of the Miracle.

One day, towards the end of the winter of 1979, my wife told me she was willing to try the trip to Garabandal, seeing how much hope and confidence I placed in it.

We decided to go during Holy Week. I consulted with my friend Jaime on how to get there, as Garabandal was not on any road map. He didn’t think twice and offered to take us there.

We drove straight to Garabandal. arriving at dawn, and in spite of the hard trip my wife was feeling very well. We found lodging and Jaime asked Mrs. Maria Herrero de Gallardo to lend him her crucifix that the Virgin had kissed during the days of the apparitions.

As soon as my wife hung this crucifix from her neck, she told me that a cataclysm occurred inside her. She had insufferable pains, but somehow Jaime and I interpreted this as a positive sign.

She tolerated the trip home fairly well but was still in pain. Since then she has improved daily and now is able to lead a fairly normal life with the limitations to be expected.

Of the two burned areas in her chest, one is completely healed and the other my wife offered to the Virgin so none of our children will lead sinful lives. That burned area remains there. It does not get worse, it does not improve. She has to take care of it every day and does so with much joy as she knows the Virgin has heard her prayers.

I and most of the other persons that have followed the progress of my wife firmly believe her recuperation is providential and miraculous.

Signed: Tomas Bernabe Baeza
Alicante, 1979

Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL January-February 2005
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