Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest

Inside account of the Garabandal Apparitions.

Priest closest to the visionaries

Father de la Riva was the priest in the early days of the apparitions who had the closest contact with the visionaries and their families. The four visionaries showed more affection and friendship for him than was shown to any one else. They all wrote letters to him during the early days of the apparitions, here published in this book. He participated in the activities of the seers during the ecstasies and received special attention from the Virgin Mary. He was the first person to be told the nature of the Little Miracle. As the priest nearest to the visionaries, evidenced by the movies he made and the photographs he took, he is the most qualified person to describe the early days of the apparitions from a proximate position of advantage.

Garabandal from the beginning

This book takes the reader back over 40 years, to the beginnings of Garabandal. The recollections of this priest, who was present in person right there as it happened and put it all in writing, are unique. The words and contacts between the Virgin Mary and the seers are expressed in a clear style from first-hand information that no other writer was permitted to know; from personal experiences that were not allowed any other priest. He was there, sharing in the mystical happenings nearer than any one except the seers.

Following the footsteps of the Virgin Mary

Living again the early days of Garabandal through the eyes of the priest who was closest to the children allows the reader to participate vicariously in the activities of the Virgin Mary in Garabandal. Here before you to read is a priest’s accurate portrayal of Mary’s coming through four children to call the world to amendment of life, announce a chastisement and foretell the great events to come at the End of the Times.

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