She Did This For Me?

Club Foot Straightened Sometimes what we expect and what God does is so different that the end result is a surprise to all. That is exactly what happened one September evening in 1996, as I climbed the steps to enter Marian Villa, a residence for seniors, with Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk, in order to pray with some elderly residents. On the porch of Marian Villa, we met an elderly friend of mine, Olga P., who was sitting outside, enjoying… [ read more ]

A Renewed Life

Eight years of constant pain ended for a Canadian dentist when he was blessed with a medal kissed by Our Lady of Garabandal. The year 1986 began as a great one for me and my family. My dental practice was very successful. Our two children, ten-year-old Natalka and six-year-old Andriy were doing very well in school. I was enjoying every sport activity imaginable: hockey, baseball, tennis, squash, racquetball, swimming, water-skiing, golf, you name… [ read more ]

Let Me Tell You the Rest of the Story...

Let me tell you the rest of the story... With these words, my new friend, Peggy, responded to my hello on the telephone. Peggy had finally telephoned me after several months had gone by, to tell me something important. You see, Peggy and I had met in Minneapolis, Minnesota in November of 1995, at a dental course. Before that, when I had been suffering in so much pain after my car accident, I was not able attend any dental courses outside Toronto.… [ read more ]

Faith, Trust and Miracles

UPDATE June 2014: Today Michael has graduated and working as a medical doctor/physician and we are all VERY proud of Michael. We continue to thank God for Michael’s tremendous healing. He is completely well with no recurrence or relapses. Chances are, I am just like many people you know, a friend, a co-worker or a member of your family. I was born in the Toronto area. I married my high school sweetheart and we were blessed with two beautiful, healthy… [ read more ]

Prayer Can Break Steel

Then my daughter, Olga, telephoned Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk. They came to see me at the hospital. Besides Olga, my granddaughter, Andrea, was also there with me. We all prayed the Rosary together. Then Dr. Michael and Helen placed their medals from Garabandal (with Mother Mary's kiss) on my stomach and continued to pray. The prayers helped immediately. The medal suddenly became hot, so much so that I began to perspire. The Rozeluks noticed that… [ read more ]

The Powerful Rosary

"I knew the Rosary was powerful, but..." - Another Miracle from the 1999 pilgrimage to Rome and Garabandal. We had not yet completed the third "Hail Mary", when all of a sudden, there was an open path in front of us. We began to move swiftly through the crowd, continuing the rosary. As we looked behind us, the path closed in again. It was truly like the biblical "parting of the Red Sea". We continued onwards, passing through the numerous checkpoints… [ read more ]

The Scapular, The Rosary and Our Survival Story

My name is Helen Rozeluk. My husband Michael is a dentist in Toronto, Canada. Because our story is so closely linked to Garabandal, I must first give a short summary of the events of Garabandal. When Our Lady appeared in Garabandal as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, it was as though to reinforce the importance of hanging on to Her apron strings. It was also meant to stress that, east or west, Our Blessed Mother is there as our protectress. The Blessed… [ read more ]

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