Firsthand Witness: Juan A Seco (Part 2 of 2)

In this second and final segment of his testimony, police chief Juan A. Seco, who was in charge of maintaining order in Garabandal during 1961-62, continues narrating his experiences.


I was a witness from the first apparitions of the four seers: Conchita, Mari Cruz, Jacinta and Mari Loli. Today, more than seven years later [1969], I still think about them every day. Being appointed to this command post gave me the opportunity of cleansing my soul that needed it so much.

The apparitions made such an impression on me that I went so far as to take religious education classes and join the Nocturnal Adoration Society. I always feel as though I haven't done enough. For me there are no doubts. I'll never forget the apparitions as long as I live.

I will always hold in fond memory a holy rosary and two pictures kissed by the Virgin that are now owned by two persons. One day, I was in Cabezon de la Sal to share impressions with and receive orders from my Captain. Afterwards, I traveled to San Vicente de la Barquera to greet my good friend Exposito. We met in a cafe-bar and I saw on the wall several calendar pages with somewhat immoral figures, and among them was a picture of the Virgin of Fatima. Since this picture had nothing to do with the rest, I asked the owner if I could have it, but he refused and gave me one of Saint Michael instead. Later I also got hold of the one of Fatima.

Back in Garabandal and while Mari Loli was in ecstasy I gave the Fatima picture to Jacinta who was not in ecstasy so she could give it to Mari Loli for the Virgin to kiss. When Mari Loli returned it, Jacinta asked her, "Who is that on the picture?" Mari Loli, in ecstasy, said she didn't know, and Jacinta told her to ask the Virgin which Mari Loli did. "The Virgin says that those pictures are the Virgin of Fatima and Saint Michael." You cannot imagine how that scene struck me. Today my friend and benefactress Julia de Costa and the blind daughter of a corporal of the Civil Guard have them and every day they pray for humanity which so badly is in need of God's protection.

What occurred on March 19,1962

On my way up the road to Garabandal, I came across my friend Fidelin who offered to give me a lift. In his car were Father Jose Silva, the founder of Boystown in Orense, another young priest, and a boy that had a heart disease. Upon their arrival at 11:45 p.m., they encountered Maria Dolores in ecstasy, in her family's establishment. As the vision continued past midnight into March 19 [feast of Saint Joseph], she went to the counter of the cafe and opening a drawer, took out a pencil and a holy card. She then held the holy card against the wall and wrote on it what was being told to her by the vision: "The Virgin congratulates Father Jose." The Father mentioned to me that he had not told anyone his name and that for him this was a marvelous proof. It jolted him and he was somewhat pale. Later we went to Conchita's house. The priest told her about a Holy Hour, and she asked, 'What is that?" Father Silva explained to her what it was, but we did not have the keys to the church or the tabernacle so that Holy Communion could be distributed, and Don Valentin, the parish priest, was asleep in Primitiva's house.

Mr. Matutano from Reinosa, another civil guard, and I went to the priest and asked for the key to the church but he wouldn't let us have it, even though Father Silva was going to preside at the Holy Hour. When Matutano and I returned to Conchita's house, Maximina suggested we try the church door to see if it might be open. About twenty of us, including Conchita and Maria Dolores—I remember that the Marquis and Marquise of Santa Maria were present—went and we found the church door open, but we didn't have the key to the sacristy to open it and get the key for the tabernacle. But Father Silva found that while the sacristy was locked, the tabernacle was open. So the Holy Hour was prayed by all present with almost everybody taking Holy Communion. It was wonderful, the Santa Marias, Matutano and others (whose names I no longer remember) can testify that this is what happened. Father Silva preached to us, saying that Garabandal was totally true.


Photo: I saw Conchita suspended horizontally in the air

One of the most impressive ecstasies occurred in Conchita's kitchen witnessed also by my good friend Dr. Ortiz (who saw many ecstasies), a priest named Don Jose Ramon Vazquez, a seminarian from Reinosa and several others. Jacinta was present but not in ecstasy.

Conchita went into ecstasy and reaching up to offer some medals to the Virgin, said, "I can't reach." We deduced that the Virgin wanted to kiss them, so we tried with all our might to lift Conchita, but it was useless; we couldn't even get her feet off the floor. It seemed as though she weighed thousands of pounds. Conchita said to Jacinta, "You jump up because I can't reach." Then Jacinta, naturally much weaker than a man, without help from anyone, was able to lift her. I was very perplexed by this, but the best was yet to come, something even more surprising that I will never forget.

I was standing near the kitchen door. To my right was Dr. Ortiz, the priest from Llanes (Asturias) and somebody else. Conchita in ecstasy had fallen flat on her back. Suddenly I saw her body hovering in the air. I tried to confirm this by passing my hand between her and the floor but I wasn't able because it only lasted a few seconds. I'll never forget it.

My glasses and the sign of the cross

I was in Conchita's house with others when she went into ecstasy. She started to make the sign of the cross over me, saying "by the sign..." but then stopped and touching my glasses, asked me for them. At first I refused but she kept her hand out waiting for me to give them to her. Urged by those present, I relented but still afraid they might get broken. She took them in her hand, folded them and returned them to me. Then she made the sign of the cross over me in a way that I myself had never done. Again she asked me for my glasses and put them on me as I had never done. As long as I live, each time I bless myself, I will remember it. The Virgin told her to take my glasses off so she could make the sign of the cross on me properly.

Another curious event

One afternoon a friend of mine, a painter, came back to Garabandal with a married couple. He already had been to Garabandal and witnessed a previous apparition, and had been given a medal kissed by the Virgin. But now he returned wondering if the medal had really been kissed. I remember very well what happened that day. We were in Ceferino's cafe. The painter gave two of his own medals and a third one to Mari Loli. One was an ordinary medal of the Virgin, and the other was oval shaped with the word "Alicia" on one side and a cross imprinted on the reverse. Mari Loli was somewhat surprised, and not particularly interested in presenting it to the Virgin as she could not see Her image on it. Finally she agreed to offer it to Our Lady to kiss.


Photo: Mari Loli in ecstasy returns a ring to the rightful owner

When she went into ecstasy and offered the painter's medal, Mari Loli said, "Just look how ugly you look here, when you are so beautiful." When she offered my friend's medal to the Virgin we heard Mari Loli ask, "This one has been kissed already?" My friend became very pale and disconcerted at this wonderful proof for all of us. His wife, who had wanted to take a nap instead of coming to see the ecstasy, was grateful that she saw with her own eyes how the Virgin identified the already kissed medal.

What happened with Damians and a cross

Mr. Damians had given a chain with a medal and tiny gold cross to Conchita so she could have it kissed by the Virgin when she had her next ecstasy. She went into ecstasy and we all followed her to the church. In the doorway she offered Mr. Damians' articles to the Virgin to kiss and afterwards placed the chain around his neck. She returned home still in ecstasy. When Mr. Damians noticed that only the medal was on the chain and not the tiny gold cross, he told this to Conchita as soon as she came out of ecstasy. "Yes, you're right," she answered. "The Virgin just told me that it fell by the church door." We all went back to the church and I don't know how, but Conchita went straight to the place where the little crucifix was. We all witnessed this. [Editorial Note: Mr. Damians also took the famous picture of the Miracle of the Visible Host in Garabandal]

Return this kissed ring...

In another ecstasy Conchita had five gold wedding rings ( see also story: Wedding Rings) on the kitchen table. One was Dr. Ortiz's, another his wife's, and I don't remember to whom the others belonged. She picked them up, offered them to the Virgin to kiss and put them back on the table. She came toward me and I thought she was going to offer me the crucifix to kiss as she and the other seers always did when I was in Garabandal. Instead, she offered me one of the rings, telling me, "Take it, so you can take it to Barcelona." The ring belonged to a sister of Paquita Olivella from Barcelona, who told me that one day she saw it gleaming.

The priest who had replaced Don Valentin was present at that ecstasy and Conchita was heard telling the Virgin, "A new priest has arrived to relieve Father Valentin." She then preceded to remove the priest's glasses so she could make the sign of the cross over him. From his first day in Garabandal, this priest received plenty of proofs. According to what I was told, when Don Valentin came back to the village and his replacement returned to his destination, the Bishop said to him, "I sent you to prove that the apparitions were false, and you come back more convinced of their truth than the girls themselves."

On the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Conchita's name day, all the seers congratulated the Virgin. Later while still in ecstasy they played hide and seek. I remember an occasion when Jacinta came out wearing a pinafore and it was understood that the Virgin told her that it was too short. I was watching her during her vision as she pulled it down and Our Lady showed her more or less what length she wanted it. She had to go change. Today what scandal with those miniskirts.

What I saw one Sunday


Photo: Mari Loli and Jacinta, with visitors to the village were once afraid of the Civil Guard

I was near Conchita's house. Her mother told her, "Daughter, why are you wearing your new coat? If you have an apparition in this bad weather you're going to get it all dirty." Conchita was walking to the church and as she arrived in front of the house of a deaf lady near Loli's house, she went in ecstasy and fell to the ground, but holding up the crucifix she held in her hand.

She was smiling as she got back on her feet, and with her gaze still fixed on her vision, she turned and walked toward her home as I and others followed. First she went to the washroom and found the wash bowl empty. She then went to the kitchen and under the table was an empty water jug; I followed her every step. She went down two steps and over to the outdoor fountain, filled the jug, returned to the house and filled the wash bowl. She then washed herself and her crucifix, which had gotten stained, and changed her coat to an older one as her mother had ordered her to do. Still in ecstasy, she went back to the church and prayed. When she came out of ecstasy she was surprised to see herself wearing a different coat—and smiled.

A cold

Jacinta had been sick in bed for several days with a cold and fever. Her parents had told her that as long as she had a fever not to get out of bed. Of course, she was obedient, but she wasn't seeing the Virgin. When I found out she was sick I went to visit. While I was talking to her parents she ran to the door and the moment she left the house she fell into ecstasy, smiling with an angelic expression [Since the Virgin never went against the parents' orders, it can only be assumed that Jacinta was suddenly well again.—editor].

Also, Mari Loli got that same cold (flu?) and I went to see her. She told me that she used to be afraid of the Civil Guard. I asked her why, and she told me that she and Jacinta had stolen a hammer, sold it for one peseta and bought a chocolate bar that they ate. Every time they saw a Civil Guard they thought he was coming to arrest them. On another occasion they went into somebody's garden and took some turnips. They tried to hide behind a cart but were caught by the owner of the garden who told them, "Don't hide. I know who you are, and when the Civil Guard gets here they'll take you away." Now they weren't afraid anymore because the guards escorted and protected them. I asked if they had confessed their sins, and they said, yes and that it had been a long time ago.

One day, Mari Loli went up to the second floor of her house, where she had had many apparitions. Her father had ordered that whenever she went back downstairs she was to unscrew the light bulb as there was no switch. She went into ecstasy, grabbed the light bulb, and wouldn't let go. Her mother was beside herself and we all thought she was going to burn her hand as we tried unsuccessfully to pry the bulb loose. We were afraid that by using too much force we could break the light bulb and cause even more harm. We called Mari Cruz who was not in ecstasy and she easily removed the bulb from Loli's hand, and they went down to the first floor.

One day I saw how Jacinta, near the fountain that the Latin American had given to the town as a present, was insisting that the Virgin let her hold the Child Jesus. Apparently the Virgin said, "No, because you could drop Him." Jacinta kept it up, "No! No! I won't let him fall!" Finally the Virgin agreed to let her hold the Baby Jesus and Jacinta, with both palms of her hands facing up, carried the Child Jesus through the streets of Garabandal. The palms of her hands were very close together, as though the Child were very small. She walked very carefully so as to not let Him fall and as the ecstasy was ending, said, "Here, take Him. See how I didn't drop Him?" as she moved her hands upward to give the Child Jesus back to His mother.

One afternoon Jacinta and Mari Loli approached me and told me that the priest from Llanes (Asturias), Don Ramon [Fr. Jose Ramon Garcia de la Riva], had given Mari Loli a camera and told her that when she went into ecstasy, to take a picture of the Virgin. Jacinta and Mari Loli told me that the Virgin showed them how to take the pictures and Maria Dolores snapped the shutter when she saw the Virgin in the viewfinder, and did it three times.

The priest from Llanes took the camera and had the pictures developed, but the Virgin did not appear in any of them. Six months later Mari Loli's father told her, "When you see the Virgin again, tell her to guide your hand so you can draw her and we know what she looks like." After the ecstasy Ceferino asked his daughter, "What did the Virgin tell you?" Loli replied, "She says she'll let me know later."

One day while in ecstasy Loli was heard to say to the Virgin, "You are in one of the three pictures that I took of you." Then she went to a shoe box where she kept religious cards and photos, and picked out three photos. She brought them to the Virgin and took one of them. After the ecstasy when asked about the photo that she separated from the others, she said the Virgin was in that photo, just the way she is and how she is dressed. In that photo apparently some see her, some don't. At three a.m., the daughter of the Latin American took the photo to her home and saw the Virgin in the photo.

Returning from inspecting a post at Tudanca, I came across Jacinta's mother in Cosio, on her way to Puentenansa, and she said to me, "Brigadier, did you know that the Virgin appeared in one of those photos that Loli took?" Without delay and without going to Puentenansa I went straight to Garabandal and asked Ceferino about the photo. He shows it to me and said, "Here it is." I turned the photo around, and with my own eyes I saw the silhouette of the Virgin. She had large eyes, like those of the statue of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, a small but perfect nose, small full lips, with her hair combed backward and very long. Ceferino keeps this photo. I have not heard about it anymore.

I have prayed the rosary with the seers and with the Virgin, as well as other people who were following Conchita. During one of the mysteries of the rosary, Conchita in ecstasy headed for the cemetery, going over a path filled with mud and water at times ten inches deep. We all were praying with great devotion and fervor, but that wasn't all. When we arrived at the cemetery, Conchita put her hand holding the crucifix through the iron gate, and it seemed she was giving it to be kissed by the souls within. When it seemed she had finished and had walked some 150 feet toward the village, she returned to the cemetery, reintroduced the crucifix and offered it perhaps to "someone" who had not initially kissed it or had arrived later.


Photo: The Brigadier in 1962 with the visionaries from left: Conchita, Mari Cruz, Loli and Jacinta

About the Surprise for Etaquio

The story is as follows: The Indiano's elderly mother lived in Garabandal and he came to visit her from Mexico leaving his wife behind to manage his business. As soon as his daughter finished her school year, she and her mother came to join him. Having learned what was happening in Garabandal, Etaquio's wife brought with her a medal that Etaquio had left in Mexico.


Once in Garabandal, without telling him anything, she gave four chains, each with an attached medal, to Loli and told her, "After you give these medals to the Virgin to kiss, put them on each of their respective owners."

Loli fell into ecstasy in her room and I went upstairs to witness the scene. After offering the medals to the Virgin to kiss, she took one and placed it around Etaquio's wife's neck who upon seeing it was so overwhelmed that she began to cry. Then Loli took another medal and placed it on their daughter. A third medal belonging to their son, who was not present, was given by Loli to the wife for him. Holding onto the last one, she went downstairs to the bar-cafe below and walked through a crowd of people until she found the Indiano who was having a few drinks. When she was about to place the medal around his neck, he backed off and said, "This girl is mistaken. I didn't give her any medals." But then, he looked at the medal and said, "Dear God, this is the medal I left in Mexico." His wife had wanted to carry out this test witnessed by all of us. It was just one of so many wonderful events that occurred in Garabandal.

Mari Loli climbed and descended those steep stairs many times gracefully and with dignity, never looking where she was putting her feet and with her head tilted back, looking at her vision. One day in ecstasy she went through the village giving her crucifix to kiss to the sick and crippled, and saw me as I was coming out the door. Again she came to me, took my glasses off, and made the sign of the cross over me with the crucifix in a beautiful manner.

Another day I was told that the evening before the wedding of a cousin of hers to a townsman from the village now residing in Cadiz, Mari Loli in ecstasy touched the cross to all the wedding clothes of the couple.

Another Indiano, cousin of a man named Joseito from Cosio, had given several medals to Mari Loli for the Virgin to kiss. I remember that among those medals Loli, in ecstasy, picked up one and said, "This medal has been kissed by Pope Pius X)" (or XI; I don't remember exactly which). In any case the Indiano confirmed what Loli said.

One afternoon a Belgian priest arrived in Garabandal and told us he had made mistakes in talking about some apparitions as true and he had asked the Virgin to help him understand and know the truth, and that was why he'd come to Garabandal. If he could be convinced of the veracity of the Garabandal apparitions he would come back and many would come with him. Conchita, in ecstasy, went to the Belgian, unbuttoned the neck of his shirt, pulled out a medal, and gave it to the Virgin to kiss. The Belgian then disappeared. Three days later he was back.


I also witnessed how Conchita received a letter from Padre Pio from Rome [should be San Giovanni Rotondo]. She asked Our Lady if that letter was really from Padre Pio and Our Lady said, "Yes, it is from Padre Pio."

Another day she received a Letter from Valladolid, apparently from Father Andreu. She was not supposed to open the letter, but send it back unopened with the answer from the Virgin. I sent the envelope back to Father Andreu, unopened, in another envelope with the answer from the Virgin. I still have the receipt dated March 28, 1962, posted from Santander, number 130 or 140 sent to Valladolid. I assume Father Andreu has the answer.

One day my friend Brigadier Crecencio of the Santander Civil Guard and nephew of Don Valentin (the priest at Garabandal) gave me a medal to give to one of the girls to have kissed by the Virgin. I don't remember for sure, but I think I gave it to Loli. When this was done I returned the medal to him in Santander. After some time another nephew of Don Valentin was hospitalized at the Casa de Salud de Valdecilla with an inflamed abdomen. They said only a miracle could save him. They applied the above mentioned medal kissed by the Virgin, and he began to urinate something like a "poison" and was miraculously healed.

Other interesting facts

I mentioned that the doctors sent by the Bishop's commission in July, 1961, were only in the village three days. The first day, as reported to me by Mr. Roche de la Nansa, was when the girls were [supposedly] not going to the cuadro to meet the Virgin because Dr. Morales was going to stop them in the street and hypnotize them. This turned out to be a great failure for Dr. Morales.

The second day they were there was October 18, 1961, when the first message was delivered. The girls were escorted by the Civil Guard to protect them from the crowd. Dr. Morales' behavior was less than edifying.

The third time was when they tried to sneak the girls out of town at night when everyone was asleep, without permission from their parents or the town.

I keep in my possession some handwritten verses by Conchita. They were sung by the four girls and the whole town March 25, 1962, feast of the Annunciation and the Incarnation of the Son of God.

Today day of the Virgin
Day of the Incarnation
We congratulate you
With all our hearts.
Little Virgin, Little Virgin
How you please us
With your sweet laugh
And your eyes so intense.
Men, women and children
Now you know our message
The Virgin wants it fulfilled
For the good of all mankind.
Here come your little daughters
Accompanying you
So you make them a place
To be near you.
Christians, follow the Virgin
With humility and fervor
So she makes a place for us all
In the celestial mansion.

I must also testify that during the filming of the girls in ecstasy, powerful beams of light were aimed at their eyes causing them no harm. I have seen them pinched, and they only knew it because the Virgin told them so. I have seen people asking them silly questions, making fun of them in very poor taste. I heard Mari Cruz complain to the Virgin about a priest who was irritating to the nth degree.

Two priests from Bilbao were making fun of Conchita while she was in ecstasy and offering the crucifix to the pilgrims to kiss. She did not offer it to them, and repentant, they went to Jacinta and asked her to pray a rosary with them in reparation for their behavior. After the rosary, Mari Cruz in ecstasy came and offered them the crucifix and they felt at peace, and thanked the girls.

I don't believe the devil can take from me the peace I enjoy today and that I was lacking before. My life is much more tranquil because the two messages revealed by the Virgin for the world are continually with me, as they should be for everybody.

After all that I have written and described, I want to tell all Christians of good faith that the most important of all of this is to obey the message of June 18, 1965.

Satan has been unleashed, but we are in the age of Mary and her Immaculate Heart will triumph, and us with her, if we are in that heart.

Barcelona, March 7,1969
Juan Alvarez Seco

Reprinted with kind permission from Garabandal Journal January-February 2007
Translated from Spanish by Dr. Edward Serano

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