Travelling To Garabandal

Map of Village

1. Calleja, where St. Michael first appeared on June 18, 1961. 2. Site of the apple tree. 3. Meson Serafin, the inn run by Conchita's brother, Serafin, and his wife, Paquita. 4. Conchita's house. 5. Site of the Miracle of the Visible Host, July 18, 1962. 6. Mari Loli's house during the time of the events. 7. Jacinta's house during the time of the events. 8. Plaza. 9. Mari Cruz's house during the time of the events. 10. Church of San... [ read more ]

The Village Church (Photos)

The village church of Garabandal 35 years ago. The sanctary has a new altar and new stone floor. The view from the balcony at the rear of the church. View of the Pines seen from the belfry of the village church in Garabandal. The new floor is made of wood at the center and inlaid stone at the sides. The wood is a special hardwood imported from Africa. In the latter part of 1988, Joey Lomangino, received a request... [ read more ]

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