Healed From Arthritis


In 1996, for Holy Week and Easter, I joined the Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on a pilgrimage to Garabandal, Spain, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to four young girls between 1961-1965. The group was led by Joey Lomangino of New York. I also met several people in the group who, like me, were of Ukrainian descent. Among these were Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk.

At that time, I was having a great deal of trouble with my knees, although I tried to hide this from my family and friends. Whenever I happened to kneel, whether for prayer at home or in church during Mass, I could not get back up on my feet. The doctors that I consulted told me that I had arthritis in my knees but there was little they could do because I was also allergic to all pain medication. So it was with this pain that I went on the pilgrimage.

While on the airplane on the way to Garabandal, I happened to have a conversation with the Rozeluks. When I complained about my knees, Dr. Rozeluk took out his medal, that carries the kiss of Our Lady in Garabandal, placed it on my knees and quietly said a prayer to Our Lady. From that moment on my knees have been perfectly fine.

It is now December, 2001. To this very day I have absolutely no pain in my knees. I attend Holy Mass every day, I pray on my knees every day -- and my knees do not hurt!

Mother Mary's kiss healed my arthritis as She had promised in Garabandal and I thank Her every day for this grace from Her Son Jesus.

Written by Anisia Zarowsky
December 29, 2001
Toronto, Canada

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