An Encounter with Father Marichalar


Fr. Valentin Marichalar was the pastor of Garabandal during the time of the apparitions

This gentlemandeserves special mention as he was the pastor of San Sebastian of Garabandalduring the apparitions.

He told of his misgivings concerningthe events that had ended the pastoral peace and routine of Garabandal.So much was happening that he didn't know about and he needed to know thetruth.

Without telling anyone, he mentallyasked the Virgin: "If it's true that you are appearing here, then let thegirls come tonight and wake me up" (most of the ecstasies occurred at night).

He went to bed at the usual hour,but instead of going to the house or room where he usually stayed, he wentto a barn and lay down on the hay without telling anyone about it.

About two or three o'clock in themorning, when the girls [in ecstasy] began knocking on the barn door, hewas filled with joy, but didn't open right away, waiting to see if thismight have been just a mistake. As the knocking continued, he finally openedthe door.

He was always happy in tellingthis story, but not everything for him was joyous as he suffered much.On March 29, 1987 at age 78, he entered into eternal rest.

(signed) Jesus Miguel Hormaechea and Pedro Balda Unanua

Pastor receives special grace (Taken from the magazine GARABANDAL-NUEVAPENTECOSTES, September-October 1987) Reprinted with permission from Garabandal Journal, March-April 2004

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