The Virgin's Kiss

Conchita stated the following to the author (reprinted pp. 49 - 51):


One day we had brought many objects to the Virgin to kiss while we were in ecstasy as was Her practice. Among these objects was a very elegant powder case. I don't recall exactly but I remember that the people, prior to our going into ecstasy, would bring things which would be put on the kitchen table. Someone wanted to remove the powder case because he or she just felt it was an object that should not be given to the Virgin to kiss. However, the very first object that Our Lady asked for, saying, "That belongs to my Son," was this very compact. It wasn't until later that we learned why.

In 1938, during the terrible Spanish Civil War, priests were being executed in the Red Zone, and had to be hidden. The powder case had been used to take communion Hosts to various locations and to prisoners who the Reds were holding captive before executing them. So in reality this powder compact acted as a pyx (the little circular container in which the Eucharist is carried to the sick.).

The Virgin told me that Jesus will perform prodigies by means of the objects kissed by Her before and after the miracle. And the person who uses these objects with faith will undergo his or her purgatory in life.

You ask what exactly She meant by that: miracles to be performed by these objects. I never interpret what the Blessed Virgin means. I simply state what the Virgin has said since very early, as early as the second apparition when She said, "Remain with God and me." People have been injecting different meanings into this. I've heard many, many different explanations. Once again, I just never interpret what the Virign means. I simply state what She said. Perhaps Her very words mean different things to different people. I am really not sure.

I know that a lady took one of those kissed objects, and a piece of the pine from the place where the Virgin appeared, to a little girl who was in a coma and was expected to die. She had already been given the last sacraments. The little girl was completely cured between the night and the following morning. She is already married and has children and is completely normal.

And there were many cases of conversion, two that I recall right now. One was a chauffeur who ran an errand of some sort to the village for the people who employed him. During one of the ecstasies a medal was placed around his neck and he admitted that he was living ... a life of sin and then after that occurrence he came back to the Church. Then there was the case of a lady dancer who was converted here at Garabandal from a life that she wasn't leading so well.

Reprinted with permission from Miracle at Garabandal, by Harry Daley

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