She Went In Haste to the Mountain

The monumental classic trilogy known as the "Bible of Garabandal".

Impenetrable Mystery Brought To Light.

At last the awesome history of the apparitions at Garabandal is available to readers in all its spellbinding detail.

Remarkable Phenomena

High up on a Spanish mountain, strange and mysterious activities began in the summer of 1961. Four girls between 11 and 12 years of age were caught up in rapture and told of seeing St. Michael the Archangel and the Virgin Mary. Over 2,000 times the girls were swept up into ecstatic states in which they became insensitive to fire and pin-prick. Their bodies became too heavy to be lifted, their limbs rigid as statues, their eyes staring unblinking in blinding light.


Hundreds of thousands of people came to observe the girls in their strange state. These books are a compilation of writings from the many priests who interrogated the girls, reports from the doctors who examined them, accounts from eye-witnesses who saw them, and articles from the newspaper reporters who wrote about them. The author, Fr. Pesquera, skillfully weaves the testimonies into a gripping story that makes the books hard to put down. Over 600 interesting footnotes document the facts with fascinating sidelights.


Reports the events without embellishment. A publication of historical facts and eye-witness accounts: not legend or opinion.


The most colossal work ever printed concerning an apparition of the Blessed Virgin. Three volumes with printable 11 by 8 l/2 inch pages narrate the true epic story.


Revealed are a startling prophecy about John Paul II and grim predictions of immense catastrophic events destined for the near future.


Describes some of the most spectacular manifestations ever seen in religious events: the young priest who sees the Miracle and dies hours later, leaving his body incorrupt; strange fire that cannot be extinguished; remarkable reading of minds; levitation defying laws of gravity; stellar phenomena; miraculous ecstatic walks and fearful falls. An extensive account of myriads of unexplainable happenings.

Well Illustrated

The only book with official Spanish government news film of the ecstasies. 500 photographs taken by the spectators, many full page and color, give dynamic illustrations of the girls in their amazing raptures.


Following 4 years of ecstasies, the local bishop stated that he "had not found any reason for ecclesiastical censure." These events are under Church investigation and as yet no final official judgment has been made on their origin.

Apocalyptic Apparitions

Garabandal is Mary's first apparition under the title of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel, shrouded in unfathomable secrets concerning the Mother of God, has apocalyptic significance as the mountain of the prophet Elias who is to return at the end of the world. Recounted in these books are astonishing and terrifying visions that the girls saw of hidden eschatological matters related to the Book of Revelation. And from the Vision come enigmatic and cryptic allusions to the 'end of the times'. Intriguing elements like these, together with Mary's appearance under the Mount Carmel title, give these apparitions vast importance.

These books concisely present the history of the most unusual preternatural spectacle of recent times. Seen by hundreds of thousands of people, with hundreds of testimonies, and thousands of ecstasies, it still remains largely an unexplained secret, a mysterious marvel unlike anything that has happened before or will happen again. This is the astounding true story of Our Lady's coming in haste to the mountain.

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