An Interview with Conchita (Part 2)

Harry Daley first heard about Garabandal about 1970 and he saw a film about it. He first met Conchita in June 1972 and she agreed to do a documentary about the events for him. The documentary film they made in May 1973 was shown on television and in theatres around the world. It prompted the BBC to also complete a documentary about the Garabandal events.

Here are the questions and answers from the documentary that Harry made with a few later added comments as recorded in Harry's book, Miracle at Garabandal.


Question This is fascinating. On the day of the miracle the sick will be cured; Joe Lomangino will recover his sight; the boy from your town will be cured of his paralysis; there will be a permanent sign that everyone will be able to see, photograph and televise, but no one will be able to feel with their hands; Father Luis will be taken out of his grave incorrupt. Then all we have left is to know the date?
Conchita Yes.

Q When is the date?
Conchita Eight days before I will tell you.

Q Is it getting near?
Conchita Yes, we have less time to wait than we had two years ago.

Q There is something else that interests me. And that is the warning that will occur before the miracle. Sometimes when you mention the warning you say that it was like a starburst?
Conchita That was an example.

Q What will occur on the day of the warning?
Conchita The most important thing about that day is that everyone in the whole world will see a sign, a grace, or a punishment within themselves - in other words, a warning. They will find themselves all alone in the world, no matter where they are at that time. Alone with their consciences right before God. They will then see all their sins and what their sins have caused. (Added comment): Remember that aviso really means something different from warning. It is more like preparation or notice.

Q Let me see if I understand this correctly. One of these days I am going to feel the warning. No matter where I am, I am going to feel it?
Conchita Anywhere you are.

Q If I am in the house or in the street or if I am in Russia or in Puerto Rico, or Santo Domingo, or Cuba, no matter where I am, I will feel this warning?
Conchita You will feel it.

Q Who will feel this warning? Catholics, Protestants, Communists, Jews?
Conchita Everyone who lives in the world.

Q Will we all feel it at the same time?
Conchita Yes, at the same time.

Q So everyone will feel it on the same day and at the same hour. How long will it last?
Conchita I don't know how long it will last. However, everyone is going to feel it differently.

Q Will it last a half hour? Will it last an hour?
Conchita I really don't know. I think that five minutes would be an adequate time.

Q How will we feel?
Conchita We will all feel differently because it will depend on our consciences. The warning will be very personal. Therefore, we will all react differently to it. Because we will feel something, but the most important thing will be to recognize our own sins, and the bad consequences of them, so you will have a different view of the warning, because your sins are different from mine.

Q This is amazing. One day I will be alone in the world with nothing around me except God and my sins?
Conchita Yes.

Q Will something happen to me because of my sins? I mean, will physical harm come upon me as a result of my sins?
Conchita No, unless it is something that results from the shock, as, for example, a heart attack.

Q Nothing like fire or pain?
Conchita No.

Q No physical harm then. So it will consist of facing God alone with my sins. How about the good things? Will I see them also?
Conchita No. This will be only a warning to see what you have done with your sins. It will be like a purification before the miracle to see if with this warning and the miracle we will be converted.

Q This will happen before the miracle?
Conchita Yes, before the miracle.

Q So this can occur any day now?
Conchita Yes, but I don't know the date when it will occur.

Q But it will occur before the miracle. Here we have a picture of Pope Paul VI with Father Andreu. Who is with this priest?
Conchita This is Jacinta.


Photo: Conchita with one of her young ewes during the time of the apparitions in 1961-1962.

Q So this is Jacinta with the priest. I would like to ask you something about the investigation made by the priests and bishops. I understand several commissions investigated the apparitions of Garabandal?
Conchita Yes, there were several commissions and we had all kinds of tests including psychiatric tests done on us. I was even taken to the city of Santander to see if I was hypnotized or insane. They took all kinds of tests.

Q Do you remember something about those tests or about the interrogations with the priests and bishops? Do you remember something that they said to you or did to you?
Conchita Something that they said to me or something that they did to me?

Q Either.
Conchita During the apparitions they used to pinch us, put matches close to our eyes to see if we would blink. Also, they would wave paper before our eyes and hold matches against our legs to see if we would jump. But we never felt anything. When the apparition was over, we would see marks of fingernails on our bodies from the pinching. But they really never mistreated us.

Q I remember you had very long braids. What happened to them?
Conchita When I went to the city of Santander the commission told me that the braids caused the other children to be hypnotized. So they cut them off.

Q I understand that there have been several bishops in Santander since the apparitions. How many have there been?
Conchita About five.

Q Did you ever talk to the bishops? If so, what did they say?
Conchita They did not believe in the apparitions.

Q Do you remember any conversations with them?
Conchita I remember the first bishop told me to stay in Santander and never to return to my town. He said he would pay for my schooling and that way I wouldn't hear anything more about the apparitions. He felt that if I stayed in Santander nobody would see the Virgin. But I didn't stay. (Added comment): The present bishop, however, is more open-minded.

Q Did anybody ever mistreat you?
Conchita No, no one.

Q Here is a picture of you, Conchita, when you were just a child, twelve years old. They are pinching you. So when they pinched you in these tests that you went through, you never felt anything until later?
Conchita No, never.

Q Did you ever have any doubts about the apparitions?
Conchita Yes, in 1967, some time after the apparitions had taken place, I did have doubts.

Q What happened then?
Conchita All of a sudden on August 15 something happened that I will never forget. There were a lot of people around me and I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I was not honest. I felt I was deceiving all those people and that I ought to confess it. So I went to a priest and told him I hadn't seen the Virgin and that I wanted to tell the bishops it was like an illusion or a dream or like living a lie. After confessing to the priest, I left for the town of Pamplona because I was studying there. The bishop came and asked me to tell him everything. I told him I had never seen the Virgin and that I had been deceiving everybody all the time. And that I wanted to confess to him and tell him everything so he could tell it to everybody else. These doubts and denials of the Virgin's apparitions lasted five or six days. Since then, up to this time, I have a confusion and doubt within me. I am waiting for the miracle to confirm whether this is true or not.

Q So you are waiting for the miracle?
Conchita Yes, to see if I have seen the Virgin or not. But I am sure she told me the date of the miracle as well as what the miracle would be.

Q Do I understand you right that, besides the miracle and the warning, there will also be a punishment?
Conchita The Virgin said that, if we didn't convert with the warning and the miracle, then there will be a punishment. This however is not absolute.

Q So the punishment will occur or not occur depending on our conversion?
Conchita Yes.

Q Both the warning and the miracle are just aids to help us fulfill the message? The message is the main thing in the apparitions. Now you have told us the message she gave on October 18, 1961. However, there is a more complete message given on a later date. This message was given on June 18,1965.
Conchita That's right.

Q Do you remember that message? Could you tell us about it?
Conchita Yes, certainly. The angel said, "Because the message of October 18, 1961, hasn't been fulfilled and the world doesn't know about it, I tell you this is the last one. I said before the cup was filling up. Now it is overflowing. Many priests, bishops and cardinals are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Each day we give the Eucharist less and less importance. We should use all our efforts to avoid God's wrath. If you sincerely ask for pardon, He will forgive you. Your Mother, through the mediation of St. Michael, the angel, asks you to correct your ways. You are now receiving the last warnings. Think of the passion of Jesus."

Q This is the message that you wrote by hand when you were a girl. How old were you then?
Conchita That was in 1965.1 was about fifteen years old.


Photo: Conchita with visitors to Garabandal.

Q Fifteen years old. In this last message the Virgin insists once more on the importance of the Eucharist. The apparitions of Garabandal focus great attention on the Eucharist?
Conchita Yes, she used to insist that we should visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently.

Q She said that each day we give less and less importance to the Eucharist?
Conchita Yes, you are right.

Q This was said in 1965?
Conchita Yes, in 1965.

Q She also talks about the priests and the bishops going on the road to destruction:
Conchita I think that each day she would mention the priests and that we should pray for them. We never understood why. For us, priests were like saints, because we never had many priests coming to our village. It was considered a great privilege whenever one came.

Q She also talked to you about the bishops?
Conchita Yes, she talked about priests, bishops and cardinals.

Q What did you think about the bishops and cardinals being on the road to perdition since you were girls from such a small village?
Conchita We thought it was very strange, but we would repeat it as she said it.

Q The message was then the important thing. It was the reason why the Virgin came to Garabandal?
Conchita Yes, it was the reason why she came to Garabandal.

Q After all these apparitions, you must be trying to live the message wherever you are. What have you done or what have you tried to do to try to live the message?
Conchita What would give the Virgin great happiness is a very difficult thing for me. That is to live each moment of the day doing everything for God.

Q To live each day thinking of God and offering everything that He sends us. Conchita, do you think that you and I are living the message?
Conchita I think I am, but you have to answer for yourself.

Q You are working as a nurse. Do you fulfill the message there?
Conchita I try to.

Q How do you try?
Conchita During my work to the best of my abilities. I treat the patients the way I should.

Q How about a housewife with three or four children who is busy all day? Do you think she can fulfill the message?
Conchita Surely, accordingly to the perfection in which she can accomplish her duties, offering God all her actions.

Q Offering God all the little things she deos during the day? So it is not what you do, but how you do it?
Conchita How you do it, that is true.

Q A person working in an office can also fulfill the message?
Conchita You can fulfill the message anywhere. You can always be good and praise God...

Reprinted with kind permission from Garabandal International Magazine, July-September 2005, by Harry Daley

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