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Much already has been said concerning the Messages of Garabandal many times before, and regarding their content there is nothing else to say. They happened close to 40 years ago and now we wait. BUT - without repeating these Messages and reminding all of the wonderful and constant promises made and kept by Our Blessed Mother Mary, we tend to forget and become lax. We say, as many say about the miraculous healings in the Bible,- "Oh, that happened thousands of years ago by Jesus and there is nothing new." BUT ... the message of Garabandal and Her Promise is as alive and real today as it was then. And Jesus heals in the same and loving way today as He did then. The problem starts and finishes with us. Why?

As many of you have read and heard of my healing in Garabandal in 1994, I do not want to retell the story at this time, but since 1994 our (my family's) life has changed dramatically and unimaginably. All we, my wife and I, did was to thank God and Our Lady at every opportunity that we could for this great and wonderful gift. Unexpectedly, more graces, more surprises, were in store for us and for many others. Little did we realize that through this medal kissed by Our Lady those graces would come again and again and again to others through our prayers. But you truly have to love not only the Lord but also Our Lady. We were asked to come and speak about Garabandal. We did - but doing what Our Lady said there in that little village was paramount first. We went regularly to confession, we went to church, to receive Holy Communion, we prayed for priests, we prayed on our way as we made our way to give talks, to visit the sick. We followed Her teachings in that little village. And guess what? Things happened. What kind of things? Surprises to us and to others. There were miraculous and instantaneous healings. Our local priests and bishops heard about these healings. The people heard. But with everything comes a price.


And what is the price? The sad and unfortunate thing to see is the many, many needs of the people whether they are elderly, young, sick (either physically, emotionally or otherwise). But too many of us do not truly believe or even want to know what the church truly offers us. We have forgotten, become set in our ways or simply do not care. We want it our way and that is it. Many times over the last several years as we have been asked to pray over people using the medal, words have come and we have asked or stated facts such as "When were you in confession last, or it has been years since you have been?" We have heard things like: "I go to confession directly to God," or "I don't need to go to a priest for confession," or "But I go to communion every Sunday [or whatever] all the time." Ask yourselves: Is this what Our Lady said in Garabandal? NO, it is not! We want things on our terms. We want them our way. We are blind. Sometimes people want to kiss or hold the medal or imply that it is like a "lucky rabbit's foot". It is not! And then God gives us the insight to reply to them in a forceful way. Yes, God heals in His own way and in His own time. But to be naive enough to demand it in our or your own way is too much.

"Ask and you shall receive" - Yes, Jesus said this and this certainly happens. But when you ask as per the teaching of the church and in full agreement of the church's teachings, following what Jesus taught us, then God's grace is most certain to fall upon us. You may ask how I know this. My wife, Helen, and I have been present at many wonderful graces that have happened. You may ask: "How come you have seen all of these things and I have not seen any?"

And what have we seen? We have seen the following, all of which have been witnessed by different priests and people in different churches, different locations and different circumstances. Since 1994 we have been among the many witnesses to such healings as: brain cancer cure (in the brain stem - incurable); deteriorated discs in back; rheumatoid arthritis; broken pelvic bones immediately healed with the person walking immediately afterwards; bent broken back (instantly the person straightened up and was without pain); conversions to the Catholic faith (e.g., former Hindu, former Muslim, former communists); healing of bone spurs in the feet where the person previously was unable to walk; chronic headaches gone; smoking gone; vomiting gone; dizziness gone; leukemia gone in a young boy; many chronic back problems healed; a micro preemie child lives; chronic skin condition gone; panic attacks gone; a deformed baby in the womb born one month later totally normal and with no deformity as medical doctors predicted; failed kidneys restart and work properly after a three-month shutdown; a blind person suddenly regaining eyesight (who still sees today); a person born with a club foot suddenly straightened; a woman called to become a nun ... We can go on and on. All of this happened after prayer and using the medal of Our Lady of Garabandal.

And do we still believe? I will briefly tell you the story of a man fairly recently healed. (This story will soon be published in its complete form on our Web site.) About one and a half years ago, during the weekly healing service, a big man came up to kiss my medal from Garabandal and asked for prayers. He was 53 years old and was walking with a cane and with great difficulty. As he stood before me, I placed the medal on his heart and said to him that he was in a lot of pain. Then unexpectedly, he was "slain in the spirit," as some call it, and down he went to the floor. The prayers continued for him with the medal while the whole congregation recited the rosary. I went on to other people who wanted to venerate the medal. Then while I was speaking to Father Andrew, we saw to our amazement this man, with his wife beside him, waving his cane up in the air, walking up and down the aisle. Some 25 to 35 people witnessed this. We went up to him to try to find out what happened. He and his wife told us that he had been in severe agonizing pain for the last nine years and was not able to work one day during that time. He was reluctant to come, but on the insistence of his wife and friends he did. He didn't think anything would happen here, so he did not believe. When he sat down after kissing the medal, he realized that the tremendous pain that he had suffered with for nine years was suddenly gone. Not only that, but he had had heart surgery 5 years before and during the surgery the nerves in his hands and legs were injured. As a result, he lost all strength and control in his hands. He could not even hold up an empty glass as it would slip out of his hands. In addition, walking was painful, almost impossible. He told all of us that all of this was suddenly gone. We were all tremendously happy for him. He went outside the church and shook everyone's hand and walked and walked and walked.

He came back to the church the next week also. The following week he told all of us including the pastor, that he had returned to work after nine years. The pain was gone and he would become a better Catholic. But sometimes, when we feel better, other thoughts start to creep into our minds and so it was with this man. We didn't see him for a long time. Others told us that, yes, he was still well and he was working hard. Months went by and then to our shock we found out that he had suddenly died. How? When? Why?

Evidently he had done a lot of thinking since his healing that evening, and had attributed his healing to his own power - he made himself well - was what we were told. Then again, God's time came into effect and he became, out of the blue, ill and went to the hospital. They discovered that he had cancer. But he said to them that they did need not worry: He had healed himself before and he would do it again. Within days he died. Oh the folly of man! Oh the ignorance of man! How many times does God have to show His love for His children and yet still we fail Him?

And why did he do this, you ask? How many people did Jesus heal and how many came back to thank Him? One leper out of ten came back to thank Jesus. So it is with these healings. About one person out of every 10 tells us and even fewer have enough courage to write up their stories so that others can read about them. Why are we so worried about what others think when it is God who really counts? One lady said to me that she can't tell or write her story as other people and her friends will think that she has gone crazy; another said that her priest told her that her healing, although genuine, was only for her and not for any one else; another told her story to many people and then her friends attacked her and made fun of her, saying she was never sick with lymphoma but so sick that she imagined it all. Wake up, my dear friends, brothers and sisters! He is the one who really counts. When will we all fully realize that God's laws are NOT negotiable? His laws are not to be changed so that they are more convenient and so that we can interpret them as we please. No, it is not like this and never will be! Do what Our Lady pleaded with us to do. Live the Messages of Garabandal and you will experience God's grace.


A priest friend of mine came up to me once and said: "Dr. Michael, I have known you for a long time, even before your accident. I know of the pain that you were in. I believe in everything that you have told me and the many wonderful miraculous healings that you have witnessed. But I have been a priest for 25 years now, and I have not seen any at all like yours. Why?" Without thinking, I looked him in the eye and took my index finger, pointed and touched his heart and said to him: "Father, you have to have it here." At first I was a little embarrassed by my action but then I realized that although he was essentially a good priest he still needed help there, in his heart. I realized I must pray for him also, just as Our Lady had said in Garabandal. I ask each and every one of you also: open up your hearts. Do you have it here in your heart as Our Lady wants or do you still think that you can do it by yourself? The message of Garabandal and Her promise of the kiss is alive here today also. Live the Message and promote it and God's grace will be with you also.

At least two thirds of the world still has not heard about Garabandal. Yes, much has been said, but how many have heard? And how many millions of people, until recently shut behind the communist curtain, are only now able to find out anything about their God, their Blessed and Holy Mother and Her messages in Garabandal? They still need to be reached.

More people need to know these stories and the Message of Garabandal. Promote it with all of your heart in every corner of the globe. She came for all of us - make the people believe. Pray for all these people so that they can see God's light through the heart of Mary, Our Mother.

by Dr. Michael Rozeluk, March 15, 2002

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