God's Presence in Garabandal

God reveals Himself to us by giving His name: "Yahweh"

Throughout the Old Testament we read how Almighty God revealed Himself to His people. He did this in various ways, that is by speaking from a burning bush, in the case of Moses (Ex. 3:2); speaking to the 12 Tribes of Israel from the top of Mt. Sinai in the form of cloud, smoke, fire and lightning (Ex. 10:16-189) and speaking through a bright cloud at the transfiguration of Peter, James and John (Matt: 1-6).


PHOTOS: The four girls saw beside the Blessed Virgin's right and at the same height as She, a large eye, which seemed to be the eye of God. RIGHT, the eye, symbolizing the Godhead, atop the reredos behind the main altar in the village church of Garabandal.

The phenomenon of the bright cloud was also witnessed in Garabandal by Conchita, Mari-Loli, Jacinta and Mari Cruz. The first time they saw the bright cloud was on 20 June 1961 two days after first seeing the Angel, when the four of them went to the calleja for the third time hoping to see the Angel again. Instead they found themselves enveloped in a bright cloud, which terrified them.

On their fourth visit to the calleja in anticipation of seeing the Angel on 21 June 1961 they were granted an extraordinary vision. They saw something like fire in the form of a triangle frame, inside of which was a large human eye with unknown letters underneath it. God at least reveals Himself to us by giving His name: "Yahweh."


When the Angel first appeared to the four girls on Sunday, 18 June 1961 he appeared as a boy of 9 years, wearing a blue tunic. He had a dark complexion, with dark eyes and hair. Conchita said that his "wings looked as if they were made of fire." She also observed that he was "very beautiful and was surrounded by a very bright light that did not hurt the eyes."

On 16 August 1961 another strange phenomenon occurred in Garabandal. Our Lady appeared to the four girls, smiling as usual, however She remained silent. Suddenly, the girls were enveloped in darkness and they could hear "a voice coming from afar, as if it were coming down from the mountains. It sounded like a hiss or a roar that cries: 'Come...Come...Come...'" The Blessed Virgin Mary soon reappeared and told the girls not to be afraid and to follow the voice. At the end of the ecstasy Our Lady kissed each of the girls one by one, for the first time, no doubt to reassure them of Her love and protection.

The girls heard this mysterious voice a second time on 17 August 1961. This time Conchita, Mari-Loli and Jacinta, while in ecstasy, were walking through the village streets when, suddenly, they were again enveloped in darkness and heard the mysterious voice. Their happy expressions changed suddenly to that of fear and were heard to call out: "Who are you? Tell us. Who are you?"

If the hissing and roaring voice coming down from the mountains proceeded from the Most High, why did it frighten the girls? Does it have a secret purpose, which only later will be revealed?

Nevertheless, in the history of Marian apparitions, Garabandal is the only place where Almighty God revealed Himself to His people.

(Based on Professor Jacques Serre's book Garabandal From Beauty to Truthfulness, pages 30-31 & 92, and She Went in Haste to the Mountains, pages 206-210.)

By Judith Beke
Reprinted from Garabandal International Magazine, April-June 2002

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