Garabandal and the Synagogue

After the Warning, the Miracle and the supernatural Pernament Sign, there will be a new beginning, a new era in the history of mankind.

(This talk was given in a barn situated between the village of Garabandal and the pine trees above it, on August 8, 1988, the feast of St. Dominic.)

In order to understand and assess correctly its portent, certain points of history must be kept in mind.

Historians consider that the first schism in the history of the People of God was that between the Church of the Gentiles and the Church of the Jews. The schism was caused by the refusal of the Synagogue to accept in its midst those Jews who recognised Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah of Israel. Their exclusion was not pronounced directly but through the introduction into the Eighteen Benedictions of a Malediction, which the Christians could not countenance and to which they could not give a solemn "Amen." This was done at the Synod of Jamnia on or about 75 AD.

For several centuries, this first schism, mother of all other schisms, was not fully effective. In the Roman basilica of Santa Sabina in the early 5th century, portentous figures of the Church of the Gentiles and of the synagogue stand side by side as true sisters.

But they were drifting apart and worse still, they had, in turn, persecuted each other. And it should be said here, that the persecution of the Synagogue and the Jews has been far longer and more cruel from the time of Constantine to that of the French Revolution, which modified profoundly the situation with the rapid development of secularism and the ungodly anti-Semitism.

By the late Francois Turner, O.P., Author of the Garabandal Book, "O Children Listen to Me"
Reprinted from Garabandal International MAGAZINE October - December 2002

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