The Warning: Our Upcoming Damascus

The Warning will be a divine house call reaching out to us in a plea that we recognize our sins, realize their effects and harm, feel remorse for those wrongs, and amend our lives.

It was high noon for the Christians in Damascus, a time of reckoning at the hands of one of their greatest enemies, Saul. As he neared the town, a sudden flash knocked him off his horse and a voice asked him, "Saul, Saul why do you persecute me?"

Thus began what many have called one of the greatest wonders the Lord's grace has ever worked on a person. So significant is this event that it is the only conversion given its own feast day of January 25th. We all know from Acts of The Apostles that Saul became temporarily blind, was cured by Ananias, and went on to become perhaps the greatest missionary the Church has known. How ironic that the man who sought so passionately to stamp out Christ became the one who worked so passionately to spread His message of love and service! In a flash this man had been shown how his words, thoughts, and actions had offended God and had obstructed the spread of Christ's example. In a sense, this greatest of missionaries began his ministry by seeing himself as God saw him, and not liking the image. According to the Blessed Mother at Garabandal, we are each on our way to Damascus, and it is nearly noon.

The Warning

We all know from the accounts of the Garabandal seers that The Warning will beboth a visible and interior experience for all of us in that we will see ourselves as God sees us and become aware of how we have sinned against a Most Loving and Generous God. It will be felt by all regardless of faith or belief and will clearly come from God. The Blessed Mother told Conchita that The Warning will be a purification whereby we will see the consequences of our sins,that it is a "correction of the conscience of the world".

This experience will be supernatural and not explained by science. This clearly miraculous origin will stamp The Warning as a divine admonition from God that we must amend our lives and turn from our sinful ways. We will feel remorse for those ways and want to become better people. Although a fearful external and internal experience, Our Blessed Mother made it clear to the seers that The Warning was a visible demonstration of God's generous mercy and compassion for His children. In short, The Warning will be a supernatural, loving wake-up call for all of us that can lead to our sanctification if we act upon its message of change and correction.

The Saul in Each of Us

If we think about it, there is a Saul in each of us. We often persecute Our Lord while pursuing our personal agendas. Sometimes our actions, thoughts, and words seem to stamp out Christ in our lives rather than spread His message of love and service to others.

Our Lord may rightly ask each of us "Why do you persecute Me?" Like Saul, we sometimes ride our horse forgetting to step down and follow Christ's steps. Like Saul, each of us becomes so distracted by worldly things that we forget the eternal Home that God has promised us. Like Saul, we are often so focused on our worldlyobjectives that we fail to look up and thank The Almighty for His love, mercy, blessings and generous patience. Yes, there is a Saul in each of us, and it is for that Saul that the upcoming Warning awaits.

The Paul in Each of Us

Aside from its corrective nature, The Warning is clearly a loving invitation to each of us. The Blessed Mother told the girls that this event will call upon each of us to fulfill our destiny as children of God. The Almighty has given each of us many gifts and talents which we have a duty to spread and offer to this world so in need of God.

Like the wise servant, we are asked to invest those talents and return a profit to our Master, not hide them out of fear and mistrust. The Garabandal Message clearly tells each of us that there is a good person in each of us who can bring others to God. We are each missionaries for Christ just as Paul became a magnet, a net bringing a great harvest to salvation. However, we cannot fulfill that potential for good unless we recognize our weakness and its effects and feel remorse for that weakness. The Warning is God's house call opportunity for the greatest confession of our lives, the greatest purification and reconciliation with Our Loving Father. It is through that upcoming opportunity that we will then be able to fulfill our destiny and release the St. Paul in each of us.

Connecting the Dots

One of the devil's greatest tools in promoting sin is to disconnect us from our sin and its effects. Conchita once said that this world has lost the sense of sin. The evil one wants to disconnect this society from its awareness of evil and sin just as he lured Adam and Eve to blindly step into sin. Likewise, the devil loves to disconnect our actions, thoughts, and words from their consequences. To the extent that we clean up the ugliness of sin by rationalizations, justifications, apathy, or plain willful ignorance, we allow that sin to fester and grow both inside us and in society. The Warning will assertively connect those dots regardless of our discomfort with those connections. The Blessed Mother told the girls that we will see our sins not just as wrongs themselves but as causing bad consequences.

The kind word unspoken, the charitable act not made, the hospital visit ignored, and the chance to stand up for our faith missed will also be visible to us. In short, Theing will be a reminder that what we have done for the least of our brothers and sisters, we have done for Christ.

The Road and the Goal

Like Saul, we are each on a road to somewhere. As children of God that somewhere should be Heaven and salvation, not perdition and a loss of God. Depending on the state of our lives, our Damascus is either a place of greater sin or an opportunity to serve God, follow Christ, and lead others to salvation as well. To a greater or lesser extent, each of us has strayed from the road to Heaven and veered toward eternal danger.

The Warning will be God's loving road sign trying to steer us back toward that loving Father awaiting His prodigal children. Its magnitude and nature will be necessary to move us back to the right path. Its effect and result will depend on how each of us responds to that loving road sign.


The Warning is certainly a key aspectof The Garabandal Message that cannot be ignored. As described by our Blessed Mother, this supernatural event will be both an internal and external experience unlike any felt by mankind ever before. It will be a divine house call reaching out to us in a plea that we recognize our sins, realize their effects and harm, feel remorse for those wrongs, and amend our lives back toward following a path toward God and the salvation of souls. Its nature reminds us of another supernatural call by God to one of His greatest messengers, St. Paul. Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus changed his life and the path of Christianity.

He, too, experienced a miraculous call from his God to change his life. He, too, realized his sin and its effects. What he did with that call, that invitation, that house call by God into his life is legendary. What we do with the call that awaits each of us is up to us. Perhaps, like Paul, we will realize that sometimes the way to get closer to Heaven is to get down to earth! May the upcoming Warning release the Paul in each of us!

Reprinted with kind permission from Garabandal International Magazine January - March 2006 Issue, by Gabriel Garnica

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