Interview with Bishop del Val Gallo

"For sure I consider The (Garabandal) Messages important! Because they are important!...It is important for us Christians to LIVE what The Messages of The Blessed Mother are saying..." The following is a complete and exact translation from Spanish to English of the June 1992 question and answer interview, granted by His Excellency, Bishop del Val Gallo. It was a very great privilege indeed, Maria Saraco prepared the questions, Mari-Loli... [ read more ]

Garabandal Clarification

In November 1996 a letter from Bishop Jose Vilaplana Blasco of Santander, Spain, "postmarked October 11, 1996" appeared in a periodical called GOSPA MISSIONS. Since then, it has been widely circulated causing confusion because the English translation of the original Spanish is inaccurate in key areas. This letter has now appeared on the Internet and in The National Catholic Register and was reprinted in SOUL Magazine in its March-April 1997... [ read more ]

A Meeting With the Bishop

Recently I had two interviews with the Bishop of the diocese of Santander, Don Juan Antonio del Val, who is the only authority in the Church responsible for pronouncements concerning the apparitions of Garabandal. My first meeting with Don Juan Antonio occurred September 4, 1978, and lasted 90 minutes. During the meeting I presented him with the official message sent to him by the delegates of the World Marian Congress on Garabandal that met... [ read more ]

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