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Interview with Bishop del Val Gallo

"For sure I consider The (Garabandal) Messages important! Because they are important!...It is important for us Christians to LIVE what The Messages of The Blessed Mother are saying..." The following is a complete and exact translation from Spanish to English of the June 1992 question and answer interview, granted by His Excellency, Bishop del Val Gallo. It was a very great privilege indeed, Maria Saraco prepared the questions, Mari-Loli... [ read more ]

Garabandal Clarification

In November 1996 a letter from Bishop Jose Vilaplana Blasco of Santander, Spain, "postmarked October 11, 1996" appeared in a periodical called GOSPA MISSIONS. Since then, it has been widely circulated causing confusion because the English translation of the original Spanish is inaccurate in key areas. This letter has now appeared on the Internet and in The National Catholic Register and was reprinted in SOUL Magazine in its March-April 1997... [ read more ]

A Meeting With the Bishop

Recently I had two interviews with the Bishop of the diocese of Santander, Don Juan Antonio del Val, who is the only authority in the Church responsible for pronouncements concerning the apparitions of Garabandal. My first meeting with Don Juan Antonio occurred September 4, 1978, and lasted 90 minutes. During the meeting I presented him with the official message sent to him by the delegates of the World Marian Congress on Garabandal that met... [ read more ]

The Lesson

Affirmations of the Faith at Garabandal

The Blessed Virgin reaffirmed at Garabandal the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church just as they were about to come under attack. All of the Church recognized appearances of the Blessed Virgin in the first half of the twentieth century were timed to historical events. Our Lady appeared at Fatima in 1917 during World War I (1914-18) and said that the war would soon end, but that if mankind did not amend its ways, a second and worse... [ read more ]

The Garabandal Rosary: Antidote To Our Society

At Lourdes, Fatima, and Garabandal, the Rosary is a central part of Our Lady's visits and messages to this world. "Stop and smell the roses." This is a popular suggestion of our time. In a world where technology has progressively pulled, then dragged and, now e-mailed us away from the slower pace of the past, we are reminded that the cure for the race is to stop. To actually listen. To think without a cordless phone, a palm pilot, a laptop,... [ read more ]

Blessed Mother Teresa and Garabandal

Clockwise from top left: Mother Teresa with Conchita (holding her daughter Conchita) in New York. Mother with Mari Loli in New York prior to the visionary's departure for Rome. With Conchita in New York just a couple of weeks before Mother's death. With Jacinta while recuperating in California. In her letter to Bishop of Santander, Juan Antonio del Val Gallo dated November 10, 1987, Mother Teresa wrote: "It was in 1970, eighteen years ago,... [ read more ]

Blessed Are Those

Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed. Who has not heard this famous reply of the risen Christ to the apostle Thomas? As the Gospel of St. John tells it, Thomas would not believe in the Lord's resurrection "Unless I see the mark of the nails in His hands and put my finger into the nail marks and put my hand into His side" (Jn 20:25b). It seems incredible that someone called by Jesus Himself, who accompanied the Lord during His... [ read more ]

But First of All

“Many sacrifices must be made. Much penance must be done. We must pay many visits to the Blessed Sacrament, but first of all, we must be very good. If we do not do this, punishment awaits us. Already the cup is filling, and if we do not change we shall be punished.” As most readers will know, these were the words of the first message delivered by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the four young visionaries of Garabandal, delivered on that... [ read more ]

Expressions of Charity

Of the many teachings Our Lady gave at Garabandal to the visionaries and all of us were lessons in charity. As St. Paul tells us, of the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, the greatest is charity. It only stands to reason than that Our Lady would place great emphasis on this virtue during Her appearances. On one occasion, the Blessed Virgin gave a very pointed lesson on charity that would not be easily forgotten by those in... [ read more ]

Forgetting Garabandal

To remember the message of Garabandal, we sometimes need to forget the events of Garabandal. Permanency is not a state of the human condition: People come and go. Memories fade. Words get twisted. What we once were so sure of over time may become confused and murky and, in the end, a different thing that what it was before. It is certainly that as we move along in our lives, some things stay and others depart, by they people, places,... [ read more ]

Garabandal: Undoing Knots

As our Mediator and loving Guide, Mary is in a clear position to help us undo knots in our lives. In the Church of Mary, the Door to Heaven in Brazil there is a unique painting of Mary undoing a ribbon of knots. It seems that the original painting has been venerated in Perlack, Germany since 1700. While its artist is unknown, it is believed to have been inspired by a meditation made by St Irenaeus, who once said: "Eve, by her disobedience,... [ read more ]

Garabandal Has The Answer

Have a Difficult Decision To Make? Garabandal Has The Answer. Like the seers, we must remain open to God's spirit acting within us. Once we allow ourselves to remain open to God's plan, we can begin to discern what that plan is. "Prayer is more than thanksgiving, praise, recall, or request: it is a spiritual, supernatural bridge to the Almighty which will lead us to Him!" The Garabandal messages and events provide an excellent roadmap for... [ read more ]

Garabandal & God's Greatest Gift: The Holy Eucharist

The Year of the Eucharist proclaimed by Pope John Paul II provides us with the ideal time to focus on Garabandal's great emphasis on the Holy Eucharist. Why there was such a Eucharistic emphasis during those prophetic events became apparent after the close of Vatican II when Eucharistic devotion was deemphasized and the doctrine of the Real Presence itself came under attack. Our Lady anticipated the impending crisis which has continued until... [ read more ]

Garabandal and Purgatory #1

This issue of Garabandal Magazine (NEEDLES) deals with purgatory. The subject was chosen in response to Our Lady's wish at Garabandal to think often of this place of purgation and to offer prayers and sacrifices for those detained there. Is purgatory a subject of importance? Is it really necessary to discuss this aspect of Christian life when there are so many seemingly more important issues with which to be concerned? NEEDLES must answer:... [ read more ]

Garabandal and Purgatory #2

Purgatory is another subject rarely preached today even though almost everyone who is saved will have to spend at least some time there. We know from the lives of the saints and other holy persons who have received revelations about the hereafter, that very few people go straight to Heaven. Purgatory is, so to speak, the last leg of our journey to God. The sufferings of sense and of loss in Purgatory are said to surpass all human sufferings... [ read more ]

Garabandal and the Priesthood

The Blessed Virgin's emphasis on the priesthood at Garabandal underscores the prophetic quality of the events. In 1978, after a series of interviews with visionary Mari Loli LaFleur and her mother, Julia, Father Joseph Pelletier said: It is now unmistakably clear to me that the main reason why Our Lady came at Garabandal was the crisis of the Church and of the priesthood. And if we analyze what Our Heavenly Mother said, that crisis has not... [ read more ]

Garabandal and the Synagogue

After the Warning, the Miracle and the supernatural Pernament Sign, there will be a new beginning, a new era in the history of mankind. (This talk was given in a barn situated between the village of Garabandal and the pine trees above it, on August 8, 1988, the feast of St. Dominic.) In order to understand and assess correctly its portent, certain points of history must be kept in mind. Historians consider that the first schism in the... [ read more ]

Garabandal's Reverence For Marriage

A ring is just a ring, but when it symbolizes a marriage before God, it becomes a sacred, holy, blessed object. It is clear from the Garabandal events and messages that the three central aspects of these apparitions are prayer, the priesthood, and the Eucharist. Below this main level of focus, however, are a number of secondary, but quite important, aspects of the Garabandal story. Among these secondary areas of focus is marriage. The... [ read more ]

Garabandal: The New Bethlehem

It is not a mere coincidence that San Sebastian de Garabandal has a curious comparision with Bethlehem. An angel announces the arrival of the Blessed Virgin to an inconspicuous village ignored by the world. This village is poor and its people lead an austere, country life; most herd animals for their meager wages. The Holy Virgin arrives at this village, carrying the Savior of the world. Amid the peace and serenity of this rural setting,... [ read more ]

God's Presence in Garabandal

God reveals Himself to us by giving His name: "Yahweh" Throughout the Old Testament we read how Almighty God revealed Himself to His people. He did this in various ways, that is by speaking from a burning bush, in the case of Moses (Ex. 3:2); speaking to the 12 Tribes of Israel from the top of Mt. Sinai in the form of cloud, smoke, fire and lightning (Ex. 10:16-189) and speaking through a bright cloud at the transfiguration of Peter, James... [ read more ]

The Holy Rosary

From left: Mari Loli, Conchita and Jacinta in ecstasy lead a rosary procession. Padre Pio once said: "If the Immaculate Conception at Lourdes and the Immaculate Heart at Fatima so strongly recommended praying the rosary, does that not mean that this prayer has an exceptional value for us and for our times?" One can hardly doubt that the rosary has "exceptional value." Battles, both physical and spiritual, have been won by its pious... [ read more ]

Holy Water: A Means of Spiritual Wealth

Holy Water is a Sacramental that remits venial sin. Because of the blessing attached to it, Holy Church strongly urges its use upon Her children, especially when dangers threaten, such as fire, storms, sickness and other calamities. Every Catholic home should have always in it a supply of Holy Water. Untold spiritual wealth is concentrated in a tiny drop of blessed water, and we give it so little thought. If we realised now, as we shall... [ read more ]


"What God loves above all is humility. What displeases Him above all is pride."- From a letter to Fr. Luis Retenaga, dated 13 October 1963. Reprinted in She Went in Haste to the Mountain, p. 479 (Eusebio Pesquera, trans. by B. Miller; pub. by Our Lady of Mount Carmel de Garabandal, Inc., 2000) These words, spoken by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the visionary Mari Loli in a locution in 1963, so sublime in their simplicity, are the key to a... [ read more ]

All Knees Must Bend: The Message of Garabandal and Eucharistic Reverence

The adoration and veneration of The Most Blessed Sacrament is a most fundamental and necessary element of both the Garabandal message and of our lives in Christ. We have all seen the images... perhaps it is a photo of Conchita kneeling in a puddle behind her home receiving the Visible Host, maybe, it is a photo of an invisible Communion of Mari-Loli as she was kneeling between the onlookers. Whatever the photo, the image, there is one... [ read more ]

Live the Message Today and Promote It

Much already has been said concerning the Messages of Garabandal many times before, and regarding their content there is nothing else to say. They happened close to 40 years ago and now we wait. BUT - without repeating these Messages and reminding all of the wonderful and constant promises made and kept by Our Blessed Mother Mary, we tend to forget and become lax. We say, as many say about the miraculous healings in the Bible,- "Oh, that... [ read more ]

Another Prophecy Fulfilled

Certainly for the visionaries of Garabandal, one of the more perplexing prophecies made by the Blessed Virgin was that they would doubt their visions. This did in fact happen almost as soon as they stopped having ecstasies and in August, 1966, Conchita and Mari Loli entered into a period of "deep doubts" which continued, although lessening in intensity, during the following years. It is against this backdrop that the following episode must be... [ read more ]

Maximina's Key

Precious Souvenirs Very few, if any, of the houses in San Sebastian de Garabandal are in the same condition that they were 42 years ago when the apparitions first began. With the influx of visitors, the sale of property and the building of new homes, have come improved economic conditions so that now just about all the dwellings have been renovated in whole or in part. The house of Maximina, Conchita's aunt, is no exception, but for one... [ read more ]

Modern Manifestation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

It can be presumed that the readers are sufficiently informed concerning Garabandal that the prayer, sacrifice and conversion of sinner's messages of this contemporary Spanish happening need be only briefly recalled. In regard to prayer, our Lady requested that the girls recite the rosary each day, saying it very slowly and thinking about what they are saying. She also had them say it once or more during each apparition. She asked that people... [ read more ]


In her lessons at Garabandal, the Blessed Virgin impressed upon the girls the importance of modesty. She did this in a number of ways by requiring: 1) a proper code of dress; 2) proper comportment; and 3) that they not wear jewelry or cosmetics (inappropriate for young girls) especially when they were going to see her. PHOTO: From left: Conchita, Mari Loli, Jacinta and Mari Cruz. Although short dresses for girls were the style of the time... [ read more ]

Our Lady Shows the Way

Without it no army could ever win a battle, no society could remain stable for very long, the Church could not exist, and souls could not be saved, since all of the Ten Commandments deal with it. Such is the importance of - obedience. The saints have always given it top priority. I believe it was Saint Pio who said, "Duty first, even before something holy." Jesus Himself told Saint Faustina: "I obeyed My parents, I obeyed My torturers and... [ read more ]

Our Lady's Scapular

The Blessed Virgin appeared at Garabandal as Our Lady of Mount Carmel with a large brown scapular hanging from her right wrist. It is of great significance for her to have appeared under that title after having appeared at Fatima as Our Lady of the Rosary. The scapular and rosary are the two great Marian devotions and remind us of a saying attributed to Saint Dominic that "one day through the rosary and scapular she (Our Lady) will save the... [ read more ]

Penance and Sacrifice

As always, the recently arrived priests and the curiosity seekers that followed the children did not understand all this walking around and, between prayers, complained and wanted to know the "why" of all this action. They were unable to see the intention of the Virgin. These painful nocturnal walks and the long waits in the girls' kitchens made them uneasy. They had already forgotten the message of the Virgin, when she asked for "penance... [ read more ]

People Never Die - An Authoress's Account

"Your Son is in Heaven", from The Apparitions of Garabandal Here is an extract from the book about her visit to Garabandal by the brilliant Catalonian authoress, Mercedes Salisachs. Holy Saturday, April 21st, 1962 I must confess, although I do not consider myself especially gullible where prodigies are concerned, no more do I feel bound to discount them simply on ethical grounds or on established principle.Many have been the 'gifts' that... [ read more ]

A Place Too Sacred

Garabandal is where God will put a permanent sign...His monument for humanity. It would have no room or need for a human edifice. As often happens with many of the Almighty's manifestations and messages to His creatures, what seems so simple turns out to be very profound, and, eventually, we come to realize that the original simplicity was for the sake of our limited capacities to comprehend and appreciate just how wonderful our God really... [ read more ]

Prodigy in Seville

This happened on January 17, 1967 in Seville, Spain. The following persons were involved: Mari Pepa Caballero, a nurse who possesses a rosary given to her by Conchita in Garabandal and Dona Carmen Garcia Geraldo. Carmen and her husband, Hernandez-Pinzon, have an eight-year-old son with an incurable condition since birth. They were told by Conchita that the Virgin said the child will be cured the day of the Miracle. On Sunday January 15 at... [ read more ]

The Reading of Hearts

PHOTO: The four girls of Garabandal: Mari Loli, Jacinta, Mari Cruz and Conchita. It was in 1970, thirty-three years ago, that I first heard of the reported apparitions of Garabandal, Spain. There are times that feels like only yesterday. From the beginning I felt these events were genuine, and decided to investigate these events. But true investigative reporting is not based on feelings but rather on fact. I wanted to investigate and do a... [ read more ]


An important part of our Faith is reconciliation, both with God (through confession) and with our neighbor. In the following episode as recounted in She Went in Haste to the Mountain, the two forms of reconciliation came into play, and as is usually the case with true reconciliation, the results were salutary, and in this case, extraordinarily so. To be emphasized here is the fact that it was the Blessed Virgin herself, acting through one of... [ read more ]

Seven Characteristics of Confused People

The hollow and deceptive threat of the New Age "religion" now infecting our society is a combination of spirituality and superstition. New Age may serve as the ultimate vehicle for "one world" system that could open the door for the Antichrist. "See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human traditions and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ." Colossians 2:8 As... [ read more ]

Sin Reaffirmed

October 18,1961: We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us. June 18,1965: As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the... [ read more ]

Two Parables and Footprints at the Pines

One of the key purposes of Garabandal is to bring people back to the fold. It also reminds us that we should be reflexions of holiness and goodness to the best of our abilities. Two of Our Lord's best known parables are The Parable of The Foolish Steward and The Parable of The Ten Talents. Likewise, most if not all of us have read the poem which shows a set of footprints in the sand. The Steward parable tells of a dishonest manager who... [ read more ]

Upward Gaze

We have all seen the images of Conchita transfixed in an upward gaze of prayer, like some graceful sculpture poised to meet God Almighty. Likewise, the photos of the seers in similar, graceful gazes toward the heavens during apparitions are plentiful. Apart from their vivid beauty and powerful message of devotion, these images silently convey a simple yet profound lesson illustrated in Matthew 20: 1-16. Earthly View Matthew 20: 1-16 tells... [ read more ]

You Do Not Need A Cell Phone At the Pines

The other day I was on a train when Beethoven began playing behind my back. If I had heard this sound on a train twenty years ago, I would have assumed that someone was playing a miniature piano. Today, however, such sounds pass almost unnoticed as people "stay in touch" while on their way through their lives. "Stay connected," we are told. "Can you hear me? Good," we are reminded. You cannot sit on a plane without seeing someone tapping away... [ read more ]

The Message

Our Lady's 2 Messages of Garabandal

October 18, 1961 We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us. June 18, 1965 As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the... [ read more ]

The Beautiful Habit of the Priest

It is a great inspiration to see in Garabandal the priests -- enthusiastic, smiling and obviously keen to hear what the Blessed Virgin has to say. When one views the many photographs taken at Garabandal over forty years ago, it is impossible not to notice the many priests present. The captions usually do not name every person in the photograph but we can recognize the priests by their clerical garb. A great inspiration it is too - to see the... [ read more ]

Few Will See God

At Garabandal, there were, in fact, four messages, including the one of 19 June 1962, although attention has been given almost exclusively to the first and fourth. The current issue of THE VIGIL...The Message of Garabandal, a long-standing newsletter on Garabandal-related matters edited by Maria Carmela Saraco and published by St. Michael's Garabandal Center For Our Lady of Carmel, Inc., carries a brief but very important front-page article... [ read more ]

The Four Last Things of Garabandal - Part 1: Garabandal's Prophecy About Communism

To speak of communism today seems almost anachronistic. Isn't communism a thing of the past? According to what the Blessed Virgin told the visionaries of Garabandal the answer is no. Communism will again appear on the scene and cause great suffering before its reign of terror is suddenly ended. On the two nights preceding the feast of Corpus Christi in 1962, the young seers of Garabandal had visions; but the visions they saw on these nights... [ read more ]

The Four Last Things of Garabandal - Part 3: The Great Miracle

A look at the longed-for supernatural event prophesied at Garabandal which, judging by the current state of the world, cannot be far off. Of the three great prophesied events of Garabandal: the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement, the one that has always aroused the greatest interest and the one that everyone looks forward to the most is the great Miracle. The main reason for this is that the Miracle is of a positive nature while the other... [ read more ]

The Four Last Things of Garabandal - Part 4: The Chastisement

A look at the last and most fearsore of the three great supernatural events. What happens after the Warning (bright star) and Miracle (Pines) will depend on the response to the Message. Of the three great prophesied supernatural events of Garabandal, only the Chastisement is conditional. It can be averted. Whether or not it will be depends entirely on how the world responds to the Message after the Warning and Miracle. In biblical times,... [ read more ]

Our Lady's Kiss

The kissing of blessed objects began early in the apparitions and was considered vital by Our Lady of Mount Carmel at Garabandal. She kissed rosaries, crucifixes, medals, and wedding rings. Missals were also among these sacramentals. Our Lady fanned the pages as She kissed them, thereby kissing all the pages. The kissing of blessed objects was the principal purpose of Her very last visit at Garabandal on November 13, 1965. Many months in... [ read more ]

The Three Popes and Garabandal (Updated)

Picture: Pope Paul II on Palm Sunday, 2001. During the Garabandal apparitions, there were some remarkable revelations made concerning the papacy. This article is updated from its original publication in 1999 (GARABANDAL MAGAZINE January-March 1999). When the Garabandal events began in June of 1961, John XXIII was Pope. We are not aware of his having said anything regarding Garabandal. At that time, Pope John was very much involved in... [ read more ]

The Warning (Brief Synopsis)

Three great supernatural events were prophecied at Garabandal. The first is a worldwide Warning from God to be seen and then felt interiorly by everyone on earth. At that moment we will see the wrong we've done and the good we failed to do. The Warning will be sent to correct the conscience of the world and prepare it for the great Miracle. The Miracle The Miracle will take place at the grove of the pine trees on a bluff overlooking the... [ read more ]

The Warning and Miracle: Interviews with the Seers

Since the apparitions of Garabandal ended in 1965, visionaries Conchita, Mari-Loli and Jacinta have, from time to time, granted interviews in which they have revealed what they are able to say about the coming worldwide Warning and great Miracle. In each of these interviews, although the same questions are frequently asked about the two events, it often happens that new or supportive information, or a different perspective comes to light.... [ read more ]

What is Garabandal?

A Summary of the Events, 1961 - 1965: Has the Blessed Virgin Mary really appeared in Spain? What are the urgent messages reportedly given from the world? Is there a scientific explanation for the incredible events that took place there? The Story of Garabandal A Visit from an Angel San Sebastian de Garabandal is a small hamlet of some 80 humble dwellings located in the Cantabrian Mountains of northwest Spain. On June 18, 1961, four... [ read more ]

The Story

The Little Miracle

"The Sacred Host appeared on her tongue. It was totally unexpected... (She) held the Sacred Host motionless on her tongue for about two minutes before consuming it normally..." The little girls at Garabandal were often seen to fall to their knees in ecstasy, pray, take up the customary attitude for receiving Communion, open their mouths, and swallow something. A priest once remarked to Conchita: "What you say cannot be true, because angels... [ read more ]

Awaiting the Hour (Miracle of the Host)

The miracle of the Host occurred just as Conchita said it would but not when she said it would -- and not before a certain amount of commotion. This brief notation by Luis Navas Carrillo gives us an idea of the atmosphere in Garabandal on the evening of July 17,1962: All day long countless cars were arriving. The houses were full, making it very difficult to find a bed in which to sleep. Once again many people slept in the stables. But many... [ read more ]

But as Many, as Received Him...

In July of 1961, Conchita Gonzalez was taken to Santander, where she stayed for several days. Authorities thought that by removing the one they thought to be the ringleader from the scene of the action, the events would cease. That did not happen, and the author picks up the narrative at the time Conchita, her mother and Aunt Maximina were returning to the village from Santander. Picture: Mari Loli and Jacinta in ecstasy in the village... [ read more ]

An Interview with Conchita (Part 1)

Harry Daley first heard about Garabandal about 1970 and he saw a film about it. He first met Conchita in June 1972 and she agreed to do a documentary about the events for him. The documentary film they made in May 1973 was shown on television and in theatres around the world. It prompted the BBC to also complete a documentary about the Garabandal events. Here are the questions and answers from the documentary that Harry made with a few later... [ read more ]

An Interview with Conchita (Part 2)

Harry Daley first heard about Garabandal about 1970 and he saw a film about it. He first met Conchita in June 1972 and she agreed to do a documentary about the events for him. The documentary film they made in May 1973 was shown on television and in theatres around the world. It prompted the BBC to also complete a documentary about the Garabandal events. Here are the questions and answers from the documentary that Harry made with a few later... [ read more ]

Interviews with Conchita (Part 1)

Conchita Gonzalez Keena, does not grant interviews today and this is understandable. What could she add, at this late date, to what she has already said? But what Conchita has said on previous occasions is still of interest and we begin our series of former interviews with excerpts from one conducted by Dr. Jeronimo Dominguez in May 1973. Doctor Dominguez: What did you feel when you saw the Virgin? Were you afraid or was she like a friend... [ read more ]

Interviews with Conchita (Part 2)

Continuing our series of interviews with Conchita, is one that was conducted in the early 1980s by Monsignor Francisco Garmendia, Auxiliary Bishop of New York. Photo: Conchita in 1965 at the cloister of Santillana del Mar. Bishop Garmendia Among those who love you - and everybody loves you, Conchita! (and as Christians we should all love one another) - here is a very dear gentleman in Santander who knows you and who works very hard for... [ read more ]

Interviews with Conchita (Part 3)

This final interview with Conchita in our series was conducted by Father Francis Benac, S.J., in June of 1978. Characteristics of the Ecstasies Father Benac How high was the Virgin when she appeared to you? Conchita At times we could give her the crucifix to kiss, but we always had to look up to see her. Benac In some photographs you are seen lifting one another. Conchita Yes, because sometimes we couldn't reach her when she was above... [ read more ]

Statements of Dr. Luis Morales

Statements of Dr. Luis Morales to a Reporter from the Newspaper ALERTA Photo: Dr. Morales, now deceased, in Garabandal a few years ago. Doctor Luis Morales, now 86, has no interest in hearing people praise his long professional career which made him an institution in the area of mental health throughout Cantabria. He has lost his faith in psychiatry, but has regained his faith in God and - more risky yet in scientific circles - in the... [ read more ]

Serafina Gonzalez Eyewitness Testimony

Garabandal Eyewitness Testimony An eyewitness to as many as 40 ecstasies, the author reveals her experiences. I have seen many, 40 or so, ecstasies. Each time, I had the feeling that I was accompanying the Virgin. I remember the first ecstasy that I witnessed. I went with Clementina (the wife of the village mason, Pepe Diez) and we could feel our legs getting weaker as soon as we got there. The four girls were already in ecstasy. Seeing them... [ read more ]

The Final Apparition

The next day Conchita spent with her family. The crew completed all the needed scenery shots while I walked around speaking with the townspeople and many tourists. I met some of the nicest people anyone would want to meet. One man, a medical doctor from Texas, was very well versed in all the Marian apparitions. He had a great expression: "I travel the world always quoting a Bible verse, Luke 1:28." [The Angel announced the birth of Jesus.]... [ read more ]

Interview with Father Gustavo Morelos

How, when, and where this interview took place. Maria C. Saraco who speaks her Italian dialect spent the entire month of May 1986 in Italy. She went throughout Sicily from large cities to small villages with her slide-lecture presentation. Thousands of brown scapulars, rosaries and leaflets were given freely. Books and booklets in Italian as well were given gratis to all the priests, nuns and lay people, who were instrumental in arranging her... [ read more ]

The Intrusion of an Angel

June eighteenth marks the forty-fifth anniversary of the beginning of the Garabandal apparitions. A look in retrospect at that first day. Those of us who have visited San Sebastian de Garabandal over the years might have seen a villager leading a cow or two out to or from pasture or to the watering trough. We might even have seen villagers working in the fields. This bucolic setting could give the impression that everything was done randomly... [ read more ]

Farewell in the Rain

Farewell in the Rain - The Last Apparition at Garabandal On October 30, 1965, while Conchita was making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament in the village church, she heard the Blessed Virgin in a locution say: "On Saturday, November 13, go to the Pines and there you will see me. Bring many religious articles and I will kiss them all so you can distribute them. My Son will perform prodigies by means of them." What the Virgin did not say was... [ read more ]

Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest

Inside account of the Garabandal Apparitions. Priest closest to the visionaries Father de la Riva was the priest in the early days of the apparitions who had the closest contact with the visionaries and their families. The four visionaries showed more affection and friendship for him than was shown to any one else. They all wrote letters to him during the early days of the apparitions, here published in this book. He participated in the... [ read more ]

A Miracle on the Horizon

After the Miracle of the Visible Host, another far greater one was predicted. The author takes up the subject of when this great Miracle was first revealed. If the month of August during the second year in Garabandal was marked with a special Eucharistic sign by repeated Mystical Communions, the following month of September will pass into history as the month of the great prophecy. What was foretold for the future of Garabandal in that... [ read more ]

The Nights of Screams

As the feast of Corpus Christi approached in 1962, Garabandal experienced one of the most "striking moments" in the course of the events. This feast honoring the Eucharist is celebrated in Spain with greater external solemnity that any other. The feast was soon to suffer a great eclipse in the days after the Council as a result of certain doctrinal derangements, as a result of a heated fight of many against "triumphalism" in the Church, as a... [ read more ]

Prophecy at Garabandal

In our last edition, we showed how the reading of hearts, an important criteria for judging the authenticity of alleged manifestations, was present at garabandal. In this issue, we take up another important criteria: prophecy. Mystical theologians see the fulfillment of prophecies made during alleged manifestations as a positive sign pointing to supernatural origin. Photo: Conchita and Mari Loli on August 15, 1966, the day the deep doubts"... [ read more ]

Sacred Ground

A look at some previously unpublished information about the Pines in Garabandal In a German book on Garabandal called Garabandal—Der Zeigefinger Gottes (Garabandal—The Finger of God), there is some previously unpublished information about the Pines in Garabandal. Since this information is new, we asked the author, Albrecht Weber, to give his sources. On page 136 of the book, the following is stated regarding the great Miracle to... [ read more ]

Jacinta's Vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Of all the visions that Jacinta (Gonzalez) Moynihan had at Garabandal, one stands out over all the rest - her vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It happened at the very beginning of the apparitions, in June of 1961, while the four girls were seeing Saint Michael before the Blessed Virgin appeared for the first time. Thanks to recent information from Jacinta and her husband, Jeff Moynihan, we can provide some details to fill out the story... [ read more ]

She Went In Haste to the Mountain

The monumental classic trilogy known as the "Bible of Garabandal". Impenetrable Mystery Brought To Light. At last the awesome history of the apparitions at Garabandal is available to readers in all its spellbinding detail. Remarkable Phenomena High up on a Spanish mountain, strange and mysterious activities began in the summer of 1961. Four girls between 11 and 12 years of age were caught up in rapture and told of seeing St. Michael the... [ read more ]

The Virgin's Kiss

Conchita stated the following to the author (reprinted pp. 49 - 51): One day we had brought many objects to the Virgin to kiss while we were in ecstasy as was Her practice. Among these objects was a very elegant powder case. I don't recall exactly but I remember that the people, prior to our going into ecstasy, would bring things which would be put on the kitchen table. Someone wanted to remove the powder case because he or she just felt... [ read more ]

Travelling To Garabandal

Map of Village

1. Calleja, where St. Michael first appeared on June 18, 1961. 2. Site of the apple tree. 3. Meson Serafin, the inn run by Conchita's brother, Serafin, and his wife, Paquita. 4. Conchita's house. 5. Site of the Miracle of the Visible Host, July 18, 1962. 6. Mari Loli's house during the time of the events. 7. Jacinta's house during the time of the events. 8. Plaza. 9. Mari Cruz's house during the time of the events. 10. Church of San... [ read more ]

The Village Church (Photos)

The village church of Garabandal 35 years ago. The sanctary has a new altar and new stone floor. The view from the balcony at the rear of the church. View of the Pines seen from the belfry of the village church in Garabandal. The new floor is made of wood at the center and inlaid stone at the sides. The wood is a special hardwood imported from Africa. In the latter part of 1988, Joey Lomangino, received a request... [ read more ]


After July 18th

Amidst conflicting opinions, the events continued The day of the Miracle of the Host did not pass without having its effect, leaving in its wake a lengthy trail. For some, their suspicions about Garabandal only increased - we have already seen the opinion adopted by the Commission - while others believed all the more. Now for the first time, or at least with an intensity previously unknown, a regrettable thing came about. The village divided... [ read more ]

Begoña Andreu: Recollections

Father Ramon Andreu's niece remembers her uncle and her own experiences in Garabandal My memories of Garabandal are very clear, in spite of my being 56 years old now [she was 13 when she first went to the village]. Garabandal left an impression on me difficult to describe. The first time I went there was after the death of my uncle (Father Luis Maria Andreu). My parents, Uncle Ramón and I were accompanied by the Fontaneda family. They are... [ read more ]

Our Visit to San Sebastian de Garabandal

Photo: From left - Brother Juan, Mari Cruz, Brother Miguel, Jacinta and Brother Luis. On August 5, 1962, we four religious Brothers decided to go to San Sebastian de Garabandal. When it came time to leave the following morning, one of the Brothers decided not to go, so the other three of us left immediately for Llanes to catch the 7:10 A.M. train for Unquera. From there we could transfer to whatever would take us to our destination. When... [ read more ]

A Doctor's Experience

In August of 1961, my husband, a medical doctor, and I were in Garabandal accompanied by another doctor, a colleague of my husband, and his wife. It happened that Loli's brother became sick, and their father, Ceferino, knowing the doctor who was with us - he had treated another of Ceferino's children - was in town, asked him to look at the boy who had severe abdominal pain. The doctor, who was a specialist in trauma, suggested he be seen by my... [ read more ]

Emotional Encounter With The Mystery

The first Holy Week in Garabandal during the apparitions (April 15-22, 1962) left indelible traces engraved on many hearts. In the same places and at the same time that Mercedes Salisachs had the personal experiences that have previously been recounted, another distinguished visitor to the village was also having his own deeply felt experiences. The visitor was a doctor from the city of Vitoria named Jose de la Vega. A believer, but not easily... [ read more ]

Father Ramon Andreu: Extraordinary Witness

He was the last of the Andreu brothers and a significant figure in the Garabandal story Acknowledgments Our special thanks to Jacinta and Jeff Moynihan for providing us with information and pictures, and for making it possible for us to contact the Andreu family in Spain who were wonderfully cooperative in sending us family information and many precious pictures never published before. Many thanks to Begoña Andreu, Fr. Ramón's... [ read more ]

Firsthand Witness: Juan A Seco (Part 1 of 2)

When it comes to witnesses to the Garabandal events, no one outside the villagers and the pastor was consistently closer to the action from the beginning than Juan Alvarez Seco, Brigadier of the Spanish Civil Guard and Commander in Chief of the section of Puentenansa which included San Sebastian de Garabandal. He was in charge of maintaining order in the village in 1961-62. This is his testimony. When my promotion to Brigadier was... [ read more ]

Firsthand Witness: Juan A Seco (Part 2 of 2)

In this second and final segment of his testimony, police chief Juan A. Seco, who was in charge of maintaining order in Garabandal during 1961-62, continues narrating his experiences. I was a witness from the first apparitions of the four seers: Conchita, Mari Cruz, Jacinta and Mari Loli. Today, more than seven years later [1969], I still think about them every day. Being appointed to this command post gave me the opportunity of cleansing... [ read more ]

Eyewitness Testimony: Mercedes Salisachs (Part 1 of 5)

Spanish author Mercedes Salisachs from Barcelona made three trips to Garabandal during the time of the apparitions and stayed for several days each time witnessing a significant number of ecstasies. Her first visit was over Easter in 1962 (recounted in our March-April 2003 edition) about which she gives a moving testimony of how after being distraught over the death of her son in an auto accident she learned (from Our Lady through Loli) on... [ read more ]

Eyewitness Testimony: Mercedes Salisachs (Part 2 of 5)

The report of Spanish author Mercedes Salisachs continues after she returned to Barcelona from her first trip to Garabandal in April of 1962 I didn't know when I would be able to go back to Garabandal. We were planning a trip to Asia, but I told the girls [visionaries] that perhaps I would return to the village before leaving for Japan. Twenty days after getting back to Barcelona from Garabandal, I received a cordial and affectionate... [ read more ]

Eyewitness Testimony: Mercedes Salisachs (Part 3 of 5)

Mercedes Salisachs continues her narration of what happened in Garabandal during her second visit to the village We witnessed many unusual situations in those days. One of the more remarkable cases was the conversion of a woman who came to Garabandal with a questionable past and the wrong attitude toward prodigies. (Dr. Puncernau could give more detailed information as he conversed with her.) This woman observed the girls in ecstasy and... [ read more ]

Eyewitness Testimony: Mercedes Salisachs (Part 4 of 5)

The author from Barcelona continues her narration in describing her third trip to Garabandal. As planned, I left Barcelona September 23, 1962, with the intention of staying in Garabandal until October 1. Two very important dates were included for me in that week: the feast of Our Lady of Mercy and the feast of Saint Michael. Same as before, we traveled in two cars. Jose, the mechanic and his wife Mercedes took our car, a Seat (Spanish... [ read more ]

Eyewitness Testimony: Mercedes Salisachs (Part 5 of 5)

Our Spanish author takes up the narrative of her second visit to Garabandal in September-October 1962 by explaining how Father Jacinto Aguado almost got talked out of taking the road up to Garabandal. The second day I was in Garabandal I saw Father Jacinto Aguado, who was stationed at the Minor Seminary for the Missions at Alzola. I had met him previously at Lloret de Mar where he worked as Provisional Coadjutor. At that time I told him... [ read more ]

Miracle of the Host: How The Film Was Made

When in the early morning hours of July 19,1962, Conchita came out of her house in ecstasy and began walking down the street, a stampede was set in motion and Alejandro Damians was back in the pack. But when the girl suddenly stopped and knelt down in the middle of an alley, the crowd went surging past and Damians found himself right next to her. As everyone clamored to get close, he held his ground, and from his privileged vantage point he... [ read more ]

Miracle of the Host: Two Photographers

Dr. Jean Caux was an esthetic (plastic) surgeon from Paris with a very successful practice (one of his clients was French film star Brigitte Bardou). As an amateur photographer, he went to Garabandal on July 18, 1962, with his camera equipment for the purpose of filming the Miracle of the Host. But things did not work out for him. And while he was not able to film the prodigy with his quality camera and lighting, a businessman from Barcelona,... [ read more ]

I Have Never Doubted

Miguel Gonzalez, conchita's youngest brother, gives his personal account on the Garabandal events. "Do you know that an angel appeared to four girls in the village of San Sebastian de Garabandal?" These words introduced me to the apparitions in my village. I was almost 18 years old. It was 7 o'clock in the morning in July of 1961 and my brother Serafin and I were seated in a restaurant in Torrelavega. My brother's friend stopped by the table... [ read more ]

Placido Receives Proof

When it comes to Garabandal, Don Placido Ruiloba is the best informed person with the most documentation of anyone in Santander. During the time of the apparitions, since June, 1961, he went up to the village almost every afternoon. A very circumspect observer, he had discovered some negative aspects in what was told to him by witnesses, and the visionaries. Even though he became a great doubter of the apparitions, the little visionaries... [ read more ]

A Priest Witness

Letters of the Garabandal Confraternity: Part 11 Letter dated July 10, 1962, from Father Eliseo Buedo de Hier, C.P., Superior of a Passionist Monastery in Barcelona, to Father Valentin Marichalar, Pastor of San Sebastian de Garabandal. Photo: Mari Loli in ecstasy kneeling by a table in her house where religious articles were placed I'm very happy to answer your request, and send you my impressions of the events I witnessed in Garabandal.... [ read more ]

Our Lady Gives Proof

The story of the proof given by Our Lady at Garabandal to a dancer from the “Folies Bergeres” is just one of many instances of this kind that happened during the days of the apparitions. This particular story has a very special meaning for me personally since it was told by a friend, Dr. Ricardo Puncernau, who witnessed it and in a sense was directly involved in it. During the summer of 1968, when I was trying to make up my mind about... [ read more ]

Recollections of Benjamin Gómez

Benjamin Gómez, a resident of Garabandal and later Pesués (a small town near Garabandal), gave numerous testimonies concerning the visionaries in ecstasy. During the time of the apparitions (1961-1965) his life underwent a great change, and he returned to the Church after having lived much of his life away from its teachings. In fact, those years saw him converted anew and subsequently blessed with an abundance of peace and happiness that... [ read more ]

Strange Phenomena

During the autumn days of 1962, the main topic of conversation in the Catholic Church - and also in other churches called Christian - was the inauguration of the Ecumenical Council that His Holiness John XXIII had convoked. It was to be called Vatican II because of the site where it was held; it was to be the most ecumenical of all those held until then, both by the number and by the variety of its participants. The proceeding had enormous... [ read more ]

Tourists or Angels?

Loli said: "If people only knew who is here today." What I'm about to relate was told to me by my sister Margarita (Tituca). It happened October 18,1961, when the first message of Garabandal was revealed. Photo: People entering Garabandal on October 18, 1961, for the first Message of Our Lady. The day began cold, rainy and very disagreeable, and my wife and I took my sister Tituca to the bus station so she could get to Cosio; there was no... [ read more ]

The Unsearchable Ways of God

For more than a year, on the difficult heights of Garabandal, unusual things - frequently very unusual - were happening. They were "unusual" in the double sense of being rare, and of being not easily understood. This last part was particularly disturbing to the "wise and prudent" (Lk 10:21). They could not see the purpose of what was happening nor could they see what would come of it. If God wanted to communicate something, He could do it in a... [ read more ]

The Wedding Rings

Besides religious objects, wedding rings were also given to the children to have the Virgin kiss. The girls would have their fingers full of wedding rings, and while in ecstasy they'd raise up their hands and ask the Virgin to kiss them. After this they would return the rings to their owners without making any mistakes and without seeing who they were giving them to as their heads were always tilted backwards and their eyes fixed on the... [ read more ]

The Weightlifter

From that moment on, his life changed radically. A letter to Father Ramon Andreu dated December 29,1963 I am writing to you since a while ago I heard of a conversion from Garabandal that is as spectacular as that of Violeta. These are the two cases from there that have impressed me the most. It deals with a man approximately 45 years old, a court secretary who, according to what he says, before his conversion did not go to Mass and made... [ read more ]


9 Garabandal Myths

Myth #1 - Garabandal has been condemned or otherwise discredited by the Church. This has been the most persistent and - damaging - inaccuracy regarding Garabandal. As with Lourdes and Fatima before it, Garabandal has had its share of sceptics and outright hostile commentators, but never has it been condemned or discredited. For a detailed treatment of the topic, please see the article "The Church's True Position Regarding Garabandal"... [ read more ]

Pope Benedict XVI - The Start of a New Era

Joseph Ratzinger was born on 16 April 1927 in Marktl am Inn, Germany. He was ordained a priest on 29 June 1951 and began to teach. He studied philosophy and theology at the University of Munich and at the higher school in Freising. In 1953 he obtained a doctorate in theology and four years later, he qualified as a university teacher.He then taught dogma and fundamental theology at Freising, then in Bonn from 1959 to 1969, in Münster from... [ read more ]

The Best Definition of Garabandal

I include this article as homage to Reverend Father Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera, now deceased (+March 24, 1996), who gave so much of his life to compile and promote the apparitions and messages of Our Lady of Garabandal, and also for his efforts to clarify these events for the Church, since for him there were no doubts. In his book SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN, Father Pesquera describes the encounter between Pope Paul VI and Conchita in... [ read more ]

The Church's True Position Regarding Garabandal

It's time to set the record straight, once and for all One of the most misunderstood matters regarding Garabandal is the Church's true position on it. Opinion as to what it has been, is, or will be, has see-sawed relentlessly in the more than four decades since the apparitions began in the tiny hamlet of San Sebastian de Garabandal in northern Spain. There are those who are convinced the Church is disposed to look favourably upon it, as well... [ read more ]

A Fatima Connection?

All true apparitions of Our Lady have their own uniqueness. Lourdes has its grotto, Fatima its cova and Garabandal its calleja. But while the locations and characteristics of each manifestation change, the messages which the Blessed Virgin comes to deliver are similar and almost always include requests for prayer and penance. But when Our Lady appeared at Fatima in 1917 she did something she had not done before: she addressed messages... [ read more ]

Garabandal and the Holy Shroud

The case of the Holy Shroud of Turin and what the Blessed Virgin said about it at Garabandal . The Shroud of Turin is Christendom's greatest relic. For centuries it has been revered by popes, saints and all classes of people. At the same time it has always been a source of great controversy. Is it really the burial cloth of Jesus or is it a fraudulent fabrication? In the twentieth century, modern science would be given the chance to find... [ read more ]

Loli's Encounter With John Paul II

Photo: Pope John Paul II with Garabandal visionary Mari Loli Lafleur and her family, July 23, 1988 On Saturday, July 23,1988, in St. Peter's Square during a special General Audience (special because General Audiences are usually held on Wednesdays), Garabandal visionary Mari Loli LaFleur and her family were introduced to Pope John Paul II by a special priest. West Point graduate and convert to the faith, Father Robert Francis Lee Graves... [ read more ]

A Woman Of Faith

Mari Loli Lafleur 1949-2009 She accepted God's Will in all that she had to endure in this life. Destined to be known throughout the world, Garabandal was a poor, isolated place on May 1, 1949, when Mari Loli first saw the light of day. She was one of eight children born to Ceferino Mazon, president of the town council, and his wife, Julia Gonzalez. They ran a tavern on the ground floor of their dwelling. Loli was no different from the... [ read more ]

When is the Miracle?

People ask us this question so many times. How many times over the years has Conchita also been asked this very same question? And what is her answer?..."Soon"... Is that all we can think about? Why?... It is such a sensation. We think it will solve all our problems in the blink of an eye. My wife, Helen, and I have been actively involved in the Garabandal ministry for approximately 12 years now. It was not something that we planned to do.... [ read more ]

A Special Place

Since the time of the apparitions, phenomena have been seen in the sky above Garabandal signifying the special nature of this place. Most of what happened at Garabandal in the 1960's happened on the ground, but sometimes phenomena was seen also in the sky above the village. And while the apparitions ended in the 1960's, phenomena in the sky continued to be reported from time to time. Only recently, we received the account of what Mother... [ read more ]

Conchita In Mexico For Canonization Of Juan Diego

Garabandal visionary, Conchita Gonzalez Keena went with friends to Mexico for the canonization of the visionary of Guadalupe, Juan Diego. Jesuit Father Xavier Escalada noted her presence and wrote the following article for the July 30, 2002, edition of EXCELSIOR, a Mexico City newspaper. The article appeared the day before the canonization. The most notable characteristic of the Pope's visit is an authentic overflow of social forces that... [ read more ]

Another Prophecy Fulfilled?

"A bishop will come along who will not believe at first, but will receive a sign and allow priests to go up to Garabandal for the Miracle." - Conchita in a 1962 letter to Fr. Jose Ramon Garcia de la Riva Has this prophecy been fulfilled or is it still pending? When Conchita wrote her letter to Father de la Riva, there were restrictions in force on priests going to Garabandal and for them to make the climb up to the village they needed special... [ read more ]

Certo E Vero!

("Yes, it's true!" - Padre Pio) For almost thirty years, Joachim Bouflet was silent about this 1968 encounter with Padre Pio until his friend Jacques Serre, Ph.D., asked him to write it down for him. The following testimony, translated from French by Helen Rozeluk, is printed with kind permission. Photo: From Padre Pio - "Consecrate yourself to the Virgin of Carmel who appeared at Garabandal." In July of 1968, I had invited four of my... [ read more ]

Similarities Between Divine Mercy And Garabandal

The Passion "Fix your gaze upon the Passion of my Son." - Our Lady to Faustina (Diary, 449) "Think about the Passion of Jesus," - Message of Our Lady, June 18, 1966 Appearance Of Our Lady "I saw the Mother of God in a white garment and blue mantle with her head uncovered." (August 15, 1935) (Diary, 468) "The Blessed Virgin appears with a white dress, blue mantle and a crown of small golden stars." [but no head covering] - Conchita's Diary... [ read more ]

The Three Popes and Garabandal

Revisited Again in Light of the Passing of His Holiness Pope John Paul II For many years, some followers of Garabandal theorized that Pope John Paul II's reign would see “the end of the times”. Although plausible on the surface, this scenario did not come to pass as some expected. While the pope's passing is in many ways the end of an era or epoch – especially if considered from a moral perspective – there is nothing to indicate... [ read more ]

The Three Phases of Garabandal

It's been a long time since the close of the Garabandal apparitions, and the Warning and Miracle are still pending. A look at where we are today. The Garabandal events are remarkable in all their dimensions, from the incredible phenomena of the girls' ecstasies never before seen in Marian apparitions to the great supernatural events that have been prophesied. Another way in which Garabandal is unique among Marian apparitions is the long time... [ read more ]

The Three Popes Prophecy

Last issue in this space I said that John Paul II's death marked the end of an era and that we now have entered into different times. We accept this understanding of the prophecy. What Conchita said was that there would be three more popes and then it will be the end of our times. We are now living in that "and then" period. Our Lady never said everything had to happen overnight. And I don't know of anyone who was certain just how "the end... [ read more ]

The Warning: Our Upcoming Damascus

The Warning will be a divine house call reaching out to us in a plea that we recognize our sins, realize their effects and harm, feel remorse for those wrongs, and amend our lives. It was high noon for the Christians in Damascus, a time of reckoning at the hands of one of their greatest enemies, Saul. As he neared the town, a sudden flash knocked him off his horse and a voice asked him, "Saul, Saul why do you persecute me?" Thus began what... [ read more ]

Letter From Bishop Roman Danylak #1

Dear Sister, This letter is to introduce Dr. Michael Rozeluk and his wife, Helen Rozeluk, who are members in good standing of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto. Michael and Helen Rozeluk: Michael had a powerful and miraculous healing from a serious medical condition, twenty-two months ago, when he went on a pilgrimage in Garabandal. In gratitude the two have given their lives to the Lord as witnesses of the power of Jesus and Mary... [ read more ]

Letter From Bishop Roman Danylak #2

The Church has not yet spoken its final word concerning the alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Garabandal. Bishop Doroteo Fernandez, Apostolic Administrator of the diocese of Santander had established a commission to investigate the events. The commission was composed of two doctors and three priests and was to have studied events that spanned four years and included hundreds of alleged apparitions. No member of the commission... [ read more ]


A Cure in the United States

We are publishing the following testimony because it is accompanied by a duly signed and notarized document. However we would be remiss in our duty if we did not confirm that, quite often, the mail which we receive on the subject is absolutely amazing. The letters might be from France, where these cases are most numerous, or from Austria, America, Germany, in fact from everywhere. In New York, those who are interested in the subject have told... [ read more ]

An Encounter with Father Marichalar

Fr. Valentin Marichalar was the pastor of Garabandal during the time of the apparitions This gentlemandeserves special mention as he was the pastor of San Sebastian of Garabandalduring the apparitions. He told of his misgivings concerningthe events that had ended the pastoral peace and routine of Garabandal.So much was happening that he didn't know about and he needed to know thetruth. Without telling anyone, he mentallyasked the Virgin:... [ read more ]

Angela's Cancer Cure

Hi, my name is Angela Szczepanski. I am a wife, a mother of two sons. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a friend. Until recently, my life was quite normal and hectic: raising a family, working full-time with very few days or evenings off. Both my parents and in-laws are elderly and seem to need more assistance in their daily lives. My husband and I have been brought up as Catholics and we have tried to do the same with our sons.... [ read more ]

With Hope And Love

I would like to tell you about my healing from anger. Many people do not consider anger an illness, although it destroys not only one's soul but also one's body. My name is Alexander Valin. I am 44 years old. We, my family and I, came to Canada from Ukraine four years ago. In April 2001, when Dr. Michael Rozeluk prayed over me (at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration), I fell in the Holy Spirit. The following day, while reading a magazine,... [ read more ]

Healed From Arthritis

In 1996, for Holy Week and Easter, I joined the Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on a pilgrimage to Garabandal, Spain, where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to four young girls between 1961-1965. The group was led by Joey Lomangino of New York. I also met several people in the group who, like me, were of Ukrainian descent. Among these were Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk. At that time, I was having a great deal of trouble with my knees,... [ read more ]

Also Mother Mary's Son

June 10, 2003 A number of years ago, in the late 1970's. I was trying out a skateboard and fell solidly on the sidewalk. I believe it was this fall that injured my back. I suffered many, many years of lower back pain, which also affected my sciatic nerve. It was so severe that I underwent two back operations for bulging discs. Even after the operations, I continued to suffer much pain. Many times I was unable to walk or sit because the pain... [ read more ]

A Remarkable Case

Put this medal on your daughter and pray much, and you'll see how she recovers. Blanca Movellon, 51 years old, married and living in Santander, gives this account of what happened to her daughter, Blanca. My daughter had an accident when she was 17 years old, falling six floors to the street, a distance of about 54 feet. On the way down she fell into an awning and her head struck several metal cables which she broke. Her head then hit the... [ read more ]

It Is Hard to Believe, But It's All True

In the summer of 1992, in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, I quite unexpectedly made the acquaintance of Dr. Michael Rozeluk and his wife Helen from Canada. Their children, Natalka and Andriy, were taking part in a concert tour of Ukraine with the Toronto based "Baturyn" marching band, directed by Ostap Brezden. Following their performance in our city, my wife, Luba, invited them to our home. Almost ten years have passed since then, but... [ read more ]

Cure of Maria Teresa Mira Piera

Tomas Bernabe Baeza from Alicante testifies that his wife Maria Teresa Mira Piera, was operated on for breast cancer and because of metastases was treated with cobalt therapy and radiation as is shown in the photocopy of the medical records of Professor Dr. Vicente Belloch Zimmermann, Director of the Department of Radiotherapy and Physiotherapy in the University of Valencia Clinical Hospital. As the medical records show, my wife was operated... [ read more ]

Broken Back Straightens

So many things happen in life that we do not or cannot understand. It is precisely because of such an unexpected event that I came to truly understand the love of God and to thank Him even more today. In the summer of 1995, I received a gift that will last me forever! Many years before, when I was much younger, I suffered a very serious back injury. My back was broken. From then on I suffered constant, excruciating pain. I was fortunate to... [ read more ]

Cancer Cure in Uruguay

I'm a teacher specializing in preschoolers and have taught in many of the schools in Montevideo. I began my career in 1955 in a kindergarten for children of very poor families. One of my colleagues in this work was Monica Rodriguez y Gomez. We worked together for five years before she was transferred to another school and I lost touch with her. One Saturday morning in September, 1971, I met a mutual friend who gave me the startling news that... [ read more ]

A Woman From Argentina

(Jaime Garcia Llorente owns the large house at the base of the calleja in Garabandal. On the day of the following account, he was sitting outside his house under the old apple tree talking to a villager named Tino.) Julia [Mari Loli's mother] came down the calleja carrying her sandals with her walking stick and umbrella tucked under her arm. She was almost 70, but as a good highlander, she could go up and down the hills without any problem.... [ read more ]

Carmen's Healing After 51 Years

August 2003 My name is Carmen McGrath and I live in California, USA near Yosemite National Park. I am most happy to provide this story of God's love for me to my friends the Workers of Our Lady. My friend Candy invited me and Maria (our Spanish-speaking friend) to accompany her on a pilgrimage to Garabandal. The three of us went on our own and were not traveling with a group. Photo: Maria, Carmen (in center) and Candy together in San... [ read more ]

Our Lady's Kiss Heals Carol's Back

I, Carol Renaud, had been experiencing lower back problems for a number of years and because of the pain I had been going to a chiropractor, but it never seemed to help. I would do special exercises to alleviate the pain somewhat, but it would always come back. In the end, I could not even lie flat on my back because I would then be unable to get up again. The pain was excruciating. In August or September of 1996, my friend, Andrea Quirion,... [ read more ]

In the Mountains of Mexico

The Virgin Keeps Her Promise "Through the kiss I have bestowed, on these objects my Son will perform prodigies." Words of the Virgin Mary to Conchita at Garabandal, Spain, November 13,1965 It is with great joy that we relate here the great miracle (yes, Miracle!) granted by the Most Holy Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel of Garabandal to a family that confidently entrusted itself to her. This family consisted of a young married couple: the... [ read more ]

Child Regains Hearing

I am a person that feels blessed already by Our Lady. Until recently I was completely ignorant about Garabandal and Our Lady's visit there. Then a friend of mine, here in California told me about it. Her sister, Diana Reid, who lives in Toronto, has met with Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk and has attended the healing services with Bishop Roman Danylak. She attended the Garabandal "mission" in Toronto and knows people who have been blessed and... [ read more ]

She Did This For Me?

Club Foot Straightened Sometimes what we expect and what God does is so different that the end result is a surprise to all. That is exactly what happened one September evening in 1996, as I climbed the steps to enter Marian Villa, a residence for seniors, with Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk, in order to pray with some elderly residents. On the porch of Marian Villa, we met an elderly friend of mine, Olga P., who was sitting outside, enjoying... [ read more ]

Conversion Of A German Engineer

Maximo Foerschler, a German Protestant married to a Spanish Catholic, worked in Spain for many years as an engineer. Since he was a good friend of the Andreu family, he accompanied Father Ramón Andreu on some of Father's visits to Garaban-dal. Maximo practiced his Protestant Christianity which he inherited from his devout parents and had never considered changing his religion. Here is his testimony excerpted from SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE... [ read more ]

Conversion In Buenos Aires

Don Antonio Dalmiro Atienza Moya, lawyer and notary public living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, obtained a medal kissed by Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Garabandal during her apparitions. Actually the medal itself in question was not kissed by the Virgin but rather contained on the reverse side of a medal bearing Our Lady's image, a tiny piece of Mari Loli's missal that had been kissed by the Blessed Virgin. Thousands of relics have been made... [ read more ]

Conversion Of Miguel Angel

My name is Miguel Angel Muela and I live in Santander. I want to establish my identity and give testimony of something very important to me, since it changed my life, for which I thank God. I belong to a family of workers. My father was a farmer while my mother looked after the house and took care of my brothers and me. When it came to the Faith, our home was divided: my mother was religious, but my father was an unbeliever who referred to... [ read more ]

My Conversion Through Garabandal

Although my parents were Catholic, and although I was baptised, they never practised their faith. God or religion was never mentioned in our home, except on very rare occasions when my father's friends from the old country, Yugoslavia (now Croatia), would visit, and the conversation would sometimes turn into gossip about a priest and his housekeeper. They had no respect for priests and just could not understand or accept that a man could... [ read more ]

A Cure for the Doctor

Testimony of a Dr. Edward Serrano, M.D. Dr. Ed Serrano, 76, a medical doctor, has been a believer in the Garabandal events since the 1960's and helped Dick Everson in the production of his documentary film on Garabandal. He has stayed active in the apostolate and now does Spanish translations for this publication. Here is his testimony of a painful condition he developed and how he was cured. Three or four years ago I began to feel... [ read more ]

Cure in Shanghai

Baby And Mother Instantly Saved! "Through the kiss I have bestowed, on these objects my Son will perform prodigies." Words of the Virgin Mary to Conchita at Garabandal, Spain, November 13,1965 Dear Tony: I wish to praise and thank the Lord for His miraculous healing of a lady in Shanghai a few days ago! This is a testimony of an obvious miracle. My daughter, Veronica, who works in Shanghai with the Shangri-la Group of Hotels was very... [ read more ]

A Renewed Life

Eight years of constant pain ended for a Canadian dentist when he was blessed with a medal kissed by Our Lady of Garabandal. The year 1986 began as a great one for me and my family. My dental practice was very successful. Our two children, ten-year-old Natalka and six-year-old Andriy were doing very well in school. I was enjoying every sport activity imaginable: hockey, baseball, tennis, squash, racquetball, swimming, water-skiing, golf, you... [ read more ]

Cured of Polio

My name is Jose Fernandez Muniz from Aviles, born August 3, 1966, and my story dates back to 1971. December 20, 1971, I was admitted to the General Hospital of Asturias with acute anterior poliomyelitis. I had not been vaccinated because of my poor health and therefore had a good chance of coming out of the hospital in a wheelchair which would have been an awful blow to my family. Much of what happened during my hospital stay, I can't recall... [ read more ]

Daughter Born

In October 1962, a friend, Mr. Roca, told us about some apparitions occurring in a little Cantabrian village called San Sebastian de Garabandal. Taking advantage of a long religious holiday weekend we went to Garabandal with an acquaintance from Barcelona. We arrived in the afternoon, and were told that the girls had received a call, and that the Virgin would appear during the night. We were waiting for this to occur in a kind of little... [ read more ]

The Double Cure of a Doctor's Wife

This is the story of Menchu Mendiolea's healing, as told by her husband, Angel Alvarez, M.D., specialist in gynecology, at Valdecilla Hospital in Santander (Spain) to Father Francis A. Benac, S.J.(+1994), a missionary stationed in Bombay, India, at the time who was visiting his native country. In this life, some people try to explain away inexplicable things using vague, confusing language. This case is so clear that there is no explanation... [ read more ]

Testimony Of A University Professor

(Dr. Ricardo Puncernau was an internationally known neuropsychiatrist and professor at the University of Barcelona. He made several trips to Garabandal during the time of the apparitions and studied the girls both in ecstasy and in the normal state.) Many interesting things happened in Garabandal. For example, the girls had ecstasies that lasted three to four hours (during which they sometimes wept); there would be a short break and then they... [ read more ]

Fernando Imbernon's Testimony

In the summer of 1974 when I was in Gijon as inspector of sales for a company in Valencia, I went to the beach to take a swim and get some sun. I changed into my swimsuit and took a cold shower to cool me off from the heat in preparation for the cold seawater. As I started down the steep marble steps, I slipped and flew through the air with my 200 pound body landing like a lead weight several steps down. My entire back hurt, but especially my... [ read more ]

Seeing is Believing

In 1991, I was operated on for a cancerous tumor above my right eye. The tumor was removed, but gradually the sight in that eye became seriously impaired. After I retired in 1994, I was given permission to travel to Lourdes on a pilgrimage. After washing my face several times in the Lourdes water, I got pink eye in my good eye. On the morning of the third day at Lourdes, some American soldiers invited me to go with them to a little village... [ read more ]

Eye Healing

Dear Maria Josefa: I would like to relate what happened to me. We left Barcelona on Saturday July 31 [year not given] and arrived around 7:00 P.M., at Sancho el Fuerte on the road that borders Tudela. When I went to take a shower, I slipped and fell hitting my eye against the side of the bathtub. The next day, my wife telephoned the doctor mentioned in the certificate [that accompanied the letter to Josefa Gallego], and we went to... [ read more ]

Not One Trace of Scar Tissue

Note: Helen and Beville Outlaw are now both retired, but are still very busy promoting the Messages of Our Lady of Garabandal. Their home in Garabandal has been specially adapted to accommodate the disabled and infirm who will come for the time of the Great Miracle. The Workers of Our Lady - Canada wish to thank Beville and Helen for their hospitality and kindness during our pilgrimage to Rome and Garabandal in May of 1999. They welcomed... [ read more ]

Fr. Ramón's Foot

Two days after the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar, there appeared in Garabandal for the first time a German engineer who was residing in Spain at Madrid, Maximo Foerschler Entenmann. Although Protestant, he was a close friend of the Andreu family; because of this he went to Garabandal accompanied by Father Ramón Maria. The journey was not easy. It was the fourteenth, the second Saturday of October, the octave of that special feast day of... [ read more ]

George Retzlaff Restored to Life

The following is a true story of another miracle. Our Lady at Garabandal, interceded and obtained the grace of a total healing of George Retzlaff who seemed condemned to die. We must never give up faith and hope--even in the face of the impossible. A few years ago, in November 1996, my wife, Wanda, and I decided to attend the first "Embrace the Eucharist Mission". It was being held at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Markham,... [ read more ]

Gift in Rome for Elisabeth

From the May, 1999 Pilgrimage to Rome and Garabandal About 5 years ago (1994) I became very sick. I was constantly tired; had no energy and no appetite. I began to lose weight. I couldn't work. In the end I began to vomit and became jaundiced. I went to the doctor; he suspected the liver. They thought it was Hepatitis C. My liver was permanently damaged. There was no cure. The doctors could not do anything. They said I could stay in the... [ read more ]

God Heals The Incredulous Too

After Helen and I returned from Garabandal following my unexpected healing there in 1994 (see Mike's Story), I was told to use the Garabandal medal. Since then many, many wonderful things have happened to many people. Joey Lomangino, after praying for me with his medal, also told me, "Remember all I can do is to pray for you...the rest is up to God. All I am doing is holding the medal and praying. "Thank God, not me." Soon afterwards Helen... [ read more ]

God's Gift to Me

The following miracle has led to many baptisims. Other miraculous things have happened, while working with my patients and showing them my medal. In fact another nurse, I was working with, did not believe until she looked at the medal, and her unborn baby leapt in her womb. She was thinking of terminating the pregnancy, because of an unhappy marriage. Well she started crying, her marriage was saved, they are back in church, and have 3... [ read more ]

God Has a Sense of Humour

Many times we think that God is only very serious and looks upon this world with a very stern eye. And this may be true, judging by the very events which take place in and around this world that He has created. But we, Helen and I, have experienced a moment when God has shown that He also has a wonderful sense of humour. We would like to share this moment with you so that you can rejoice and also have a smile on your face. Several years... [ read more ]

Grave Complications

In February 1970, the surgical team of the Clinic Pugol Matabach of Barcelona, along with my brother-in-law who is also a doctor, performed a relatively simple surgery on my sister Ana Maria. She had a gallstone. This operation ended up with grave complications. The surgery began at 10:00 A.M. Around 3:30 in the afternoon my husband and I went to visit her. When I arrived at the reception desk to ask the room number, the receptionist asked... [ read more ]

Healed of Herniated Discs

My name is Marcel Vanderberghe. I'm fifty-five years old, married and the father of four children. I live in Brussels and work for a company where I control the shipment of merchandise and supplies to our branch stores. In the first days of September, I had to stop working. Several examinations, some of them painful, revealed herniated discs. Thanks to the competence and care of my doctor I managed to escape surgical intervention. Rest and... [ read more ]

The Healing of Ciriaco Cosio

Maurice Bergeron and Nadege Baco sent Dr. Celestino Ortiz the following testimony in which they relate the healing of Conchita's Uncle Ciriaco at the precise moment of the Miracle of the Host, July 18-19,1962. "I, Maurice Bergeron, born January 5, 1924, in La Sarre, Quebec, Canada, swear on the holy Gospels in front of God and His Church the truth of my testimony. In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, Amen. Let God help me... [ read more ]

Healing of a Lay Professor

Letter to an abbot in which Andre Ooghe describes the healing of an unbelieving woman professor Dear Father, This is about a woman approximately 26 years old who more than a year ago was severely injured in a car accident where she sustained a fracture of the arm that did not heal, with constant purulent drainage. This kept her in the hospital with an IV running. Her father was devastated by her condition and confided his troubles to me... [ read more ]

A Healing of the Eyes

I thank Our Lady of Garabandal for the great favor she granted my son. From birth he suffered from a very marked strabismus (A disorder of vision due to a deviation from normal orientation of one or both eyes so that both cannot be directed at the same object at the same time; cross eyes - RANDOM HOUSE WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY). We took him to a specialist who told us he was too young to be operated on for this problem and that we should wait... [ read more ]

Hip Surgery Pain

Dear Friends, Although I have never been to Garabandal, my wife, Helen and I, know about this most special of places in the world. We have been talking with Dr. Mike Rozeluk and he has told us some wonderful things. It is because of his prompting that I would like to tell you my story. On March 3, 1994, I had hip surgery. My recovery after surgery was as expected. I had quite a bit of pain but I did get better. Then my right hip started to... [ read more ]

Holland Mission October 2008

December 12, 2008 Dear Friends in Christ: We have just returned from a very enjoyable and fruitful mission-trip to Holland. Thank you so very much for your help in making it possible. As you no doubt know, we were invited to give and take part in a Garabandal Mission in Holland. The Garabandal committee in Holland made all the preparations and we thank them and especially Wim and Ina Langeveld, for their hard work. The film of our trip... [ read more ]

I Am Healed

In the February, 2001 issue of SVITLO Magazine (The Ukrainian Basilian Catholic monthly - ed.), I read an article called, "My Miraculous Healing" by Petro Hrynchyshyn. I read with wonder and a certain fear about how the Blessed Mother kissed medals, rosaries, wedding bands etc., which the little visionaries of Garabandal raised up to Her. However, I believed it was so. Most people who, like I, come from countries with communist ideology are... [ read more ]

Impossible Odds

"Padre Pio and Our Lady's kissed medal save my brother." Dear Dr. Mike: In December of 2000 I e-mailed you a note and asked for a PADRE PIO medal. You, Dr. Mike and Helen, sent it to me along with a medal of OUR LADY of Garabandal. You also sent me information about Our Lady's visit to Garabandal, Her Messages, and the promise She gave with the kissed medal. My brother, Johnny D. Hensley, had gone in for open-heart surgery at the time. On... [ read more ]

The Precious Locket

Having received the Locket from Fr. Francis Benac S.J. on 29th December 1988, I really wondered why I was the one chosen to possess such a treasure. His words on giving me the Locket were "Sister, our Blessed Mother Mary sends you her Christmas Gift!" On the 30th December at 5:00 am, I was praying in the Basilica, which is adjacent to our convent. At 5:30 am the doors and windows were opened to the public. That morning after breakfast, I... [ read more ]

Inoperable Tumor Disappears

I was operated on for cancer of the womb, which was removed in 1971. This was followed by periodic chest and abdomen x-rays at the hospital every three months. In 1974, the doctors noticed something in one of my lungs and further tests revealed another tumor which was growing. I went to a different hospital, and the diagnosis was confirmed. They gave me two or three months to live. The tumor was inoperable. A friend of mine, Father Ramon... [ read more ]

Instantaneous Recouperation

Photo: Medal from Garabandal. My son, Alberto Gutierrez Orena, four years old at the time, was seriously hurt in a car accident, where he received a severe concussion that left him for eighteen days blind, deaf and speechless. He was hospitalized in the Casa de Salud Valdecilla de Santander, Spain. Miss Aurora Diez Alvarez of Santander gave me a Garabandal medal. The date was January 18, 1966. My son had been unresponsive for 18 days. I... [ read more ]

It Was Meant To Be... Here

(Presented November 6th, 1999, at the Embrace the Eucharist III Mission, Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Unionville, Ontario.) I was born and raised a Roman Catholic in San Antonio, Texas. While growing up, I attended Catechism and Mass every Sunday. However, after finishing high school, I didn't go as often. While attending College in 1977, I met my husband, Hamid. He is Iranian and at the time was a practising Moslem. Because of the... [ read more ]

His Wonders Never Cease

I am writing to share with you the story of my cleaning lady, Jagoda, and the wonderful blessing she received after applying a medal kissed by Our Blessed Mother in Garabandal to her breast. One day over a year ago, my cleaning lady, Jagoda, came to my house very upset. She told me that her husband had had a heart attack, that her son (whom she adores) moved to Poland, that she and her daughter are barely on speaking terms, so she rarely... [ read more ]

Testimonial to the Grace of God

>On March 6, 1998, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, the same tumor that took my father's life 7 years earlier. The prognosis was poor: my father survived only 6 months after his diagnosis and I felt an overwhelming sadness at the prospect of leaving this world, of leaving behind my husband and my children at such an early age. I was just turning forty and had been looking forward to the rest of my life. Now I was faced with my... [ read more ]

Jesus was My Feet

Photo: Helen Rozeluk with Mary Dierking in Rome 1999 My name is Mary Dierking. I live in Ponca, Nebraska. I was raised on a farm. I still tend to a fairly large garden and the twenty-four apple trees on my acreage. In 1962, two days after my wedding, I injured my back in a car accident. From then on I have had to endure unbelievable back problems. For the first five years I had to wear a full-back brace and for those five years I endured a... [ read more ]

It's Wonderful To Feel Again!

In 1987 my family was in a spiritual shambles. My marriage was broken. My children and I had been away from our Catholic faith for 8 ½ years. I was just beginning to return to the faith but my children still had a long way to go. There was no one to pray for them but me. Then, on the morning of November 25, 1987 I was in a severe car accident. I was rushed to the hospital where, in addition to internal injuries, they found I had five... [ read more ]

One, Two, Three Gifts

Yes, I am happy to write about three "Gifts from God" where I have been present or personally involved. All of these "gifts" or "graces" occurred through the wonderful medal kissed by Our Lady of Garabandal. Back Healed Hi, my name is Marijka and I am writing to share about the great healing that God has done in my life. I was at a regularly scheduled prayer and healing service at St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Church last summer (1999). It was... [ read more ]

Knee Healing

Photo: From left to right, Kevin, Miguel Angel Gonzales, (Mayor), Tony Kissane, Mary Sanchez and Michael (author) in Garabandal. In late September, myself and wife Suzanne, travelled to London and Garabandal with Tony Kissane and Kevin Sharpe from the National Garabandal Centre (Australia) and Mother and Son tour leaders, Mary and Matthew Sanchez, of Pax Travel in London. It was my second trip to Garabandal and Kevin's first (Kevin's first... [ read more ]

Leg Paralysis Cure

I'm one of the many Mexicans who believe in Garabandal. I love the Blessed Virgin of Carmel of Garabandal very much even though up until now the Bishops of Santander, quite correctly, have not approved the apparitions. When our family prays the rosary we always pray the litany of the Virgin Mary, especially addressing Our Lady as Our Lady of Garabandal. Every day we put fresh flowers in front of her picture; for us this is a cherished devotion... [ read more ]

Let Me Tell You the Rest of the Story...

Let me tell you the rest of the story... With these words, my new friend, Peggy, responded to my hello on the telephone. Peggy had finally telephoned me after several months had gone by, to tell me something important. You see, Peggy and I had met in Minneapolis, Minnesota in November of 1995, at a dental course. Before that, when I had been suffering in so much pain after my car accident, I was not able attend any dental courses outside... [ read more ]

Faith, Trust and Miracles

UPDATE June 2014: Today Michael has graduated and working as a medical doctor/physician and we are all VERY proud of Michael. We continue to thank God for Michael's tremendous healing. He is completely well with no recurrence or relapses. Chances are, I am just like many people you know, a friend, a co-worker or a member of your family. I was born in the Toronto area. I married my high school sweetheart and we were blessed with two beautiful,... [ read more ]

Diagnosed with Leukemia

The religious brother, David Garcia, from the Order of Corazonistas, gave the following conference to a Garabandal group from Valencia. The Brother is from Burgos (Spain) and went to South America in 1932. While in South America, I began to feel ill and weak. Whatever I ate gave me no sustenance, and I developed a chronic headache. One of the other Brothers thought I should have a blood test and since I had to take one of my students to the... [ read more ]

Mary's Medal and Her Promise

Mary promised at Garabandal She would perform many prodigies through the Garabandla medals we have at our disposal. When Our Blessed Mother appeared at Garabandal, she promised that through the use of the medal containing a piece of Mary Loli's Prayer Book which she kissed during the apparitions, her son, Jesus Christ, would perform many prodigies. We thought that we would like to remind our friends of this very special relic we have at our... [ read more ]

Menchu Mendiolea's Cure

"... for what she has done in Garabandal! For that, yes" This is an extract from a letter written by a nun to Father Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera, who out of humility, did not reveal the miracle in which she played a part. All for Jesus and Mary Reverend Father Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera Dear Father, I've been in a dilemma, not knowing who to tell this to, but I trust you. This event occurred ten years ago. Imagine that! It happened on... [ read more ]

A Mended Arm

My name is Casilda Alvarez Lomrana. I'm 59 years old and I live in Potes (Spain). I was operated on for breast cancer in 1952. Seven years ago they removed lymphatic nodes that were already cancerous. The diagnosis was very grave. They gave me 12 chemotherapy treatments and 30 days on radiotherapy. My axilla (armpit) was now like raw meat. The doctors gave me a very grave prognosis and told my son Eutiquiano Recio, a medical doctor, that I... [ read more ]

Seeds of Faith

As most of you know, numerous miracles have occurred from the many artifacts from Garabandal, none the least of which are the various pine needles that are strewn beneath the trees of the apparition site. Every year, many such needles are picked up by various persons in hopes of a miracle associated with Our Lady's presence, but also to serve as a reminder of Her visit. Perhaps the message in these “pine needles” is to spread Her... [ read more ]

The Miracle Baby

January 10,1996 It is with great pleasure that we are writing to you to express our great admiration and thanks for the work you are doing. Finding out about the events of Garabandal has changed our lives. We believe that spreading the news about Garabandal as much as possible will help change the world. As for us, we would also like to tell our story with its connection to Garabandal and would like to thank you in advance. We believe that... [ read more ]

The Miracle Of The Andes

(In response to my inquiries, I received this letter from Uruguay written by the mothers of two of the survivors of the aviation accident in the Andes.- Maria Josefa Gallego) Dear Madam: It was twenty years ago that the marvelous miracle of the Andes occurred. Let me tell you how a group of mothers placed all their hopes in the Virgin of Garabandal. Disconsolate, I was in church praying when someone tapped me on the shoulder and placed... [ read more ]

Mother Teresa and Jacinta

Conversation Mother Teresa: Jacinta, how happy you must feel for all the graces that the Virgin has granted you. Jacinta: You are right, but I don't know if I'll be able to correspond to all the favors received. Mother Teresa: You are a chosen soul. Before I make an important decision, I always invoke the Sacred Heart of Jesus." Commentary: This reference to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was made by Mother Teresa because she knew about... [ read more ]

My Eye is Fine!

(My experience with Our Lady's medal from Garabandal) This happened in the fall of 2002. I usually have my eyes examined every two years. So, since it was time, I went to my appointment at the clinic of the renown opthalmologist, Dr. Dello Russo. It is difficult to get an appointment with the doctor himself because he is usually visiting other clinics, performing difficult and complicated surgery. The check-ups are usually done by other... [ read more ]

My Miraculous Healing

It happened only recently - in 1998, in Toronto, Ontario. One day , while doing some heavy physical work, I suddenly felt intense pain in my lower back. With each subsequent day this pain intensified. Finally it reached the point that I was unable to bend over and had to brace myself with my arms in order to straighten up. I have never lacked patience (I have had several serious operations), but in one day I realized that something was... [ read more ]

Malignant Lung Tumor Cured

(This cure was recounted in the January-February 2005 edition of Garabandal Journal by the woman who was cured. This testimony of her daughter adds some details not mentioned by the mother.) In 1972 or 1973, my mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She had a hysterectomy performed at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles, California, and the doctor recommended periodic follow-ups with chest and abdomen x-rays. Things went well... [ read more ]

Myroslav Kovalevich - Bent No More

With this letter I wish to publicly express my thanks to God for the blessing of my healing. In the middle of May, 2004, I felt pain in my lower back and immediately I was bent over to one side. My wife urged me to go to Holy Mass at a church where the Rozeluk family (sic) would be with their medal of Our Lady of Garabandal. We had heard that people receive healing at these Masses. I agreed to go because the pain was excruciating and I... [ read more ]

Naomi's Knee

My name is Naomi and I live in the New York City area. I met Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk several years ago through Bishop Roman Danylak. I was fortunate enough to join them in several pilgrimages to Garabandal, the last one being in May, 2001. It was on this last trip that I was graced with a wonderful and unexpected gift from Our Lord. One morning, approximately two years ago, I woke up and, as usual, got down on my knees to say my... [ read more ]

Garabandal Healing in The Netherlands

Photo: Elisabeth & Marianne It is through God's grace that I can write down my testimony for publication in the Garabandal International magazine. I want to thank the Lord, Our Lady, St Joseph, Marthe Robin and everybody who prayed and offered up their sufferings for me in the Netherlands and all over the world. I am most grateful for your prayers and sufferings. We are all part of God's family under the protection of the Holy Spirit. I... [ read more ]

A New Kneecap for Christina Wayo

Preview Of The Miracle? In 1968, Christiana Wayo of Makurdi, Nigeria, slipped and fell down some stairs in her house landing very hard on her left knee. She was taken to the hospital where an elastic bandage was applied. When she got back home, she went to bed, but the pain prevented her from getting any rest. Others living in the house removed the bandage on the knee that was beginning to swell. That night she needed pain killers to get... [ read more ]

Healed After Twenty Years

Glory be to Jesus Christ! My name is Vasyl Shalamay. I live in New York City. I would like to give witness to the miracle of my healing, which happened in October, 2002. Photo: Father Mario Dacechen, Vasyl Shalamay and Dr. Michael About twenty years earlier, I fell and badly injured my left shoulder. Although the ligaments were torn, x-rays revealed no fractures. Therefore I was not given any disability leave from work. However, from that... [ read more ]

My Healing through the Kissed Medal

First healing at the Mother of God Monastery in Orangeville, Ont., Canada My story will be about my healing through the medal, which was kissed by the Blessed Mother in Garabandal. My name is Nadia Popovich. Along with my husband and my children, we came to Canada not long ago from Ukraine. I would like to say that prayer has always been a part of my life. But at this time I want to pray more and more, and to tell everyone what has happened... [ read more ]

My Knee is Healed

I had heard about the apparitions of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (in Garabandal) still in Lviv, Ukraine, before I arrived in Canada over a year and a half ago. Within the first few days following my arrival in Toronto, I happened to be at a presentation of a book by Petro Hrynchyshyn, "From Zarvanytsia to Garabandal". It was in this book that I first encountered the names of Dr. & Mrs. Rozeluk and I immediately thought, how nice it would be to... [ read more ]

Our Lady's Kiss Heals Broken Bones

My story begins on February 20, 1998. I was returning home from the evening shift at work. It was almost midnight. As I was crossing the street to reach my son, who had come to pick me up, a car suddenly hit me. The ambulance rushed me to Scarborough Grace Hospital in Scarborough (the eastern suburb of Toronto). X-rays revealed that my pelvic bone was broken in three places. My sacral bone (the base of my spine) was also broken but, thank... [ read more ]

Paco's Experience

Photo: Shrine of Our Lady in the main pine tree at Garabandal (by Michael Tubberty) My name is Paco. I'm from Lamasón 12 kilometers from Garabandal and this is what happened to me when I was 12 years old. On July 25, 1961, I went with a friend of mine from Garabandal to see the ecstasies that had been going on for one month. I was very impressed by what I saw. The girls running forward and backward, on their knees, etc., etc., was... [ read more ]

Paquita Peña's Experience

For months I suffered from a very painful right forearm from the elbow down to the wrist. It was especially noticeable at night and made it impossible for me to find a comfortable position to rest as the pain was always there. I noticed my right hand was losing strength and to grasp objects I had to use both hands. It got to the point where I couldn't bend my arm to reach my back or bend it from the shoulder or bend my arm directly backwards.... [ read more ]

Snatched from Death's Door

So what is prayer? Mere incantation to God, to some Trinity, saint, or holy relic, for relief from life's everyday woes? Or is it simply talking with God, as Father of all, who sees all, loves all, can help with all, and to Whom we are forever grateful for His visible and timely intercession in our life? Our Lady at Garabandal continually begs us to pray, not only for our own redemption, but for others, too. The following story points out... [ read more ]

Prayer Can Break Steel

The time has come for me to write about my own miraculous healing. Although this happened four years ago, in 1998, I shall never forget it. Even now I cry when thinking about what happened. However, I want to thank God, who gave me the grace to live a little longer, so that I could still be of help to my husband and my grandchildren. Three months ago, God called my husband, Michael, to be with Him. It is now time for me to give my testimony.... [ read more ]

Priests Need Healing Too!

Throughout my life I have worked in many committees and organizations through which I came to know many priests. Some of the young men I worked with also were called to the priesthood. When I was healed in Garabandal on April 3, 1994 (see Mike's Story) I made a promise to return the following year in thanksgiving. I also began to feel the new need to attend Holy Mass more often than just on Sunday. Helen and I then became very involved in... [ read more ]

Prodigies in Barcelona

The Blessed Virgin always has had her share of devotees in Barcelona so the following anecdotes of favors received there should come as no surprise. One To begin, I'm going to relate an event that occurred here in Barcelona on February 11, 1969, feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Our dear friend, A.R., whose name I'm not authorized to reveal, visited a family very devoted to the Virgin to talk about themes related to Our Lady (we should all do... [ read more ]

Prophesied Cure

Francisco Javier Gallego Villa, my son, since birth has suffered ptosis palpebral. After several surgical interventions by Dr. Vilar Sancho y Zaragoza, he continues in the same state. Conchita had a conversation with someone, who wrote it down and sent it to me unexpectedly from Paris. In the letter, reference was made to my husband who was considering taking our son to Barcelona for an operation. But, according to the letter, Conchita asks... [ read more ]

A Pulmonary Cure

On December 20, 1995,1 was admitted into a hospital clinic in serious condition. After the preliminary examination, I said to the doctor when he came to my room: "They tell me the right lung is the bad one." He replied: "The entire right lung is filled with water and half the left." I thought to myself: "People die from this!" For many years, I wore a crucifix from a rosary that in 1961 had been kissed by the Virgin at Garabandal during an... [ read more ]

An Interesting Phenomenon

My name is Maria Villanueva Diaz from Santander and I want to relate how a rainbow was imprinted on my sunglasses. This happened October 11,1976, the feast of Our Lady del Pilar. That day many people had congregated at the Pines in Garabandal to pray the holy rosary. A large part of the group consisted of two hundred girls from a school in Gijon who were to be consecrated by their teacher to the Immaculate Heart of Mary [In ordinary Spanish... [ read more ]

Recovering Her Voice

On December 8, 1979, after a severe cold, I lost my voice, which became a chronic problem. I saw several doctors all to no avail. I felt like an invalid: I couldn't answer the phone, and when I went shopping, I had to carry a pad and pen with me. You cannot imagine what it's like not to be able to speak. Sometimes I forgot and forced myself to speak very softly, but as this strained my voice chords, I taped my mouth shut, only removing the... [ read more ]

Rediscovering the Virgin

At the beginning of October (1996) I learned that friends of mine were planning a trip to a little village in Cantabria called San Sebastian de Garabandal where the Blessed Virgin was reported to have appeared to four girls some years ago. To tell the truth, I wasn't much interested in what happened there, but wanted to go in order to be with one of the girls who would be going. Time passed and when I asked them again about the proposed... [ read more ]

Regained Sight

In September of 1967 after a car accident I was taken to the hospital of Colmar in very serious condition with multiple traumas to the head and total loss of vision. My aunt came to visit me and brought me a photograph of Padre Pio intending to place me under his protection. That picture was sent to her by a lady friend who also sent her prayer cards and a medal of Our Lady of Garabandal to which many prodigies had been attributed. I placed... [ read more ]

Valerie Cygon - Resident of Garabandal

How does a woman from New Jersey (USA) with multiple sclerosis wind up living in Garabandal? Here is Valerie Cygon's own story. Photo (Right): Valerie on the road leading into Garabandal. She has needed the wheelchair since 1992, but uses a cane or walker inside the house. In 1993, I first learned about Garabandal from some women who belonged to the same prayer group I did in my parish church in Dover, New Jersey. One of the women gave me... [ read more ]

The Powerful Rosary

"I knew the Rosary was powerful, but..." - Another Miracle from the 1999 pilgrimage to Rome and Garabandal. When The Workers of Our Lady - Canada took a group of pilgrims to Rome in May, 1999 for the beatification of Padre Pio, someone in the group experienced a miracle every single day of that two-week pilgrimage. The following is mine. We arrived in Rome on Saturday, May 1, 1999. Our group of twenty one was staying at the... [ read more ]

The Scapular, The Rosary and Our Survival Story

My name is Helen Rozeluk. My husband Michael is a dentist in Toronto, Canada. Because our story is so closely linked to Garabandal, I must first give a short summary of the events of Garabandal. Garabandal is a tiny village in the Cantabrian Mountains of northern Spain, where the Blessed Mother "allegedly" appeared to four little girls between the years 1961-1965. I say "allegedly" only because the Church has still not passed it's final... [ read more ]

I Flew on Wings to Church

My name is Anna Yevchyn. I am 57 years old. Until now, praise God, I had no complaints about my health. I came to Canada recently from Ukraine, on the invitation of my aunt. I now live in Toronto, where I help a family with general housekeeping. One spring day, June 21, 2004, to be exact, I went out to mow the lawn. This was quite difficult for me because, in certain places, it meant mowing uphill. However, with some effort, I finally... [ read more ]

Faith Changes to Conviction

On Wednesday, June 29, 2005, there was a Holy Liturgy for the intentions of the sick at Sts. Peter and Paul (Ukrainian Catholic) Church in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Approximately two weeks before this, I felt a sudden intense pain in the cartilage of the middle finger of my right hand. I could not touch anything with that finger, not a spoon nor a pencil, because then the pain became very severe and shattering. I was not yet even fully... [ read more ]

Wrist Healing at Healing Service

Dear Helen and Dr. Michael Rozeluk, First of all we, Alison and Rick, would like to thank you and Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church for welcoming us to your regularly scheduled healing mass at the end of every month. We are writing this letter together. It has affected us both. Let's start from the beginning. Alison (my wife) loves to play hockey. She has played "ringette" for most of her life andd, more recently, she played hockey for... [ read more ]

Stomach Cancer

Greetings Father Peter Dvirnik, Further to our conversation of this morning, I am herewith submitting my testimony of the healing I and my husband Tony have received through the Healing Mass on Saturday, October 27, 2007. I had been told of the healing masses from Doctor Marian Zazula 5 days before I had a major health crisis on December 19, 2005 (2 years ago). I went unconscious and vomited blood. Praise be to God, my husband Tony was... [ read more ]

It Seems Like a Miracle

Letter dated February 18, 1962, from the Marques de Santa Maria to Father Ramon Andreu. It appears that Father Andreu knew of an alleged cure in Madrid and suggested that the Marques might want to look into it. Encouraged by your letter, Rosario [the Marques's wife] and I went to Jose del Hierro Street, in Concepcion neighborhood, to a new, modest house. We went up to the third floor (no elevator), knocked, and a tall, very thin,... [ read more ]

Shaun Begins to Speak

Dear Fellow Workers of Our Lady, For months I have been thanking God, Jesus, and the Most Blessed Mother and all who participated in the "Embrace the Eucharist III" on Saturday November 6, 1999. My wife, Giavana and my four children: Stephanie Anne 12, Angela Nadine 9, Christopher Joseph 7, and Shaun Gregory 6, all attended that holy day. They loved to hear all the personal testimonies of miraculous healing. We were all very excited to... [ read more ]

Skin Condition Disappears

My name is Anastazja Kaliszczak. I live in Warren, Michigan, USA. Last year, I travelled with a group of tourists to Ukraine. The trip seemed to go very well but, when I returned home, I became ill. A heavy rash suddenly appeared on my face, chest and armpits. It was unbearably itchy and, at the same time, very painful. Soon afterwards, the rash on my chest developed into open sores which oozed some sort of fluid. I consulted various doctors... [ read more ]

Free of Pain At Last

For some time now I have been suffering a disease of the joint. I have been treated for many years by doctors both in Ukraine and in Canada but there was no improvement. Very often, the disease became acute and I would experience terrible pains. In addition to all of that, in the last four months, I began having intense pain in one of my knees. I took all sorts of medication but there was no relief. I could not walk or sleep, I could not... [ read more ]

A Stunning Conversion

The following account, the conversion of a British subject, was told to me [Josefa Gallego] by Father Miguel Fernandez, a priest from Barcelona, now deceased, who had given me authorization to publish it. Father Fernandez talked about this conversion, which he witnessed and was a part of, in a conference at a convent of religious Sisters in Barcelona in April 1982. A friend of mine from Santander told me about the ecstasies of the four... [ read more ]

Testimony of Maria Luisa

As a way of thanking Our Lady, I'm relating my memories of a trip to Garabandal in August 1962 while the apparitions of the Virgin to Conchita, Mari Loli, Jacinta and Mari Cruz were taking place. I was accompanied by my husband, who suffered from bronchial asthma and mitial insufficiency. We arrived in our car and the girls had their "ecstatic races." In order not to miss anything, my husband hurriedly ran after the girls, making the steep... [ read more ]

Thalassemia Cure

A letter to Fr. Francis Benac, S.J., missionary in India Dear Father Benac, Please forgive this handwritten letter, but time is short and I simply took what was handy. I tell you in this letter that Christopher is getting better. I am so happy he got into a medical center yesterday. Generally, the first examination affirms that Chris has thalassemia, which we all know is incurable. In a follow up visit he was completely normal; his spinal... [ read more ]

Keeping Your Promises

Every night I would watch him on his knees praying to Our Lord God. He has raised his family in the light of God, and has been the provider and stronghold of many. He has shown me how to accept others for what they are and, most of all, how to give unconditional love. He has taught me to always hold on to God's hand for guidance and wisdom. The man I am talking about is my grandfather. As far back as I can remember, my grandfather has always... [ read more ]

The Faith of a Child

"My own children now ask for blessings before bed and before they walk out the door to school. When Paul, (aged 7) was recently in the hospital and very sick, he asked me if he could borrow one of my blessed medals (of Garabandal ) to sleep with. The doctors told me his virus (Anaphylactoid Purpura - also known as Henoch's Syndrome) would get much worse before it got better.[ Editorial Note: a medical disorder characterized by purplish or... [ read more ]

Christina's Gastric Ailment Disappears

My name is Lesia Sudyk. I come from the city of Kalush in the Ivano-Frankivsk province of Ukraine. More recently I have been living with my family in the area of Detroit, Michigan, USA. It was from my friends that I first found out about [Michael and Helen] Rozeluks' visits to Ukraine to pray for the healing of the sick with the help of their miraculous medals of Our Lady from Garabandal. I was intrigued by these events. I had the opportunity... [ read more ]

The Miraculous Healing of My Eyes

Testimony (April 26, 2007) In the autumn of 2005, I began to have problems with my eyes. They bothered me especially at work, because [the premises was] brightly lit. My eyes were constantly red and dry (the sensation of sand in my eyes). In October I went to see my optometrist, but she assured me that it was only an inflammation and that the pressure in my eyes was normal. She prescribed antibiotic eye drops. For a while the eye drops... [ read more ]

Children Write from Ukraine

Photo: Father Zenovy with some of the children healed in Radcha, Ukraine.Note: ALL who came into this room gave testimonies of healing as a result of their kissing the medal of Garabandal. Rib Cage Now Normal November 23, 2002 Glory be to Jesus Christ! My name is Mykhailo. I live in the village of Radcha. I am 14 years old. I had noticed that the left side of my rib cage was smaller than the right. This didn't bother me, but it was a... [ read more ]

Cure of Mrs. Ivanka Liskavatska

November 1, 2002 Dear Dr. Michael and Helen: I would like to tell you about the healing of Mrs. Ivanka Liskavatska. She told me about it over the telephone and asked me to write it down for her. Here is her story. Photo: St. Josaphat's Church in Novoyavorivsk, near the city of Lviv. Mrs. Ivanka is a pensioner, 65 years old and lives in Novoyavorivsk, Lviv province, Ukraine. She is a good friend of my mother's. Lately Mrs. Ivanka was... [ read more ]

Love Replaces Anger: The Healing of Mrs. M. M.

Photo (Right): The Cathedral in Ivano-Frankivsk. My name is M.M. Ever since I remember, I was always full of anger in my relationships with people. Whenever anyone approached me for advice or to share some kind of trouble, I always reacted with anger. Even when I would notice someone from afar turning in my direction, this was enough to upset me. I understood very well that everyone, especially a young girl or woman, needs to hear a kind... [ read more ]

No More Epileptic Attacks. No More Seizures!

Written December 2002 My name is Tetiana. I live in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. I would like to tell about one most wonderful day in my life. It happened on October 3, 2002. I went to (the city of) Lviv, 385 Zelena Street, to the church of St. Michael for Divine Liturgy (Holy Mass). On that day there were guests there from Canada: Mr. Michael and Mrs. Helen Rozeluk. They talked about their life and "healed" people with their prayers and the... [ read more ]

Nurse's Back Miraculously Healed

December 10, 2002 Glory be to God! I am writing to you from the village of Sydorivka, the Province of Lviv, Ukraine. My name is Natalia Dmytrivna Bodnar. I was born in 1972. I am a Christian, a believer and I am a churchgoer. I have heard much about God's miracles, but I never fully understood until I experienced this first-hand. On September 23, 2002, I suddenly developed severe back pains. I thought, I had a slipped disc in my spine. I... [ read more ]

Olha Mayko

"Mother Mary is Good - She Will Help!" Glory be to Jesus Christ! My name is Olha Mayko. I am 63 years old. Twelve years ago I had an serious accident. As a result, I had two fractures in my spine and my neck was broken in two places. I was hospitalized. For four months I lay in a brace to help my bones heal. Eventually, everything returned to normal. I performed all the work I was strong enough to do. On sunny days I felt reasonably well.... [ read more ]

Bone Disease Disappears

December 2002 Glory be to Jesus Christ! Dear Dr. Michael and Helen: I would like to thank you from the depths of my heart for coming to Ukraine (in autumn, 2002) and to our village of Radcha with the good intention of helping people. My name is Marta Mykhailivna Tsiutsiak. I am 57 years old. For many years my back and my legs ached. With each year it became worse. The diagnosis was: inflammation of the joints and chronic osteochondros... [ read more ]

Healed from Osteomyelitis

March 2003 Glory Be to Jesus Christ! I trust that you will respond with "Glory Forever". I live in the village of Sydorivka, Ukraine. My name is Halyna Hachak. I have a daughter, Natalia, who has osteomyelitis. (Osteomyelitis is a very painful and incurable inflammation of the bones.) My daughter and I went to see you (Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk) at the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine), in September 2002... [ read more ]

From Hoshiv, Ukraine

Come to MaryO, Mother of God, turn not your gaze from us, pilgrims on earth.(from a prayer to Our Lady in Hoshiv)Translated from NOVA ZORYA newspaper, December 2002, 48 (518), Ukraine O good Christian soul! When you find yourself in trouble, because life is a path of thorns, when it seems to you that the whole world is against you and there is no help in sight, don't fall into despair. Go to Mary, search for Her. And see: before you lies... [ read more ]

A Feast of Faith, Hope, Love and ...

I would like to share my impressions of the stay in Ukraine of Dr. and Mrs. Rozeluk from Canada. Dr. Michael and Helen came to Ukraine on September 22, 2002, not only to visit the land of their ancestors, who had emigrated to Canada some time ago looking for a better life, but, above all, with a mission, at the invitation of His Excellency, Bishop Sophronius Mudry, the ordinary of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. The purpose of the mission was to... [ read more ]

Healed from Epilepsy!

Ukraine, December 2002 Below is another testimony of healing letter received from Ukraine recently. This person is writing to Dr. Michael and Helen following their visit to Ukraine in the fall of 2002. At that time, they presented the story of Garabandal and Our Lady's kissed medal for veneration (see Garabandal information about "kissed medal") to the people near Ivano-Frankivsk. Glory Be To Jesus Christ! Greetings from Subcarpathia,... [ read more ]

This was God's Miracle

Ukraine 2002 Translated from NOVA ZORYA newspaper, December 2002 The faithful of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine remember well the final days of September, 2002, when Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk from Canada visited our area. In 1994 Dr. Michael was miraculously healed in Garabandal, Spain where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared. At that time, Michael and Helen received a miraculous medal which was touched to one that had been kissed by the lips... [ read more ]

40,000 People Came - Part 1

What a gift You have given us,dear Mother Mary! Who could have ever imagined the wonders we would see as a result of Your kiss during our trip to Ukraine - a trip organized by You, yourself, for the glory of Your Son Jesus. Thank you for a trip that we shall never forget: a journey of love, a journey where Your children came running for Your kiss. Yes, dear Mother Mary, Your kiss is travelling throughout the world and, once again, Your words... [ read more ]

40,000 People Came - Part 2

What a gift You have given us, dear Mother Mary! Who could have ever imagined the wonders we would see as a result of Your kiss during our trip to Ukraine - a trip organized by You, yourself, for the glory of Your Son Jesus. Thank you for a trip that we shall never forget: a journey of love, a journey where Your children came running for Your kiss. Yes, dear Mother Mary, Your kiss is travelling throughout the world and, once again, Your words... [ read more ]

40,000 People Came - Part 3

Photo: A typical roadside shrine to Our Lady in Ukraine. Villages compete with each other to see who will build the more beautiful one. Day Eight - The Studite Monastery Because Bishop Mudry was leaving early this morning for a week in Poland, he celebrated early morning Liturgy at 4:30 a.m. He was very pleased that we cared enough to be present, even though we had already said our good-byes the day before. After Mass and a very early... [ read more ]

Witness to a Miracle

November 2002 Glory be to Jesus Christ! Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Nearly a month has passed since that time, the event that was so memorable for our prayer group when we had the honour of being in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine at the meeting with Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk. When Father Teodor, our pastor, told us about the miraculous messages of Mother Mary in the distant mountains of Garabandal and about the miraculous power of the... [ read more ]

Ukraine 2002 Video Translation

This is the complete text of the video which was produced in Ukraine after the visit of the Rozeluks in 2002. All these people gave their testimony in front of a camera although some names are unknown. Video Begins With Choir Singing And Introduction:In 1961, in the remote mountain village of Garabandal, Spain, Mary, the Mother of God, appeared to 4 little girls. She kissed medals and holy objects and said: "Through this kiss, My Son Jesus... [ read more ]

Asthma Healing

Ukraine 2004 My name is Maria Sychevska. I was born in 1939 and I live in the city of Zolochiv, Lviv province, Ukraine. I am a medical nurse by profession. In 1975, the doctors diagnosed me with allergic bronchial asthma. From then on, I was treated with medication and, twice a year, I underwent in-patient treatments in the hospital. After some time, the medication no longer worked and I was given an inhaler, which I had to use for... [ read more ]

Bishop Sofronius Mudry

Ukraine 2004 Editorial Note: In 2004 the Rozeluks received an official invitation from the Bishop of Ivano-Frankivsk Eparchy, Sofronius Mudry, to visit Ukraine and present their mission of Our Lady of Garabandal. "I am very grateful to the Rozeluk family when they arrived here and went to our churches and gave testimony to their own miracle that they experienced. He himself was miraculously cured in Garabandal through the intercession of... [ read more ]

Our Lady's Kiss Gives the Breath of Life

Ukraine 2004, Ivano-Frankivsk Photo (Right): Fr. Porfiri with Michael and Garabandal medal. On July 21, 2004 there was an accident at a railroad crossing. The car that my brother, Ivan Struk, was driving was hit by a train. My brother was hospitalized with multiple fractures of the rib cage. His condition deteriorated with every hour. Because the broken ribs had pierced his lungs, he was getting worse and worse. He was unconscious. A... [ read more ]

Chest Pains Disappear

Miraculous healing of Yaryna Harazhun, student at the Lviv Financial Institute, as told by her Aunt. On one of the First Saturdays, my niece Yaryna and I were at Holy Mass at St. Andrew's Church in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. (Yaryna's mother [recently] died. Yaryna lives alone in the family apartment, which her late mother had procured. The father lives separately). Towards the end of the Holy Liturgy, Yaryna complained of severe chest pain... [ read more ]

Terrible Leg Pains Since 1990

Ukraine 2004 Today I came here to Yasna Hora in Hoshiv (Ukraine, May 2004) to thank the Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary and Dr. and Mrs. Rozeluk from Canada, for the graces received on Friday in the Church of Christ the King. Since 1990, I have been ill with dermatomyositis. I had terrible pain in my legs. I could not walk. In the last several years it became very bad. I could not walk more than 100 meters. I could not go up... [ read more ]

There Won't Be An Operation

My name is Luba Nakonechna. I live in the Lviv province of Ukraine. I would like to tell you about a very sad and painful occurrence that happened in one family. At the end of April, 2004, their son, Vasyl, was in an automobile accident and was in very critical condition. There were four people in the car. The driver lost his life, while Vasyl was thrown out the side door. His head was badly traumatized and one leg was broken in two places.... [ read more ]

We Will Be Healing Your Heart

My name is Anna Tsyrkot. I am 61 years old. I live in Ukraine, in the city of Kalush in the Ivano-Frankivsk province. For the present, I am staying in Toronto, Canada for a one year visit. But I turn my thoughts back to Ukraine, in order to describe everything from the beginning. In 2003 I had a heart attack without being aware of it because it was not a strong one. This was revealed when I was being examined for a different illness. I have... [ read more ]

He Stands

We do not know his name. We had not met this young man before, but there he was, sitting in his wheelchair in front of us. We were in the cathedral of Kolomya. Just as at all our Garabandal presentations in Ukraine that May, 2004, so also was this church filled beyond its capacity with faithful pilgrims from near and far. They had come to venerate the medal kissed by Our Lady and, hopefully, obtain a healing. The people arrived many hours... [ read more ]

Picture Story of Healing

Lviv, Ukraine 2004 Look at the lady in blue. Watch her face and feet. This was the love of God showing itself to all present. This was but one such healing in the Ukrainian city of Lviv in May 2004. [ read more ]

Healed from Severe Back Pain

Glory be to Jesus Christ! [Dear] Helen and Michael Rozeluk! Please accept our most heartfelt greetings from the grateful citizens of Ivano-Frankivsk for the great work you do in the spiritual renewal, strengthening of faith and for the numerous healings of our people. I, Mykhailo Vasylevich Sabov, a lecturer of the school of music, am very grateful to you for your help and for my healing from a severe back problem. After the Moleben... [ read more ]

Amazing Healing After Kissing Medal of Our Lady

This is a short story of one of the amazing healings which happened recently during our trip to Ukraine in May 2004. This is the story of a young man named Nazar. He was born 20 years ago. Since birth he has been severely paralyzed and totally unable to move any part of his body. His mother has cared for him totally. His arms, hands and legs have been immobile for 20 years. His hands have been clenched into tight fists for 20 years. To try to... [ read more ]

The Rozeluks in Lviv

In May of this year (2004), Helen and Michael Rozeluk visited Ukraine for the second time. Over the course of two weeks, they were in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv provinces with their mission. (Their program usually began) with Holy Mass. They spoke about Garabandal, the Blessed Virgin, about Her messages and presented their miraculous Garabandal medals for veneration to anyone who wished. Some of those present obtained a healing. Since the... [ read more ]

Vertigo Healing

Healing of Father Felipe Lamadrid, Pastor of Potes I used to suffer from dizziness and vertigo because of an ear problem as diagnosed by Dr. Eutiquiano Recio. For 45 months, I suffered two or three times a week from the malady (but never during Mass), and I would have to sit down for one hour before the problem would go away. I've been going up to Garabandal since 1988. Prior to that, I had not gone up due to a restiriction imposed by the... [ read more ]

The Virgin Keeps Her Promise

In the Mountains of Mexico THE VIRGIN KEEPS HER PROMISE. "Through the kiss I have bestowed on these objects my Son will perform prodigies." Words of the Virgin Mary to Conchita at Garabandal, Spain, November 13,1965 It is with great joy that we relate here the great miracle (yes, Miracle!) granted by the Most Holy Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel of Garabandal to a family that confidently entrusted itself to her. This family consisted of a young... [ read more ]

The Weightlifter

A letter to Father Ramon Andreu dated December 29, 1963 I am writing to you since a while ago I heard of a conversion from Garabandal that is as spectacular as that of Violeta. These are the two cases from there that have impressed me the most. It deals with a man approximately 45 years old, a court secretary who, according to what he says, before his conversion did not go to Mass and made light of anything that pertained to religion. In... [ read more ]

Whiplash Instantly Healed

On February 17, 2000 at 9:30 p.m., I was driving along a very well travelled country road. As usual, before getting into my vehicle, I had invoked St. Raphael and my guardian angel to ride with me and drive for me. My spirit felt calm. I was praying my rosary while driving, as I always do. (Picture of Florence and her husband Claude, May 2000). Without warning my vehicle suddenly went sliding on black ice and spun out 180 degrees, then... [ read more ]

Yes, Now She Believes - Barbara Pointer's Story

This is the second summer that I have spent in Asturias (northern Spain). Last year I heard a lot of talk about the happenings in San Sebastian de Garabandal and naturally I was very interested but it was impossible for me to visit the village. This year my friends insisted on taking me to Garabandal. I had been baptized in the Anglican Church but never had attended a religious service. For some time it had not been possible for me to believe... [ read more ]

Events Organized

Bishop's Account of Trip

Written by Bishop Roman Danylak An account of events in May, 1999 For pictures, click here I have put together an account of the activities, beginning with the arrival of the pilgrims from Toronto (May 1-14,99) and elsewhere. The pilgrims from Toronto spent ten days with me in Rome, visiting Christian Rome and then we travelled together for another four days in Garabandal, Spain. The Rome part of the pilgrimage included not only the four... [ read more ]

Embrace the Eucharist III (Part 1)

"...that they may be one, just as we are one" John 17:11 1999 - The Year Of The Father Preparing For The Great Jubilee Saturday, November 6, 199910AM - 8PMCathedral of the TransfigurationUnionville, Ontario Homilist: Most Rev. Bishop Roman Danylak Speakers: Monsignor Richard Carroll, Rev. John Melnyk Other personal testimonies of miraculous healings Under the patronage of Most Rev. Bishop Roman Danylak, Titular Bishop of Nyssa Very Rev... [ read more ]

Embrace the Eucharist III (Part 2)

Toronto/Unionville, November 6, 1999 The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Canada, under the auspices of the Apostolic Administrator of the Slovak Greek Catholic Eparchy of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, and Bishop Roman Danylak, titular bishop of Nyssa, and former Apostolic Administrator of the Eparchy of Toronto for Ukrainian Catholics in eastern Canada, have completed their Eucharist/Marian Conference in response to the invitation and call... [ read more ]

Embrace the Eucharist Mission 1

Our Lady Speaks To Us At Garabandal Toronto: On Saturday, November 9, 1996, a Marian Mission entitled, "Embrace the Eucharist" was held at the Slovak Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Unionville (a suburb of Toronto), Ontario, Canada. The program was sponsored by The Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel -- Canada, established by Dr. Michael Rozeluk and his wife, Helen. The event was under the patronage of Most Reverend Bishop Michael... [ read more ]

Garabandal 2001 in Pictures

May 12 - 19, 2001 Sponsored by The Workers of Our Lady - Canada [ read more ]

Garabandal 2003 in Pictures

April 4 - 12, 2003 Sponsored by The Workers of Our Lady - Canada The Notice *** As soon as people found out about the trip, ALL available limited spaces were taken up and NO further notice was made as no more pilgrims could be accommodated. We apologize but it was not possible to expand the group at this time. The group of 25 people travelled as planned from Toronto on April 4th, 2003 to Garabandal. *** *** Another surprise happened that... [ read more ]

Mysterious Red Chairs

May 2, 1999 (Another mystery from the May, 1999 pilgrimage to Rome and Garabandal) At the beatification of Padre Pio, approximately 400,000 people filled the square and surrounding streets. Those who had tickets in the square were able to sit in their pre-assigned areas. All the chairs in the whole square were of the same type and colour: dark grey molded plastic. After the ceremony, we had to wait for the crowds to disperse, as it was... [ read more ]

Reflections on Pilgrimage 2001

Written by Bishop Roman Danylak, September 2001 Garabandal - Limpias - Covadonga - San Toribio The Trip For a while it looked as if we would not be going on this pilgrimage in this year, the first of the new millennium. We had begun our planning somewhat late. We had only our mailing and phone lists and our website, Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (http://www.ourlady.ca), to advertise. The initial responses were few; and even those... [ read more ]

Miraculous Pictures Taken in Garabandal

Miraculous Image 1. Picture (right) taken on March 29, 1997 in Garabandal, at the home of Serafin Gonzales (Conchita's brother) during prayers for healing. This was with Joey Lomangino's Pilgrimage Group to Garbandal in 1997. Here Bishop Danylak is praying, along with another priest, for Mgr. Carroll. Unknown to many , at this time, was that Mgr. Carroll, had a major operation on his throat with many complications. Notice the miraculous... [ read more ]