Chest Pains Disappear
Miraculous healing of YARYNA HARAZHUN,
student at the Lviv Financial Institute,
as told by her Aunt

    On one of the First Saturdays, my niece Yaryna and I were at Holy Mass at St. Andrew's Church in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. (Yaryna's mother [recently] died. Yaryna lives alone in the family apartment, which her late mother had procured. The father lives separately). Towards the end of the Holy Liturgy, Yaryna complained of severe chest pain. (The recent death of her mother and fatigue - all this had a negative effect on her health).


    Suddenly, Yaryna walked off somewhere, then, a few minutes later, returned, all radiant and happy.

    When we left the church, she said, "Auntie, I was just kissed by the Mother of God!"

    "How?", I asked.

    "When I was praying," she explained, "I raised my head. To my left, Father Ivan (Vozniak) was hearing confessions. He beckoned to me with his finger, then  [when I came over] he said, 'Child, kiss this medal that has Mother Mary's kiss on it, so you never have pain in your heart'. I kissed it and, instantly, my chest pains were gone!" [Editor's note: Father Ivan received this medal with the kiss of Our Lady of Garabandal from Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk, during their first mission in Ukraine in 2002).

    Now Yaryna no longer complains of chest pains. She is thanking the Blessed Mother for the grace of her healing. But how the priest was made aware that Yaryna had heart pains, I don't know. Perhaps it was our Heavenly Mother who told him.

Lviv, Ukraine, 2004

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