Yaroslav Kornelyuk
December 2001
I Am Healed

In the February, 2001 issue of SVITLO Magazine (The Ukrainian Basilian Catholic monthly - ed.), I read an article called, "My Miraculous Healing" by Petro Hrynchyshyn. I read with wonder and a certain fear about how the Blessed Mother kissed medals, rosaries, wedding bands etc., which the little visionaries of Garabandal raised up to Her. However, I believed it was so.

    Most people who, like I, come from countries with communist ideology are spiritually poor. Satan knew that, to take spirituality from a people was no less than to deprive them of everything.

    Just over six years ago, I developed a problem with my lower spine. After a slight chill, I had constant severe lower back pain. It was so bad that I often found it difficult  to just get out of bed.  I was sure I would have this problem for the rest of my life. It was especially hard for me to have to be careful with regard to the cold because for many years in Ukraine I liked to swim outdoors in winter and then rub myself down with snow, regardless of the temperature of the surrounding air.

    About  six weeks before my trip to Toronto I also began to have pain in my stomach, liver and spleen. As a rule, I never liked to go to doctors because I had no need for it. However, I had a feeling that the people who had the medals touched to the kiss of Our Lady in Garabandal would help me. As to my lower back, there was no thought of any healing at all.

    On Wednesday, July 4, 2001 I travelled to the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Markham, Ontario (north of Toronto). Naturally, I went to confession, participated in Holy Mass followed by anointing by Bishop Roman Danylak, who was visiting at the time from Rome. Then I stood in line before a very friendly lady with a smile full of Christian charity - Helen Rozeluk. The other line-up, of course, was to Dr. Michael Rozeluk.

    When I came up to Helen Rozeluk, she greeted me with, "Glory be to Jesus Christ" (A common Ukrainian greeting. The response to this greeting is "Glory forever." - ed.) One seldom hears this greeting any more in America. In addition to this, I felt a certain spiritual warmth radiating from Helen, such as one would sense only from a very good and holy priest or bishop.

    Helen showed me her medal, touched to Our Lady's kiss in Garabandal, Spain. She also showed me her crucifix. She undid a little screw at the bottom of the crucufix and slid it open, revealing a tiny piece of the True Cross of Jesus hidden inside. I made the sign of the cross and kissed the medal and the crucifix.

   I heard Helen praying for the grace of my healing and for the forgiveness of my sins. Her prayers were soon answered. I felt my body swaying. Someone caught me from behind and laid me on the marble floor. An intense cold went through my body. I was in a blissful trance. I heard everything but could not move a muscle.

    They told me I lay there for about forty minutes. When I finally got up, I was in a wondeerful state of elation. There was no pain anywhere in my body!

    I returned home to Warren, Michigan (near Detroit). After coming home I decided to take a shower. At first I turned on the warm water then I turned off the hot water and had a long, cold shower. The next morning I got up out of bed totally pain-free.

    Two days later was the first Friday of July, 2001. I returned to Toronto to the Cathedral of the Transfiguration to thank Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother for my miraculous healing through the prayers of Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk.

   From the bottom of my heart I wish Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk all of God's most generous blessings and many heavenly graces from Baby Jesus, the intercession of Mother Mary and Her holy spouse, Joseph, as well as unlimited happiness, strength and health in the new year 2002 to be able to continue their work of daily Christian service.

    With love, honour and respect,

Yaroslav Kornelyuk
Warren, Michigan, USA

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