A New Kneecap for Christina Wayo


Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL September-October 2004

In 1968, Christiana Wayo of Makurdi, Nigeria, slipped and fell down some stairs in her house landing very hard on her left knee. She was taken to the hospital where an elastic bandage was applied.

    When she got back home, she went to bed, but the pain prevented her from getting any rest. Others living in the house removed the bandage on the knee that was beginning to swell. That night she needed pain killers to get some sleep.

    The next day she was taken to the hospital, where the swollen knee was drained of fluid and blood. X-rays showed that the kneecap was broken in two. A cast was applied and after spending a week in the hospital, she was discharged.

    The cast was meant to be worn for three months, but because of the discomfort the woman felt, it was removed after eight weeks. A new set of x-rays revealed no change and another cast was applied. When at the end of six weeks this cast was removed, and a further set of x-rays showed no improvement, the attending physician explained that there was nothing he could do to save the kneecap. She was transferred to the orthopedic hospital in Kano where she was given some crutches and discharged. The inflammation had abated but the kneecap would not heal and Christiana could not bend her knee.

    Seven months later she was visited by a hospital representative who asked her if she wanted surgery on her knee. He explained that the surgery would not improve her mobility, but that an artificial knee could be implanted later if she wished.

    Christiana was four months pregnant when she went to the hospital so she asked if the surgery could harm the baby. When she was assured it would not, she placed herself in the hands of God and consented to the operation by signing the proper forms.

    She was given spinal anesthesia and once the broken kneecap was removed, a cast was applied. After a month in the hospital, when the incision had healed, the cast was removed, and she underwent physical therapy to enable her to get around. A final set of x-rays was taken and given to her to present to a doctor should she decide to have an artificial knee implanted at a later date.

    (For thirteen years, Christiana got around with the aid of crutches unable to bend her right leg.)


    On July 19, 1981, Mrs.Wayo and a group of Nigerians flew to London to join up with another group going to Garabandal. The trip was organized by Nadege Baco who ran an Anglo-French Garabandal Center. From London they took a boat to Brittany and then a bus to Spain which finally arrived the afternoon of July 20, in San Sebastian de Garabandal.

    After breakfast the next morning, Christiana and members of the group climbed up to the Pines to say the rosary. Because of the rugged terrain of the calleja, two Nigerian girls supported her. She led the prayers and at the end the same two girls helped her get back down.

    At 4:00 P.M. the group went up again to pray at the Pines, but this time the two girls who had helped her previously had gone ahead. She tried to climb the rough trail on her own but couldn't get very far. Dragging herself on her hands and knees she prayed mentally to Our Lady for help.

Christiana could not get very far in the calleja on her own until...
    Suddenly she experienced a surge of strength in her leg, and feeling exhilarated, she walked, with the crutches, up to the Pines ("It was as if an interior force were aiding me."). When she arrived, she joined the rest of the group and knelt on both knees while they said the rosary. She continues the narration:
    I didn't know what was happening to me. After the others had finished their prayers, I called out to them, "Look! I've climbed up the calleja by myself, walking from where the Angel appeared (halfway up the calleja) to the Pines feeling as though someone were carrying me!" Overjoyed, I shouted to Susanna, the leader of the group, and told her what happened. Everyone was so happy crying out, "Miracle! Miracle!" and thanking Our Lady. Susanna ran to tell Mrs. Baco.
    During the bus trip back to Brittany the cure of Mrs. Wayo's knee was the main topic of discussion. They arrived in London on August 7.
    The next morning Christiana got up at 5:00 A.M. to say her morning prayers. Here in her own words is what happened:
    While I was praying an interior voice kept telling me: "Touch your right knee, touch your right knee." I calmly touched my right knee. I felt the kneecap move. I sat down on the floor and compared both knees. They each had a kneecap. I went to Susanna's room but she had gone to Mass. When Susanna returned, I told her what had happened to my knee. We were both astonished.
    We returned to Nigeria on August 11, 1981, and since then I have been able to comfortably kneel and pray for long periods without any assistance. My right knee feels stronger than it ever did before August 8, and I have more strength in this leg than the other.
    An x-ray of the right knee showing the new kneecap was sent to Professor Manuel Lopez Linares from Madrid, who has taken the responsibility of documenting cures associated with Garabandal. The healing of Christiana Wayo could be considered as a preview of the countless healings and marvels that will occur the day of the prophesied great Miracle.
    Not knowing her future destiny, Christiana unfortunately had disposed of the precious x-rays and documents of those six years when she moved from one house to another. The recent x-ray showing the new kneecap is the only one preserved.

    On August 22, 1984, When Mrs. Wayo added her signature to this account, it was witnessed by Mr. M. Nwafor Churwuma, Notary Public, and Mr. A. Partearrollo, Chancellor of the Spanish Embassy in Nigeria.

Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL September-October 2004
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