Ukraine 2004 - Anna Tsyrkot
" ... We Will Be Healing Your Heart..."

    My name is Anna Tsyrkot. I am 61 years old. I live in Ukraine, in the city of Kalush in the Ivano-Frankivsk province. For the present, I am staying in Toronto, Canada for a one year visit. But I turn my thoughts back to Ukraine, in order to describe everything from the beginning.

    In 2003 I had a heart attack without being aware of it because it was not a strong one. This was revealed when I was being examined for a different illness. I have the proof in my blood test results and a cardiogram but, because the worst was behind me, I decided not to pursue any treatment.

    Time went by and then Father Zenovy Kasko, pastor of the village of Radcha, was invited to our church in Kalush. Our priest, Father Mychailo Bihun, invited him. He announced it during his sermon, encouraging everyone who wished, to come and venerate Father Kasko's medal with the kiss of Our Lady from Garabandal and to be healed. That Sunday I came to church and, through carelessness, forgot my glasses. Thus I was unable to read all the prayers. I mentally prayed: "O God, help me read my prayers." Suddenly my eyes began to see well and I could read everything.

    In the evening, during the encounter with Father Zenovy, I told him about this and he looked at me and said, "That's nothing yet. With this medal and our prayers, we will be healing your heart. Now that will be a miracle!" (I had told him nothing about my heart yet.) When he placed the medal on my chest and began to pray, my heart began to beat so hard, I thought it would jump out of my chest. I felt very hot. I bagan to fall but someone held me up. Father continued praying and slowly my heart returned to normal, it stopped pounding and I felt a great improvement. It is difficult for me to describe this state of body and soul. One has to experience it. Then Fr. Zenovy said, "Go and pray to Mother Mary for healing." I prayed, all the while still unaware of my condition. When I returned home, I told my husband about everything, because he could not be there with me.

Fr. Zenovy Kasko

    Some time later, I began to prepare for my trip to Canada. Knowing that I had had a heart attack, I decided to get a medical check up before the trip. I went through all the laboratory tests and cardiogram and returned to my physician. He looked at all the results and said, "Your heart is fine. Even the scar tissue has resorbed. The treatments have been successful. That's the first time in my practice that has happened." (I said nothing about not having had any treatments.) Only then did my conscious mind fully register Fr. Zenovy's words to me during the prayers for healing. This new state of my soul is difficult to descibe. A thought came to mind, "What did I, a sinner, do to deserve this? Maybe I am not quite understanding this? And how am I to behave now, should I keep silent or should I speak [about it]?"  I was afraid of doing something wrong. And with these thoughts in my mind I packed my bags for the journey to Canada.

    All this touched me deeply. I didn't know what else to do but I obtained the need for frequent prayer and of frequent confession and Holy Communion. There were those who would say to me, "Are you such a sinner that you go to confession so often?" And I would think, "Yes, certainly."

    About Helen and Michael Rozeluk, I had heard long before, when they came to Ukraine and visited our church of St. Michael in Kalush. I met them, I saw the video-documentary about Garabandal and I believed all of it. However, when you see healings and miracles happening to others, that is one thing. But when you experience it yourself, now that is entirely different and you always keep asking yourself, "What did I, a sinner, do to deserve this?" Maybe it is a great warning but what can I do?

    I knew that the Rozeluks live in Canada but I did not know how or where they do their missionary work. But the thought never left me that I would meet them and tell them all this myself.

    When I arrived in Canada, the very first Sunday I went to our nearby church of the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God. After the Holy Liturgy, I heard some women talking about the Rozeluks, so I approachen them. One good lady gave me the address and phone number where they go on the last Saturday of each month. Such are the paths along which the Mother of God, my intercessor, my healer, has led me, so that through this medal with Her kiss and through their prayers, I could come to Her and to Her Son, Jesus, with great reverence. I thank Our Heavenly Mother and Her Son for not forsaking us sinners.

    Dear Helen and Michael, dear to my heart, I finally reached the moment when our paths crossed in Scarborough, at the church of Sts. Peter and Paul. For one whole year I will have the opportunity to communicate with you, to pray the rosary to the Blessed Mother with you, and, by kissing your medals and with your prayers, to be heard by God and His Blessed Mother. I have the sensation that all of Heaven is present at the Holy Liturgy. And beside you, Helen, Mother Mary is always present. In my prayers, I ask Her to always protect you, Helen and Michael, to give you strength and good health on this [by many] misunderstood road.

    I also had problems with my blood pressure. But after your prayers and kissing the medal, I rarely need to take my medicines, although I have brought a large supply of them with me (to Canada).  How many roads I have walked, how many places life has not led me, how many people I have met! Only now I have found that for which my soul had been longing. Know, that a large part of this is due to your work.

    Helen and Michael, your mission is very much needed. You are probably not even aware yet, what sort of work you are accomplishing among us, sinners. But I believe it is in Heaven that your work is being planned out and you carry it out humbly and with dedication. (These are my own observations.) I am a simple soul, one among the thousands you have met in your life and who was healed through your prayers. And for all this, for such great graces, I am grateful to God and His Blessed Mother. I wish you and your children abundant God's blessings in the coming New Year. A Merry Christmas to you.

Respectfully yours,
Anna Tsyrkot
Toronto, Canada
December 22, 2005

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