Ukraine 2004 - Lviv
Ukraine 2004 - The Rozeluks in Lviv

Excerpts translated from SVITLO Magazine July-August 2004
Yaroslav Levkiw
assistant editor for Ukraine Edition, Ukraine

    ... In May of this year (2004), Helen and Michael Rozeluk visited Ukraine for the second time. Over the course of two weeks, they were in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv provinces with their mission. (Their program usually began) with Holy Mass. They spoke about Garabandal, the Blessed Virgin, about Her messages and presented their miraculous Garabandal medals for veneration to anyone who wished. Some of those present obtained a healing.

    Since the Rozeluks' itinerary was very heavily scheduled, we will concentrate mainly on their mission in the city of the Lviv, Ukraine.

LVIV, MAY 12, 2004

    On this day the Rozeluks had a scheduled visit to the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God. It was this church that His Holiness Pope John Paul II had visited during his apostolic visitation of Ukraine.

    After the evening service, Michael and Helen stood in front of the church iconostasis and told the story of Our Lady's messages in Garabandal, about the significance of these apparitions and about Our Lady's messages. Although Garabandal (as a place of apparitions of Our Lady), has not yet been approved by the Church, the evidence speaks for itself: the blind see, the dumb speak, cripples get up and walk. For a believer, no other proof is necessary. And one of those who experienced such a miracle, was Michael himself. He had been incurably ill and was miraculously healed in Garabandal.

    After the presentation portion of their Garabandal mission, Helen and Michael presented their medals for veneration and prayed with the people.

LVIV, MAY 13, 2004

    On this day, the Rozeluks came to the Basilian church of St. Andrew, and from there, together with the priests and parishioners, processed in solemn procession to the Vysoky Zamok Park. In one of the picturesque corners of this natural sanctuary is a spring. Here the Basilian Fathers have built a chapel where, on the 13th of each month, large numbers of priests and faithful of many eparchies gather to participate in special services in honour of the Blessed Mother.

    So it was today. Several thousand faithful arrived at the spring on Vysoky Zamok. They began with Holy Liturgy. During Mass, over ten priests were hearing confessions. Following the Liturgy was the exposition and veneration of the Blessed Sacrament and, finally, Moleben (devotion) to the Blessed Mother.

    When the religious services were over, the moment finally arrived for which all these people had gathered in such numbers. The Rozeluks were called to speak and, as usual, they spoke about Garabandal, Our Lady's messages. Then they presented their medals for veneration and prayed with the people. That day ( I witnessed) three miracles, three supernatural healings:

- a youngster on crutches - walked without the crutches;
- an older gentleman who, while waiting in line to kiss the Garabandal medal, was leaning on a cane - walked without the cane;
- a young man who was deaf - began to hear.
    Perhaps there were more such individuals who received graces. After all, not all illnesses are visible to the naked eye. But those three instances of supernatural healing were seen by hundreds of people. They saw and they believed.

    The kissing of the miraculous medals and prayers of the Rozeluks and Father Teodor Pyliavsky, OSBM, over the most needy lasted over four hours. Of course, not everyone was restored to health. Nor is this the primary task of Helen and Michael who carry out their mission in difficult, often extreme (as, for example, on this day), circumstances. We must (however) point out one thing: if our Church has been granted the grace to have selfless apostles such as Helen and Michael, we should assist them as much as possible, or at least properly prepare our flock for events of this kind. Because, as Helen mentioned, not only are the faithful a reflection of their priest but the priest is also a reflection of his flock.

LVIV, MAY 14th

    Early in the morning, Helen and Michael Rozeluk arrived at the airport and departed for Canada. Yet, for the next several days, people kept coming to the Basilian monastery of St. Onofrius to ask, "Where are those people from outside the country, who cure people?" Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, everything passes. Yet we expect that, for Helen and Michael, the memories will not fade of those looks of surprise and gratitude that came to them from people who had regained health with the help of their prayers and intercession; they will not forget their words of thanksgiving, that is, of course, if in this state, these people were able to say anything at all.

    That older gentleman that discarded his cane at Vysoky Zamok and walked unaided .... he walked away some distance from the prying eyes of curious onlookers so eager for the sensational, leaned against a tree ... and sobbed ...

Editor's Note: The Church has not as yet confirmed the authenticity of the Garabandal apparitions.
Excerpts translated from SVITLO Magazine July-August 2004

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