Ukraine 2004 - Dermatomyositis
Terrible Leg Pains Since 1990

    "Today I came here to Yasna Hora in Hoshiv (Ukraine, May 2004) to thank the Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary and Dr. and Mrs. Rozeluk from Canada, for the graces received on Friday in the Church of Christ the King.


    Since 1990, I have been ill with dermatomyositis. I had terrible pain in my legs. I could not walk. In the last several years it became very bad. I could not walk more than 100 meters. I could not go up even one stair. It was very difficult. I constantly begged the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, for Her help.


    And now I found out that this couple arrived from Canada (ED: Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk). I thought, how am I to go there? It’s so hard for me; I cannot climb into a bus by myself. I cannot get down from the bus. I need help. But I took the bus myself. I met people on the way who helped me. I stood through the entire Mass there. I stood through the Moleben.


    When I came home, I began to tell my family that I felt better. I said that, after experiencing a day like that, amid so much noise and on my feet, I felt no pain. I felt relief. I told my daughter, “Oksana, I feel no pain! My legs don’t hurt. My hands don’t hurt.” They all started to cry. They said, “Mother, maybe these graces will come down on you!” I realized that I felt no pain. Before, it was hard to get down from bed. I had to hold on to something. Now I just get up and go.


    It was 5:30 when I woke up. I knelt down in front of Mother Mary and began to pray the rosary. Mother Mary, thank you for Your graces. And today, I came here to Yasna Hora to thank the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pray! Believe! And God will send down His graces on you. Trust in this.


ED: Taken from Live testimony from video film "The Kiss of Our Lady Heals II" just released in December 2005. To order click here.

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