Ukraine 2004
Bishop Sofronius Mudry

    In 2004 the Rozeluks received an official invitation from the Bishop of Ivano-Frankivsk Eparchy, Sofronius Mudry, to visit Ukraine and present their mission of Our Lady of Garabandal.

    “I am very grateful to the Rozeluk family when they arrived here and went to our churches and gave testimony to their own miracle that they experienced. He himself was miraculously cured in Garabandal through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and the miraculous medal, through which real miracles of God occur.

    He was badly injured, with no hope of recovery and there he gained that miraculous cure. Since then he has become a missionary, proclaiming that through Mary, one can be healed and, when he wished to visit our Ivano-Frankivsk, our eparchy, I very gladly agreed to it because our people are thirsty for a closeness with God. They thirst for an acquaintance with Mary.

    And they have already made two wonderful trips here to our churches, and here also – many miraculous events occurred through the intercession of Mary. Paralyzed children began to walk, children who did not speak, began to talk.”

Helen Rozeluk: We must always remember one thing: Some people call us healers. This is incorrect. Neither Michael nor I are healers. We only have a gift, a grace from God, that God has permitted us to have in our possession these medals with the kiss of the Mother of God. It is Her kiss that acts. She promised that, through Her kiss on these blessed objects, Her Son would perform miracles. And the Son, Jesus Christ, being absolutely obedient to His Mother, fulfills these promises. It is He who acts through these medals, not Michael, not I, not anyone else.


    Every person, who holds a blessed object like this in his hands and prays with it, can obtain the same graces, because it is the kiss from Heaven that acts upon a given person, and not the person who is holding the object.


    So we ask that people please not consider us in any way extraordinary. Michael and I are both exactly the same kind of people as everyone else; the same kind of sinners as everyone else; and we also need God’s assistance as much as everyone else and we need to go to frequent confession just like everyone else. It is simply God’s grace that works through these medals, that heals, that renews, that converts, that gives each person what he most needs.

FATHER ZINOVY KASKO, Pastor of Radcha, Ukraine

“What has been happening these last days in our village, in this chapel, in this place, is difficult to explain. It cannot be submitted to logic. I can only repeat the words of Elizabeth, who said to the Blessed Virgin Mary:

    ‘Whence is it that the Mother of my Lord has come to me?’

    Wonderful things are being revealed to us by the Blessed Virgin and wonderful things are happening here among us through Her intercession. I am holding in my hands this medal from Garabandal – the kiss of the Blessed Virgin for sinful people, a kiss that with great, boundless power performs miracles.”

    "The phenomenon of the medal is incomprehensible to all. For me, it is very simple and easy. That kiss of Mother Mary on the medal has, of course, left its specific imprint on the image on the little icon of Our Lady. To explain it, I cannot, and probably no one can explain it, this fact of the presence of the kiss and its action on this medal.

    But there is something else here which I, as a priest, can permit myself to say. Every person that goes to this medal and has some kind of hope through the kiss, to receive something for him or herself, whether for the body or for the soul, every person, without exception, has a certain doubt. This doubt, to a greater or lesser degree, makes more or less real the influence of this kiss of the Mother of God for the person who touches this medal. The person who is praying, who is holding the medal in his hand, in this case whether it be Helen or Michael or even I, each one is, to the person who needs this prayer, a certain guarantor of the truth of it to the person who approaches the medal.

    Through our prayers, through the prayer of the one who is holding the medal, he somehow obtains more strength, more courage and so the state of his soul now increases the presence of the blessing of Mother Mary’s kiss. It suffices for that person, simply to believe that through this touch, he/she will receive the graces he hopes for and it happens instantly. It happens so instantly that people often fall into a very wondrous state of beatitude. One cannot explain this in any way. I have experienced it and I like it very much.”

    At the end of this second missionary visit to Ukraine, the Rozeluks wrote the following words in their journal: “What a priceless gift You have given to us, Mother Mary! Who could have imagined that all those miracles that we witnessed, were the result of Your Kiss? Yes, dear Mother Mary, Your Kiss travels throughout the world!”

    This testimony is taken from Live testimony from video film "The Kiss of Our Lady Heals II" just released in December 2005. To order click here.
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