Ukraine: No Epileptic attacks.
No More Seizures!

 Written December 2002

    My name is Tetiana. I live in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. I would like to tell about one most wonderful day in my life. It happened on October 3, 2002. I went to (the city of) Lviv, 385 Zelena Street, to the church of St. Michael for Divine Liturgy (Holy Mass).

    On that day there were guests there from Canada: Mr. Michael and Mrs. Helen Rozeluk. They talked about their life and "healed" people with their prayers and the medals of the Blessed Virgin of Garabandal (Spain), where She appeared for four years (1961-65). I liked the attitude of these people towards us, Ukrainians. Such love, sincerity, purity of soul!


PHOTO: Michael and Helen Rozeluk at St. Michael's Church in Lviv, Ukraine.

   I would like to share my own experiences and, at the same time, to thank the Rozeluks.

    When I came up to Dr. Michael and told him that I have epilepsy, he placed his hand with the medal of the Blessed Virgin on my head, then on my heart. Then he looked at me and tears began to flow from his eyes. After a short pause, he began to pray: to pray, to beg God and the Blessed Virgin to forgive me this sin and that this filth be removed from me.

    I was so surprised! Not only does this person pray for you, but is actually concerned for your welfare! It surprised me because I was not the only one in that church. Besides me there were about five thousand people there and each one needed to be worked with, that is prayed over, asking God and His Blessed Mother for each one's health, happiness, success ... I cannot begin to imagine how much effort, how much work was done by these people from Canada for us Ukrainians -- it is difficult to understand, not just do yet they did all they possibly could. They did not even consider their own time, that in a couple of hours they had to catch a plane home. They stayed with us until the very last person. It's simply unbelievable but it's true!

    To tell the truth, I'm not sure yet and I don't want to talk too soon, but after Dr. Rozeluk's prayers, there arose in me a strange feeling, the feeling that I am now a completely healthy person. I thank Dr. Rozeluk and I thank God but I haven't had one seizure since then (Now it is December). I would like to belive that it will continue to be so.

    And it was complete strangers, Bohdan and Luba Shyptur, who suggested that I go to Lviv. I thank them very much for this. May Our Lord bless them. Amen!

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine,
December 2002

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