Scarboro - Sts. Peter & Paul 2007


Stomach Cancer

Healing at Sts. Peter & Paul Healing Service

From:    Anthony Alboino
Sent:      December 20, 2007 5:57 PM

Subject: Healing through the Mass of Oct. 27, 2007

Greetings Father Peter Dvirnik:

Further to our conversation of this morning, I am herewith submitting my testimony of the healing I and my husband Tony have received through the Healing Mass on Saturday, October 27, 2007.

I had been told of the healing masses from Doctor Marian Zazula 5 days before I had a major health crisis on December 19, 2005 (2 years ago.) I went unconscious and vomited blood. Praise be to God, my husband Tony was there to assist me and quickly called 911 (Emergency). By the time I arrived at Peel Memorial Hospital, in the Toronto Area, I had lost 2 litres of blood. They suspected I had an ulcer, only to find out I had a malignant tumor which would have caused me to bleed to death. A quick decision was made to have I/2 of my stomach removed and in hope that the cancer had not spread I also had a blood transfusion. I had my life-saving surgery in the morning of December 24 and I remember waking up to the Christmas Carols of Anne Murray. On Christmas Day I had all my family around me. What a great Christmas gift to have been granted a new lease on life!

All went well except on the 5th day, December 29th, I developed a major infection on my wound and I had emergency surgery to establish what had gone wrong. They had to leave my wound open to drain the infection and it took 2 months for the wound to heal. I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks and then had home care for 2 months. It was a very painful and agonizing recovery!

Thanks be to God and all the network of health-care professionals along with all my family members, relatives, friends, neighbours and especially my Church and all the prayer-groups who poured out all their love and prayers, I am now reported to be well!

I had the great desire to come to your Church (Sts. Peter and Paul) on October 27th, as I had some very important tests coming up. The CATSCAN on November 14 and the Gastroscope on December 7. When I came up to you, Father Peter to receive Holy Communion I felt something well-up in my stomach and felt the Lord's annointing along with the gift of tears. I knew then that Jesus was healing me and filling me with super-natural strength. I could not stop crying! I also came to you for the annointing of the sick and expressed to you my concerns for what was coming up. Your words were that I was not sick or suffering and therefore I should ask Jesus what I desire for Him to do for me. Your prayer for me was that I would be protected against misfortune.

I lined up to be prayed over by a gentleman on the right side of the altar (Dr. Mike Rozeluk) who had a medal kissed by Our Lady of Garabandal in his hand. I remember him praying for my integrity and my complete healing and asking Our Lady of Garabandal for Her help. !


I was very peaceful and filled with love and trust that God was in control along with Our Blessed Mother Mary

whose love and protection I felt. Your reference at the beginning of the Mass of John 19: 26-27 about Mary

being Our Mother, really spoke to me in a special way.


My husband Tony was also peaceful and at ease and he also went up to you for the annointing of the sick as he

suffered much with me as my husband and caregiver. Romans 8:28 is our signature scripture as we both know

that so much good has come and continues to come to us and our family!

On December 3rd. I was overjoyed to find out that the results of the CATSCAN reported that all was well!

On December 7th. I was told that all was well with the Gastroscope!

The reading of Exodus 15:26 confirmed to me that the Lord has healed me! Praise be to God!


Thank you so very much for all your prayers and support and for the wonderful healing ministry that we have been

blessed to have taken part in. We pray for your continued success in touching the lives of many needy and suffering souls!


With prayerful regards and best wishes for a Merry and Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.


Lilian Alboino

Toronto, Ontario



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