St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Free of Pain At Last

    For some time now I have been suffering a disease of the joint. I have been treated for many years by doctors both in Ukraine and in Canada but there was no improvement. Very often, the disease became acute and I would experience terrible pains. In addition to all of that, in the last four months, I began having intense pain in one of my knees. I took all sorts of medication but there was no relief. I could not walk or sleep, I could not find a (comfortable) position that would ease the pain even a little bit. Every day I cried from the intense pains and I had no hope of any help.

    On May 28 of this year (2004), (thanks to the invitation of our pastor, Fr. Bohdan Cholij) our parish of Sts. Cyril & Methodius in St. Catharines, Ontario, was visited by Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk. Some of those present were already quite familiar with the history of the Blessed Virgin's apparitions in Garabandal and were awaiting the arrival of the Rozeluks with joyful anticipation. Other parishioners were skeptical while still others came as observers. As for myself, I had heard about and read many testimonials of healing through the miraculous medal of the Blessed Mother and, with a great deal of hope and faith, approached Helen Rozeluk for prayer and veneration of the medal.

    The very next day I found that my knee had stopped aching. I wept with joy and prayed to Mother Mary, thanking Her for this miraculous healing.

    I thank Our Merciful God and the goodness of His Blessed Mother for the grace of my healing.

    We should all walk the way of Truth, holding on to the immaculate hand of our pure and gentle heavenly Mother, who will lead us to Her Son, our Savior. And to the Rozeluks, with all my heart, I wish God's many blessings and graces.

Lesia Skomatchuk
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
June 15, 2004

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