Toronto 2005 - Purpura disappears
The Faith of a Child

ED: Reprinted with kind permission of author. This letter was written by Maria Ciupka's daughter of Toronto, Canada.

    "My own children now ask for blessings before bed and before they walk out the door to school. When Paul, (aged 7) was recently in the hospital and very sick, he asked me if he could borrow one of my blessed medals (of Garabandal ) to sleep with. The doctors told me his virus (Anaphylactoid Purpura - also known as Henoch's Syndrome) would get much worse before it got better.[ ED: a medical disorder characterized by purplish or brownish red discolouration, easily visible through the skin, caused by hemorrhage into the tissues. It is also associated with a variety of clinical symptoms including urticaria and erythema, arthropathy and arthritis, gastrointestincal symptoms, and kidney involvement.]

    They said that the huge red purple lesions all over his legs would spread to the rest of his body. The doctor even gave me his mobile telephone number because he was out of the city for the weekend, in case we should need him in an emergency. He warned me that this was a dangerous virus because it can leave children with kidney damage and I was to watch for blood in the urine of my son, Paul.

    That night, Paul slept with a blessed medal from Garabandal and kissed it and asked the Blessed Mother to help him get better. In the morning, there was hardly any trace of the red lesions and he was fine. My family could not believe how fast the lesions, that were supposed to spread and get worse, completely disappeared.

    When it comes to my children, I do not hesitate to get down on my knees very quickly, and beg for Divine Intervention. But the fact that my son, Paul, who is 7 years old, already believes and asks for the medal on his own, is even more rewarding. It is one thing to pray for them but (if you) teach them to pray, their prayers are even sweeter."

June 3, 2005
Toronto, Canada.

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