Hip Surgery Pain

Dear Friends,

    Although I have never been to Garabandal, my wife, Helen and I, know about this most special of places in the world. We have been talking with Dr. Mike Rozeluk and he has told us some wonderful things. It is because of his prompting that I would like to tell you my story.

    On March 3, 1994, I had hip surgery. My recovery after surgery was as expected. I had quite a bit of pain but I did get better. Then my right hip started to feel like it was burning causing more pain. The burning feeling got more and more frequent and was present for about one month. I complained to my doctor but he had no answers. He told me to take it easy, not walk and he said it would take time to heal. During this time I was taking pain killers and received little relief.

    I was seeing Dr. Rozeluk and asked him if I may have, if he had one, a blessed medal from Garabandal. He immediately gave me one he had received from the New York Garabandal Center. I went home where I prayed and placed the medal on my right hip. I left it there overnight and two or three days later it was much better and the burning feeling completely stopped.

    It has been two months since that time and I feel very good. Weather changes do not bother me. I can sleep without pain and walk without pain. In fact, I feel that I can go dancing again. I continually thank Our Blessed Virgin Mary for Her help and Dr. Mike and Helen for spreading Her word. Bless you all.

- John Ptasiuk,
, Ontario,

July 1995

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