Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL May-June 2005
Excerpted from LOS PINOS DE GARABANDAL ILUMINARAN MUNDO by Maria Josefa Villa de Gallego.
Translated from Spanish by Dr. Edward Serrano.

    Francisco Javier Gallego Villa, my son, since birth has suffered ptosis palpebral. After several surgical interventions by Dr. Vilar Sancho y Zaragoza, he continues in the same state.

    Conchita had a conversation with someone, who wrote it down and sent it to me unexpectedly from Paris. In the letter, reference was made to my husband who was considering taking our son to Barcelona for an operation. But, according to the letter, Conchita asks why because: "The Virgin told me he will be cured on the day of the great Miracle." Again in the letter she affirms: "Why should they take him to Barcelona? Surely, the son of the doctor, and the son of Augusto (another case) will be cured." Conchita's affirmation could not be clearer or more forceful.

    I will include here the prophecy that Loli and Conchita made about the cure of my son, so that when everything happens, it will be proved that it was foretold.

    When my son Javier was four months old I took him to Garabandal in a baby carriage. Once there, I asked the girls to pray for him to the Blessed Mother. That very night I was in Mari Loli's house and I asked her, if she had a vision that night, to ask Our Lady to cure my son. The vision came at midnight. I was sitting in the kitchen with my son, Loli's mother, Julia, Loli and someone else. Outside were more people. Loli in ecstasy took my son and lifting him up, said to the Virgin, "Heal the baby." She then put him back in the baby carriage. She told me that the Virgin will cure him and that Conchita also has prayed for him. Then I went to Conchita's house. She told me, "Tonight I have prayed to the Virgin for your baby. I won't tell you today what she said. Go back home and I'll write you a letter and I will tell you everything in the letter." I was glad she was going to put the Virgin's answer in writing. It seemed to me that she wanted to put on record exactly what was said so it couldn't be changed or given another interpretation with the passage of time.

    I went home and five days later I received a letter from Conchita saying, among other things, "The Virgin has told me that on the day of the Miracle your baby's eyes will open completely." I returned to Garabandal to get more information about this. Conchita repeated what the Virgin said: that on the day of the Great Miracle, "He will be cured of everything." I asked her then, "What will happen that day, if the crowd of people on the road leading up to the village is so great that we can't make it on time?" She answered, "If it is 8:30 P.M., and you are still on the road, look up and you will see the Miracle, and when the Miracle ends look at your son. He will have eyes like this" (she made a big circle with the thumb and index finger of her right hand giving me an idea of what the Virgin had said).

    Naturally, I have saved the letter from Conchita signed and dated December 4,1961.

Josefa Gallego

Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL May-June 2005
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