With these words, my new friend, Peggy, responded to my hello on the telephone. Peggy had finally telephoned me after several months had gone by, to tell me something important. You see, Peggy and I had met in Minneapolis, Minnesota in November of 1995, at a dental course. Before that, when I had been suffering in so much pain after my car accident, I was not able attend any dental courses outside Toronto. Then, after I was healed in Garabandal, Spain in April 1994 (see Mike's Story in WEB pages) I went to Minneapolis for a dental course in Orthodontics.

    As I was leaving  Toronto, I packed a GARABANDAL Magazine from January 1995 with my story in it. I did not know why I was doing this or why I was taking Garabandal literature with me at all. The purpose of this trip, for me, was not to talk about myself but to listen to others talk about dentistry and braces etc. But when  I returned home from the  course, I had to tell my wife, Helen, of the strange way I had started to talk to somebody. I told her that this person must have thought I was crazy because the first thing I said to her was totally unlike anything I have every said to anyone before. It was totally unlike ME! Let me tell you the story as it happened.

    Early Saturday morning that November, as I sat in the large lecture room with some 500 other dentists, there were still many empty seats available. There were empty seats all around me and all over the room. Quite unexpectedly, someone came and sat next to me. As she pulled out the chair to sit down,  instead of  saying the normal customary greeting that one would expect, i.e.: "Good morning....Hello...my name is Michael Rozeluk, what is yours?  ...etc., etc.,  very unexpectedly, out of the blue what came out of my mouth I believe were the following words:   "DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?" She said "YES"  and   I continued  "because I have to tell you how through the prayers and intercession of Mary, I got well"!

    This lady was interested and we began a quiet conversation. I told her quickly about myself and how I was healed in Garabandal. She was genuinely interested in my strange approach and wanted more information. She asked that I send her more information. This I promised to do. She gave me her address and her name. Her name was Peggy McGinty, a dentist from Ponca, Nebraska.

    After the two-day course, I left for home wondering why I had approached her in this strange way.  Little did I know that God has His ways! But  I was still to learn much more and experience His guidance first hand! When I returned to Toronto, I mailed her the requested material on Garabandal.

    Months went by and there was no word from Peggy. I thought I would never hear from her again. Just when I had almost forgotten, the telephone rang and the first words were, "My name is Peggy McGinty and we met in Minneapolis at a dental conference. Do you remember?" How could I ever forget? That was the strangest thing I had ever said to anyone! Of course I remembered! I was very happy to hear from her but now she said she was going to tell me the rest of the story. Better yet, Peggy will now tell you her own story and how it fits in here. Peggy, it's all yours.


    My connection to the events at Garabandal begins about 3 years ago at a dental convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota where I met Dr. Michael Rozeluk. On that Saturday morning I had arrived late to the meeting because I thought it started the same time as it had on Friday. When I got there, the convention hall was dark because they had already begun the slide presentation so I couldn't see very well.  It was a large meeting, over 700 dentists and the room was packed.  It took me a couple of minutes, but finally I spotted what I thought was the last seat left towards the back and I carefully made my way through the dark room and sat down.

    Besides my seminar supplies, I also had a book with me that I was reading, called "Protestant Fundamentalism and the Born Again Catholic" by Fr. Robert Fox. I put that on the table next to me so I could read it at the break.  The reason I was reading the book is because I was considering leaving my Catholic faith because I wasn't convinced it was the Truth. In the several months preceding the convention, I had been praying with a group of Pentecostal Christians and they had challenged me about Mary's position in the Church.  Even though I didn't have a particular devotion to our Blessed Mother, I naturally defended Her because I knew that I did not consider Her equal with God or worship Her.  Nevertheless, I told (what I thought were) my Pentecostal friends, that if God showed me that Mary wasn't part of the Truth, then I would lay her down and not ask her intercession.  So they all gathered around me and laid hands on me and prayed (very fervently I might add) that "God order my footsteps and put the right people in my path that would lead me to His Truth."  I remember I had tears in my eyes because I truly was seeking the path that led to Christ and if that meant Mary was not on that path, then I sincerely opened my heart to that possibility.

    A couple of weeks after the prayer, I attended a Jesus and Mary Seminar in Rapid City, South Dakota and for the first time in my life heard the story of our Lady of Guadalupe.  Now, to give me a little credit, I had heard the title "Our Lady of Guadalupe" before, but I just figured it was some Hispanic thing.  Nobody had ever told me about Juan Diego or the Tilma or anything. I was completely amazed. Now, when I look back on that time, I understand that the precious knowledge of the miracle of Guadalupe was held in reserve for me for a time when I would need it in order to stay on the path of Truth and not stray from the protective shelter of the mantle of my sweet and holy Mother.

    Within that same time frame, I made the journey to Minneapolis for what I thought was to learn more about orthodontics, but God had a much higher agenda in mind He had a prayer to answer that would penetrate deep within my heart and soul. God wanted to remove all doubt and to reveal to me  that not only is Mary  most definitely part of the Truth, but She is the Mother of Truth and there is no creature that can lead us to  Christ more swiftly and safely than She.

    Now, back to Dr. Rozeluk (I never can tell a story in a straight line, I think it's an Irish thing).  Once I had taken my seat, this man on my right, whom I had never met before, leans over and whispers, "Are you Catholic?"  A little surprised by the question,  I whispered back, "Yes, but I'm a Catholic on a journey of  truth."  He then replied, "I have something I'd like to share with you at the break."  Curious, I said,  "Okay."   He then proceeded to tell me about the healing of his back injury through the intercession of Mary at Garabandal; how, since then, his faith life had been overflowing with an abundance of grace through the conversions and healings God was manifesting with the medal he had been given that had touched a medal kissed by the immaculate lips of our Heavenly Mother (see WEB page re Kissed).  I was deeply impressed by his sincerity and his humility. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers and I was not to talk to Dr. Rozeluk again for several months.

    As I drove the 5 hour long trip back to my home in Nebraska, I had much to ponder and  pray about. It really struck me how out of 700 seats in that convention hall I just "happened" to sit next to this dentist who had been healed through the intercession of Mary. Between the Tilma and Dr. Rozeluk's miraculous healing, I now knew that God had truly "ordered my footsteps" and I could hardly wait to tell my Pentecostal friends the Truth so they could share in my joy and embrace Mary as their Mother and intercessor.

    When I got home, I called one of them on the phone and enthusiastically shared what God had revealed. Imagine my surprise when he said that it was Satan that healed Dr. Rozeluk.  I challenged him and said "So, we prayed to God and Satan answered our prayer?" And since he was so into the Bible I asked him to show me in holy scripture where Satan had healed anybody. He couldn't answer me. I then understood that when they had laid hands on me and prayed that "God order my footsteps and lead me into the Truth" their hearts were closed to His answer because they had already decided for themselves what was Truth.  Well, as you can guess, I stopped praying with them and now pray for them.  I'm still a pilgrim on a journey of Truth, but now I walk with my hand clasped firmly in the Immaculate hand of my Blessed and tender Mother as She leads me in the footsteps of  Her Son, my Savior and my God.  I have fallen in love with the Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ, and have been given a precious love for the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.

    Thank you, thank you, my tender Mother, for keeping me close to your Immaculate Heart and protecting me from the dangerous path and the snares of the devil. I am forever grateful.

                                                              In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
                                                                Peggy McGinty


    Some two weeks after Peggy told me this wonderful story, I called my friend, Donna Lee in New York. We talked for a few minutes and then I remembered about Peggy and her beautiful sign. I wanted to share this story with Donna Lee. As I began to talk I said, "Donna, I just had a phone call from a Peggy McGinty"... Donna Lee will continue from here.

    ..."What was that name, Mike?"  "Please say that name again, Mike."  "Did you say PEGGY McGINTY?"

    "Yes, - Dr. Peggy McGinty,"  Mike repeated one more time for me.

    Mike had no idea how that name hit me like a bolt of lightning. How could he know that the mention of a person, thousands of miles away, whom I had never met, would be an arrow of love through my heart. With my whole "being" filled with such joy, I said out loud, "Thank you, Lord, oh thank you, Lord!"

    I asked Mike to repeat the name, because I wanted to be sure, I needed to confirm once again, what I had already heard. I think I was also buying a little time to catch my breath. Then I began to tell Mike what had just happened.

    Many months before, I was given a night of intense suffering. As is my practice, I asked,  "What would you have me do, Lord?"  I was directed to say a Rosary for a soul who was being attacked and was in severe danger. I wasn't told the nature of the danger, but it filled me with a sense of urgency and horror. I don't know how many Rosaries I said that night, but, the more I prayed, the worse the suffering.  This was a VERY serious attack. Sometime near daybreak, I felt the suffering lessen. Breathing was now easier, peace and a gentle exhaustion made my prayers immediately change over to ones of thanksgiving. This battle had been won. Before I drifted off to sleep, I asked: "Dear Lord, if it is Your will to tell me whom this was for, I would like to know. But even if it is not Your will, I thank you for the gift of this night". Only one thing did I hear ...."PEGGY McGINTY"  This was not a common name. Not a name I  knew. I fell asleep. Next morning, I asked my dear RJ, if he had ever heard of this name. He had not.

    It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord will not be outdone in generosity. By this I mean:...every prayer is heard...every gift of sacrifice is accepted....every day offered in reparation is received....every offering of our work, play, duties, joy, tears, laughter, communions, weaknesses, are all used in the ongoing work of redemption.

    I did not need to have a name...but was given one.

    I did not need to know the nature of the battle...but was told.

    I did not need a gift of acknowledgement...but it was wrapped in the form of a friend. and the tag said, "I love you my child, and I thank you." The Lord will NOT be outdone in generosity!

    And I try one more time to say, "It is I who thank You, Lord."
                                                                                      Donna Lee

    The three of us who were involved in this miracle of God's guidance thank Him in a most special way; three people who did not know each other, three people who were almost a continent apart. And yet we are one in Him. We know that He loves us all tremendously. This is His mercy, His love, His guidance. He gave Peggy a sign like no other when the first words that I spoke to her were...."DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?" And then ...how important Mary truly is in our lives! for it was through Her intercession that I was healed. And THAT... IS THE REST OF THE STORY.

The three of us,  Dr. Peggy McGinty, Donna Lee and I, Dr. Michael Rozeluk  put our signatures to this document, attesting to it's complete truthfulness and accuracy, this 26th day of January, 1999.