Ukraine - Olha Mayko

"Mother Mary is Good - She Will Help!"

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

    My name is Olha Mayko. I am 63 years old. Twelve years ago I had an serious accident. As a result, I had two fractures in my spine and my neck was broken in two places.

    I was hospitalized. For four months I lay in a brace to help my bones heal. Eventually, everything returned to normal. I performed all the work I was strong enough to do. On sunny days I felt reasonably well. But when the weather was changing, especially before a rain and on rainy days I had pain in my neck and back. It felt as though there were a heavy load on my back bending  me over. Fractures are felt for a long time, especially at my age.

    When Michael and Helen Rozeluk came to our village in Ukraine in September 2002, they talked about the power of the "kissed medals" they brought with them from Garabandal and told us that we would be able to venerate these medals kissed by Our Lady. They talked about some of the healings which had taken place. I really wanted to meet the Rozeluks and have them pray for me.

    On Sunday, after the Divine Liturgy, the Rozeluks provided their medals for veneration and prayed for healing. I waited quietly in line with the other women, praying the rosary of the Blessed Mother. But there were a lot of people and I did not get a chance for an individual prayer. I only managed to kiss the medal that Father Zenovy was holding in his hand and went home. (Editor's note: Father Zenovy Kasko, pastor of the village of Radcha, also received a Garabandal relic medal from the Rozeluks, as did every priest the Rozeluks met in Ukraine).

    At home, I was in pain, not so much physically but spiritually. I was in turmoil.

    On Tuesday, my pains were even worse. I went to church for the Divine Liturgy. Father Zenovy Kasko told me that Mother Mary is good and She will help. I truly believed these words. Although I was in pain, I was afraid to think about it, so as not to  offend the Blessed Mother.

    On the following Saturday, I woke up in the morning and there was no pain. I went to church. Then I worked all day and felt no pain whatsoever, even though it rained most of the day. On Sunday I stood through the entire Holy Mass and nothing hurt. I felt wonderful.

    I want to thank Our Lord God and His Blessed Mother for my healing. I also want to thank Michael and Helen, who brought this miraculous "kissed medal" and have helped so many people. I thank Bohdan Shyptur, who brought the Rozeluks to Ukraine. I also thank Father Zenovy, our pastor, for his wonderful prophetic words: "The Mother of God is good and She will help", for that is what happened.

    I want to declare before the whole world that Our Lord God alone and His Blessed Mother are the best physicians and healers.

    I call upon all people - Christians and non-Christians, believers and non-believers - don't seek healing from fortune tellers, witch-doctors, charlatans, those who call themselves healers. Rather look for it through prayer, faith and the love of God, of His Blessed Mother and of your neighbour.

Olha Mayko
December, 2002
Radcha, Ukraine.

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