January 10,1996

    It is with great pleasure that we are writing to you to express our great admiration and thanks for the work you are doing. Finding out about the events of Garabandal has changed our lives. We believe that spreading the news about Garabandal as much as possible will help change the world.

    As for us, we would also like to tell our story with its connection to Garabandal and would like to thank you in advance. We believe that this is needed not so much for ourselves, but for others. we have felt this way more than once when, after telling our story, we see people return to God.

Olenka and Bohdan Hrabovetsky
Toronto, Canada

The Miracle Baby

    Our story, full of anxiety, despair and hope, took place in the spring of 1995. My wife, Olenka, under the able supervision of topnotch doctors at one of Toronto's best-known hospitals, was into her eighth month of pregnancy. As coincidence would have it, some problems with her teeth resulted in our being referred to Dr. Rozeluk.  Dr. Rozeluk, while treating Olenka's teeth, also told us the story of his own miraculous cure in Garabandal following a serious automobile accident. (See "Garabandal" Magazine, January-March 1995, or Mike's Story on WEB page). From him we learned for the first time about Garabandal and its associated miracles, about Conchita Gonzales, Joey Lomangino and others who personally experienced the heavenly power of the Mother of God and also about Padre Pio. We were struck by the miraculous cure of  Dr. Rozeluk, who was saved after eight years of unbelievable illness, by nothing other than the power of God.
miracle baby
    At that time we had no idea that fate would join us to Garabandal in a special way through Dr. Rozeluk.

    Within a week or two Olenka underwent her regularly-scheduled ultrasound examination. The test was repeated seven times with the same shocking diagnosis: the baby had hardly grown at all, weighed very little (only 4 pounds) and the arms, legs and head were all totally out of proportion. When we asked the doctor what medicine could do to improve the situation, we were told that medicine can do nothing and that it's just a matter of time.

    In our despair we turned to Dr. Rozeluk. That very same evening Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk came to our home. With them they brought the video about Garabandal, which we watched, and several reliquary objects blessed by Our Lady's touch in Garabandal. We had a lengthy conversation and then Dr. Rozeluk touched Olenka with his reliquary medal. Although Olenka felt nothing unusual at the time, Dr. Rozeluk later said that he felt his hand and the medal become quite hot.

    After this meeting our nights became very peaceful. It was difficult to believe that, after such a great shock with its constant fear, insomnia and anxiety, Olenka suddenly experienced absolute, blessed and unexplainable peace and faith.

    May 6, 1995 became the day of reckoning. Just before 7pm  that evening Olenka went into labour. It was quite difficult - seven medical staff were there with her. There was a moment when the baby was suffocating, because Olenka had no more strength. Although we were hoping for a miracle, there was the constant nagging awareness of the results of the medical tests. All I could do was pray for Olenka and for the baby.

    When the baby was finally born, our surprise and joy was unbelievable! It was a boy, weighing in at exactly 7 lb. and was 56 cm. (24.9 in.) long. When asked to explain this in light of the earlier ultrasound findings, the presiding doctor just spread her hands in disbelief. As I mentioned before, this was on May 6, 1995. According to the Julian Calendar it is the feast day of  St. George. For us, then, there was absolutely no doubt as to how to name the baby. He is Yuri (Ukrainian for George).

    And that's our story. But just to finish it, the baby was baptized in Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Scarborough, Ontario on Sept. 10, 1995. Father Taras Dusanowsky, who officiated at this ceremony, couldn't help but remark that this was undoubtedly the most special baptism in his career as priest. The baby's godfather, of course, is Dr. Rozeluk, to whom our family owes this incredible happiness of Garabandal's newest miracle.

    Now we often think why, of all the dentists in Toronto, we approached Dr. Rozeluk. and why did he, not even knowing us, happen to share the story of his cure at our very first meeting with him? Is it coincidence that the baby was born at St. Michael's Hospital? And why are we ourselves suddenly finding ourselves part of the miraculous events of Garabandal? Only God knows.

Bohdan Hrabovetsky,
Toronto, Canada