I would like to tell you about my healing from anger. Many people do not consider anger an illness, although it destroys not only one's soul but also one's body.

    My name is Alexander Valin. I am 44 years old. We, my family and I, came to Canada from Ukraine four years ago.

    In April 2001, when Dr. Michael Rozeluk prayed over me (at the Cathedral of the Transfiguration), I fell in the Holy Spirit. The following day, while reading a magazine, I suddenly saw myself as though from afar, standing in church the previous evening while Dr. Michael was praying over me using his medal with the kiss of the Blessed Mother on it... Above my head I saw two angels who were holding something grey. At that moment I felt a stream of pure energy pouring out over me and penetrating right through me. I felt like I was standing in the rain. This sensation continued for five days and nights. After that, everything seemed to return to normal.

    A month went by and my wife's parents came to visit us. Before this, there could be no question about such a visit because of the poor relations between us. [However], our guests stayed with us for ten days and to our surprise, all went very well. We lived together as one loving family. I was constantly amazed at my own interior sense of peace and generally peaceful state of mind.

    After the departure of our guests, an unseen voice began to question me about my life and my relationship with others. If my answer pleased the inquirer, the next question was posed. If not, then the questions were interrupted for several days. The longer this soundless dialogue continued uninterrupted, the more strongly and acutely I became aware that, in all the problems of my life, I was the only one at fault. I felt an ever stronger sense of guilt before God and an ever-growing anguish of my soul. This inaudible dialogue lasted five months. I asked God's forgiveness and the forgiveness of those whom I had offended; I forgave those who, I thought, had offended me.

    Then one day, after evening prayers, I felt a fire flaring up inside me. I felt it's ever-growing power. The flames blazed inside me for a whole hour. And in the morning I saw the angel again. He drove away the clouds from above my head ...

    My anger disappeared along with the clouds. Many other negative emotions also disappeared. Naturally, I must still look forward to many years of struggle while I work at purifying my thoughts, analyzing my deeds. However, when God disperses the clouds between Him and you - it becomes much easier to hear Him. And it all began at the healing Mass at the Cathedral...

Alexander Valin
Toronto, Canada
February, 2002

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