New York,USA 2002
Healed After Twenty Years

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

    My name is Vasyl Shalamay. I live in New York City. I would like to give witness to the miracle of my healing, which happened in October, 2002.

Father Mario Dacechen, Vasyl Shalamay and Dr. Michael

    About twenty years earlier, I fell and badly injured my left shoulder. Although the ligaments were torn, x-rays revealed no fractures. Therefore I was not given any disability leave from work. However, from that time on, my left arm was completely disabled. Even when riding a bus or subway, it was very difficult to hang on to the pole or strap with my left arm. The arm was very weak. I could neither rotate it nor bend it. And raising it above my shoulder or putting it behind my neck or back was totally impossible.

    In this condition, on October 13, 2002, I went to St. George's Ukrainian Catholic Church (in New York), where, after Holy Liturgy, there was to be a talk given by Helen and Dr. Michael Rozeluk. After their talk, they were going to pray with everyone, providing for veneration their medals, on which was the kiss of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Garabandal.

    At first, I must say, I experienced not a physical miracle but a spiritual one, because it was only later that I realized that I was also physically healed. While the Holy Liturgy was being celebrated, I experienced such spiritual delight, such an uplifting, (it brought) tears to my eyes. When the Holy Liturgy was over, Helen and Michael began their presentation. They spoke about the apparitions of Our Blessed Mother in Garabandal, about Her lessons and warnings, about the miraculous healing of Dr. Michael, about the subsequent development of their apostolate and about their miraculous trip to Ukraine, from where they had just returned one week ago. They called people to prayer, to personal integrity, to obedience to all lawful authority, even to one's employers, but first of all, to God and to His Blessed Mother. When they were speaking, I experienced such a spiritual uplifting!

    At the time Helen was speaking, I was looking at her. Then I glanced over to the icon of Mother Mary on the wall of the church, then back to Helen. Wonder of wonders! All the while Helen was speaking, her lips were exactly like those of Mother Mary on the icon!

    Later, as everyone began to form lines for the blessing and veneration of the medals, Michael and Helen strongly reminded us all of the importance of frequent confession and that, if anyone had not been to confession for a long time, he/she should first go to confession. Our Lord gave Dr. Michael and Helen a unique gift: to be able to discern who had not been to confession in a long time and to recognize anyone who had a mortal sin on their soul. They cannot give such a person the medal to kiss. So, in order not to embarrass anyone publicly, they reminded everyone once again to first approach the confessional, especially those who had not confessed in a long time. Yet, in spite of this, there were those who apparently either did not believe or were trying to test the truth of Michael and Helen's words. We witnessed with our own eyes when several individuals, having come up to Michael or Helen, were unable to kiss the medal but who then went directly to stand in line for confession. Four priests were hearing confessions, two in the confessionals and two in the side aisles. The line-ups for confession were very long. Later on the priests said that the greatest miracles that day took place in the confessionals.

    When I came up to Helen for blessing, I experienced such a great weakness. I was struggling to stay on my feet. Had someone not caught me, I would have crashed to the floor. I could not remember what was happening to me. I only saw the medal in front of me as Helen began to pray and make the sign of the cross with it and gave it to me to kiss. That is all I remember. Nothing else. When I came to, Helen had already finished her prayer for me. She noticed that I wanted to ask something. I answered, "Yes," but I could not gather my thoughts, so I just said, "Thank you," and returned to my pew and prayed and prayed. I felt that some great power was working in me, some unutterably powerful Goodness. Later I approached Helen once again and said, "Could I please ask one more question? When I came up to you for prayer, what did you feel (regarding me)?" Helen answered, "Yes, I can tell you. I felt that the grace of God was upon you."

    When I returned home, I began to pray. Then I felt a ever-increasing desire to pray. It became stronger and stronger and then turned into weeping, weeping that poured out of me like the tears of a little child. That was Saturday night. The following day, Sunday, October 14th I went to the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Astoria, NY, where Helen and Michael Rozeluk were to speak again.

    That Sunday I had the opportunity to go to confession. After confession, I experienced the Holy Liturgy as never before in my life, with tears in my eyes. This Mass was an uplifting for my soul. When I went up for Holy Communion, I simply fell on my knees. I was aware, as never before, that I was truly standing before Jesus Christ Himself, that I was truly receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ!

    After the Holy Liturgy, Dr. Michael and Helen spoke again and presented their medals for veneration. Then it was my turn. This time I came up to Michael. I only remember that I saw the medal. After that - nothing. Weakness in my body, weakness in my legs. I was lying on the floor and conversing with the Blessed Mother. That much I remember. I remember telling Her, "Mother Mary, I love You." Then I felt that Dr. Michael was beside me. He prayed, then touched his medal to my lips and my forehead. I imagined that the Blessed Mother was coming to me and I calmly waited for Her.

    When I came to, I heard some noise and I remembered that I was in church. I was disappointed that I did not see Mother Mary. I felt myself returning back to this world, back to earth. I couldn't get up from the floor. Only then did I realize that I was lying on a marble floor. I was on fire. I felt a supernatural feverishness and it felt good to be lying on the cool stone. That coolness was very pleasant. I lay there for quite some time.

    When I got up, I was filled with an indescribable joy, my eyes welled up with tears of joy, tears of happiness. I felt a softness in my body, as though I were walking on air. I felt that way all day long. All day I felt as if I were in Heaven.

    That evening, I said my prayers and went to sleep. On Monday morning, I woke up and realized that I was lying on my left arm and that it was bent over my shoulder, under my neck! I could not believe the great miracle that happened to me. (This was the arm that was damaged, that I could not rotate or bend. And to lift it up or put it behind my head was totally impossible.) Over the next two or three weeks, my arm gradually became stronger and stronger. Now my left arm is fully functional, just like my right arm. I feel no difference between them.

    This miracle of my healing I accredit, first of all, to Our Blessed Mother. I feel the great spiritual strength of Our Blessed Mother. All graces from Jesus Christ come down through Her. I also thank Helen and Dr. Michael Rozeluk because they brought the medals with Mother Mary's kiss and it was through their intercession that She acted. She healed not only my arm, but my spiritual state was greatly improved as well.

    I am immensely grateful to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to Father Mario Dacechen and to Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk.

    Pray for us, O Mother of God! Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Vasyl Shalamay, New York, USA
February, 2003

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