Naomi's Knee

Written July 6, 2001

    My name is Naomi and I live in the New York City area. I met Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk several years ago through Bishop Roman Danylak. I was fortunate enough to join them in several pilgrimages to Garabandal, the last one being in May, 2001. It was on this last trip that I was graced with a wonderful and unexpected gift from Our Lord.

    One morning, approximately two years ago, I woke up and, as usual, got down on my knees to say my morning prayers. Immediately I thought to myself, "OK, now what did I do?" The pull on the ligament of my right knee was very painful but I chose to ignore it. I decided to leave it alone and simply try to not repeat the motion that caused it. From then on, however, whenever I would try to genuflect, which I always do on my right knee, the pain would shoot up my leg. So I said to myself,  "All right, then, - for now I'll curtsy instead". I was still able to kneel down on both knees if I kept my weight only on the left knee. But I could not genuflect in church. Instead, I had to do this little curtsy, all the while asking Our Lord to forgive me for not genuflecting right down to the floor. But the knee still hurt. It was a shooting pain, more like a pulled muscle than a nerve pain. Any time I tried to get down on my right knee, the pain would shoot right up my knee all the way to my right hip. It was very, very painful.

    My massage therapist and chiropractor both noticed my problem. My knee was swollen. I could not bend it properly because it would hurt. However, very little physiotherapy was ever done on my knee. Finally, late last year, my doctor decided that I needed an MRI to check out the knee properly. My knee was not improving. The pain was still there, no matter what. I avoided testing out my knee or even putting pressure on it, because the minute I did, there was that pain.

    Before this last pilgrimage to Garabandal, I found myself thirsting for the grandeur and the beauty of the Cantabrian Mountains. I prayed for all the pilgrims and for a successful pilgrimage. As for myself, I wanted to just love the Lord to the fullest. With that I prayed every day for several weeks before the Blessed Sacrament.

    We arrived in Garabandal on May 13, 2001. Several days later we took a trip to the San Toribio Monastery that houses the largest single piece of the True Cross. As we lined up to kiss the True Cross, I thought, "Lord, You died on that Cross". My whole being was crying and saying "Oh my God, Oh my God". I had thought of this in the past but it had never touched me as deeply as at that particular moment. When it was my turn to venerate the Cross, my whole body went down. There was a gentle pressure on my both shoulders that very gently guided me down to my knees. I had no idea that I would go down because of my pain. My immediate thought was that someone had pushed me down. It was like a gentle pressure and I knelt right down. As I stood up again and kissed the Cross something said to me: "You know, you knelt down!" I thought, "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!" I had seen this Cross before, on previous pilgrimages, but this time it looked different - this time it seemed very, very big.

    I walked away and returned to my pew. I knelt and my knee hit the floor again. NO PAIN! I thought to myself that perhaps I was just excited but I will have to keep trying this. I tried to calm myself down. When I was ready to leave, I waited until I had all the space in the world. I had to try it again and kneel. My knee hit the floor again. NO PAIN AT ALL! Now I knew it. This is for real! After all this time - this is really for real! I could kneel on the knee that I could not use all this time!

    On our way back to the airport from Garabandal, Dr. Mike asked if I would share my healing with everyone on the bus. I agreed but first I had to make sure once again. I told Dr. Mike to wait a bit as I stepped into the aisle and turned around. The bus was rocking back and forth as the driver negotiated the twisting turns through the mountains. I knelt down on my right knee on the bare hard floor of the bus and I said, "There is nothing, it  is OK." It has been 6 weeks or more now, July 5th, 2001 and it has been great. I have no problem genuflecting since my return from Garabandal.

    I had received another grace on a previous trip to Garabandal several years ago with Joey Lomangino's group in 1998. I had no place else to sit but in the rear of the bus. When I climbed into the bus, all of the front seats were occupied. I had no place else to sit but in the rear of the bus. I had always been prone to motion sickness and usually had to sit in a front seat. But I could not ask anyone to move their seat for me. So I sat at the rear of the bus. I waited for the nausea. It never came. Now I realize that this was another wonderful gift from Our Lady but at that time I never put it together. I just kept saying: "I don't believe it! I don't believe it!" Ever since that second trip, I have sat in the back seat of the bus many times and I have never experienced nausea again. This was glorious.

    I am giving thanks, praise and glory to God all the time now. I wasn't asking for a healing but God reached out to me. When I knelt down at San Toribio, I felt like a gentle hand came down on me and gently guided me down on my knees. I now know that it was His gentle hand that touched me. His hand healed me.

- by Naomi N.
New York City, N.Y., USA
July 5, 2001

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