Nadia Popovich
My Healing through the Kissed Medal
First healing at the Mother of God Monastery in Orangeville, Ont., Canada

    My story will be about my healing through the medal, which was kissed by the Blessed Mother in Garabandal. My name is Nadia Popovich. Along with my husband and my children, we came to Canada not long ago from Ukraine. I would like to say that prayer has always been a part of my life. But at this time I want to pray more and more, and to tell everyone what has happened to me, so that people would return to the Lord and believe that they, too, can be granted them the grace of a healing from Our Lord.

PHOTO: Nadia Popovich with Dr. Rozeluk in the monastery church.

    I used to work in an old age home. This work is not the easiest. It is very difficult to work with people, who are unable to get up or to even dress themselves and to have to lift them up in your arms day after day. However, I was always conscious of the fact that these people are not to blame that their old age is such as it is.

    One day, a terrible pain shot through my spine. It was so strong, that my forehead was covered with perspiration. I thought  it would soon pass but, on the contrary, the pain spread to my legs. It was very difficult to stand, even more difficult to lie down. I went to see my doctor. After examining me, he just told me to just take Tylenol Extra Strength and to hope that it would not get any worse. But I needed to work, so I began to take the tablets. For the first several weeks, they helped but later the pain just became worse. The doctor recommended sleeping on a flat board. This situation lasted six months.

    One day, a very tattered issue of the religious magazine "SVITLO" fell into my hands in the old age home. Only a few pages remained intact. I was interested to know what was in there and I found a story about Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk, how they help others to get healed from serious illnesses with the help of their medal from Garabandal. And I understood: faith saves people. At my workplace, several individuals took this for a joke. But my heart was filled with hope for a healing and this hope became firmer and firmer as the days went by.

    Every Sunday, we go to Holy Mass at the Monastery of the Holy Mother of God in Orangeville, Ontario, not far from Toronto. I believed that I would meet with Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk there. And that is what happened one month later. They talked about Garabandal, about the miraculous medal and, what struck me most was that, before their talk, Helen Rozeluk led the rosary. Afterwards, they prayed over people, offering them their medals for veneration. Finally, it was my turn.

    I kissed the medal and, just as Dr. Rozeluk was saying: "Jesus, I lift up Nadia into Your hands,..."  I felt something like a gentle breeze enter me and I heard someone telling me not to be afraid. I felt as if I were falling into a bed of feathers, whereas in actuality this was the floor. And I became so light... I saw tiny lights. They were dancing all around me. Then they joined into one huge, strong light. But it wasn't blinding, rather it was gentle and very dear to me. This light covered my whole body. A strong sense of warmth went through me to the tips of my hands and my feet, like a hot plate. And I heard music, such gentle music ... My Lord! ... I will never forget this. I wanted to open my eyes, when I heard the words: "You are not ready yet. It is not your time yet".

    When I was finally able to open my eyes, I wanted to just pray and pray I prayed. I don't know how long but I remember that I felt like I was born again.

    When we were returning home, I looked at the sky. It seemed so blue to me. I have never seen it like that. I felt, that something enormous had happened to me. After that moment, three weeks went by and the pain was gone. I decided to tell the story to Dr. Rozeluk. I understood: the Lord had sent His Holy Spirit upon me and His grace. Today I bow down before Him and I glorify the Lord. But that is not all, because after that day for two nights, someone kept waking me up and I was writing poetry. I had never written a poem before. I think that this is the Lord wanting to confirm to me that the power of the Lord is above all powers. Thank you, God, for Your Grace. Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Nadia Popovich
Toronto, Canada
November 5, 2002

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